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Oppo HA-2 SE: Portable DAC + Amp

We last heard from Oppo on iFans when they released their PM-3 orthodynamic headphones which were a big push in portable audio; they are really one of the few orthodynamics on the market that were designed for on the go movement. Today, we take a look at how they fare in the DAC/amplifier world. The HA-2 SE supports Lightning audio, so for you iPhone 7 converts, it has a built in battery and good audio quality.


In a Jonny Ive voice:

OK, the design is...
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MEE Audio X7 Plus
MEE Audio tends to be the manufacturer I think of when I think of good audio for the price. The MEE Audio X7 Plus is their current BT IEM that is geared towards the active lifestyle. It has an upbeat sound that is quick to fit and fairly attractive to the eye.

The design of the X7 Plus reminds me of the higher-end over-ear IEMs that exist on the market... Except these are bigger, much better. The black and silver, plastic bodies will blend right into any sort of attire you go around with. The housings are large, but aren't flashy. Overall, the design works well and looks good.


Design: ☆☆☆☆☆

A general, all-purpose V-shaped signature greets listeners of the X7 Plus. The signature isn't overwhelming and quite versatile; for the gym rat to the casual listener, the signature isn't offensive or overdone while providing quite a bit of fun to the overall sound.

We'll start down low with the...
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iPhone 7 Impressions
So the iPhone 7 released one week ago. At release Apple made news stating that any 7 Plus models would be hard to obtain at launch; that news followed suit with the jet black finish. The phone comes on as an incremental (if you want to call it that) update in terms of the 7 and a larger update with the 7 Plus. I ended up preordering a jet black 7.

Jet Black
So Apple offers two new color options which both replace space black: black and jet black. While the plain Jane black color is a darker, matted version of normal anodized aluminum, the jet black is a finish that is just as dark, if not darker, with a high gloss finish. Both of the finishes are attractive with the matted black reminding me of the DarthPod of the iPod Touch 1G days. I have to admit right off the bat that the jet black iPhone 7 ties the iPhone 4/4s design in terms of aesthetics... It's just so seamless.


Apple states that micro abrasions are an expected...
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Apple new releases are a good time to look at the Apple Store refurbished offers.

My iPad Mini 2 WiFi Cellular Verizon refurbished looks brand new, packaging and all.

Is this your experience with Apple refurbished products?
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So iOS 10 and WatchOS 3 both hit the servers today. Did anyone update? Did anyone get forced into iTunes losing use of their device for a few hours? What do you think of the new OS and its features (though some of you on the betas are already used to it)?
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I originally wasn't planning to post anything after the headphone jack thing... But this popped up and it just seemed insanely misinformed or heavily click-bait.

OK, a lot of blog posts have me a little ticked off right now with their, "Apple says that the jet black finish will scratch easier than the other phones." I'm not sure if it was just one blogger not understanding the statement, or the chemistry, and everyone else just copying it or everyone doesn't understand the post. Apple said nothing about scratching easier. They actually used the verbiage, "equally as hard" but also stated that it'll show micro-abrasions easier. This is two fold.

Scratch Resistance

Let's start with the scratch resistance thing. Both, no, all the phones are equally as scratch resistant. They all use the same material, anodized aluminum. This material can also be referred to as aluminum oxide in the chemistry world, but we better know it as sapphire (non-crystalize, and...
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No More Headphone Jack
What this means for the iPhone and the future of iOS audio

So the rumors were right, the iPhone has officially lost its headphone jack and the world shall now end while hell freezes over. OK, maybe it's not that bad, or maybe it is. It opens up a huge slew of accessories, but comes with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Ugly
We'll start with the ugly. The worst part of losing the headphone jack is that you're all sent to an eternal damnation where you must supply your own DAC (and amp) in order to listen to music. BT headphones and adapters (with DACs) will do the trick. However, you won't just be able to plug in a pair of headphones.

There are already a slew of available DAC/amp combos available for iOS, and there always have. Two notable ones are:

  • V-Moda Vamp Verza
  • Apogee One
  • Audioquest Dragonfly (with adapter)
  • Sony PHA-A1
Both of these have support for...
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Apple's Keynote: All of The Rumors Confirmed, Again...


Super Mario Run
Super Mario is coming to iOS thanks to Nintendo. Single-handed gameplay, tap to jump, while Mario automatically runs. The game is slated to release at a fixed price, so that means no IAPs. At least someone understand we hate IAPs.

Apple Watch
Pokémon Go will be on the Apple Watch. Keeps track of your travel distance (will this correlate to in-game for eggs?), notify you of hatching eggs and Pokémon, and stop at Pokéstops.

Hardware Updates
New Apple Watch, series 2, announced. The Watch will be rated for 50m water, so swimming is no longer an issue. The use the speaker to drain out water from the speaker ports while sealing the rest of the Watch tight. Spec updates to the processor (dual core, 50% faster), GPU, and GPS.

New Apple Watches (sport, original) will get an updated...
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So the Apple event is in less than a week it seems. What is everyone expecting to see? New iPhones? New Apple Watch? Is anyone excited to see anything? Apple events aren't quite what they used to be, they used to hold a lot more excitement, but really aren't all that anymore. Something seems to have been lost. Either way though, new hardware.
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Google has decided to enter the watch band / strap business with their own line of Google Mode Watch Bands. They plan to release two models of straps in their Mode line, in a variety of colors. The silicone rubber models will retail for just under 50 dollars, right where Apple places their Sport band and come in 6 different colors. On the other hand, Google will offer their leather bands in 10 different colors starting at just under 60 dollars.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.48.09 PM.png

Their bands all use a nifty little latching system that allows them to be swapped quickly and efficiently. Their new proprietary system will rival that of the standard spring bar latch and Apple's own proprietary system.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.48.32 PM.png

With all this said, Hadley Roma will spearhead each of these bands utilizing their craft that has had over a century to master. I expect these to be high quality bands, and may even pick up a set myself.

I should note...