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    1. appecosystem
      do you have .psd template for new iPod touch Version 2.2.1 (5H11a) and iPhone 3G S?
    2. Flipzter
      Gfr. When you restore and jb you will lose everthing on your ipod. Once you put all your musics, movies, and apps back on they will stay there. Your itunes library is not affected by restoring your ipod.
    3. Gfreti333
      Heyyy. I am new to this website lol. I saw in the forum u tlking to George about jailbreaking, and i have one single question, will all your applications and movies always stay in your itunes, even if u restore your ipod, they will stay in itunes then once uve restored your Ipod you can sync them all again
    4. Flipzter
      It all actually depends on what you want to do with your ipod honestly. Openssh is a must app if you plan to do any customizing of your ipod interface. I use the dock application and BossPrefs. The dock lets you open up apps by running your finger over the bottom corner and basically scrol thru your apps. BossPrefs have several things, but one of them is hide icons. you can basically hide most of your icons for a cleaner looking ipod. Cube runner and zombie invasion are great free games. Zombie is free only for next 24 hours though. Winterboard is a must have app. Lets you customize appearances of your ipod. I love mxtube. Its basically an app that lets you search youtube for videos and you can d/l them to your ipod using the app. My ipod is used 90% of the time for reading ebooks. I installed Stanza and use this website http://www.drinkmalk.com/ to d/l books. LOL, maybe not useful to you but epocrates is a great app for people in the medical field. Bascially it's a pdr or drug reference. I installed stumblerplus few days ago to help me find networks, but really think it's a waste of time. My ipod always picks them up and asks which one I want to use. tap tap revolution is a free game in the genre of guitar hero. My son likes it, I think it's too repetitive. Google earth is one of those cool apps that yyou wont really use but it's slick to show off. Quick Gold is really nice to have. From your home screen you click the home button and it brings up a search box. you type the first letters of any app and it gives you the option to click and go to that app without changing pages or using the dock to find the app. I installed quake4iphone but too complicated for me to use effectively on such a small device.
      These are a few things off the top of my head. If I think of anymore, I'll message you. Any other questions, please ask
    5. GeorgeSofiPodTouch
      Hey Flipzter,
      with you being experienced with jailbroken iPod, so is there any apps etc that you recommend for me to download?

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