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Braven has offered to do a giveaway of the gorgeously constructed Braven 850 BT speaker. It's a durable little thing with battery large enough to last a long time and charge your devices all at the same time. Microphones allow you to take calls while the overall sound quality is pretty good.

A review of the BT speaker is here: http://www.ifans.com/blog/90626/

How the Giveaway will Work

The rules are simple, post below to enter the giveaway. There is only 1 entry per user on this site, so only your first post will count.

This giveaway is open to all US and Canadian residents. Note that tariffs, customs fees, etc. will not be covered.

How the Winner will Be chosen

After 1 weeks time, I will close the giveaway and use a random number generator to select a number between 1 and the number of posts in the thread. If that number corresponds to a user's first post in the thread (so, only one eligible...
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Pangu has been updated, as well as Cydia. Although the jailbreak utility still does not natively install Cydia yet, you can do so after jailbreaking and opening the Pangu app on your iOS device.

Original post:

Pangu Dev Team today made a surprise release of the latest Pangu jailbreak utility, capable of jailbreaking iOS 8-8.1 on all supported devices (yes, this includes iPhone 6 and 6 Plus).

But wait! Don't go rushing to your devices just yet - This jailbreak does not include Cydia bundled, only SSH access and is only really useful for developers. Saurik (Jay Freeman) has been notified of this and will be working on developing an iOS 8 compatible version of Cydia although there is no ETA on when this will be complete.

It looks like it won't be too long before we can get Cydia on our newest devices now.

The download link for Pangu has been temporarily disabled,...
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Hidden among iOS 8's new features is a pretty neat ability: To record the device's screen complete with audio. This requires both a device running iOS 8 as well as a Mac with OS X 10.10 Yosemite installed.

To use this feature is simple: Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to your Mac via the USB cable, open QuickTime Player on the Mac, start a new movie recording and set the video input source as the iDevice, along with the audio source.

This way, not only can you mirror everything on the iOS device perfectly to the Mac, you can also record the feed internally for editing and sharing online with no significant performance impact on the device. You can also hook up your Mac to a TV and mirror everything on the iDevice to the big screen, saving you a couple of dollars from buying the Lightning-to-AV adaptor if you already have a Mac.

Pretty neat, huh?
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Intro + Table of contents

This is the iFans.com iPhone 6 case roundup. Here, we will feature up to 3 new cases each week (until I run out of cases), except for the first week when an initial batch will be featured. All featured cases will be shown in the second post of this thread.

Quick link to: New in the Roundup

How the round up will work

Each case will get a single picture (multiple upon request) along with a short summary of how I feel about the case. This will include a quick design overview, protection it provides, size, and at the end, a recommendation: recommended, recommended with caution, or not recommended. Speacial features or issues I run into will be done on a case by case basis (if they exist).

The following categories will be talked about
  • Thin/Minimalist: These cases aim to give the closest feeling to a naked device. Generally only have...
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iOS 8 has a bundle of new features, one of them is the predictive text. In iOS, on the default keyboard only though, you can highlight a word simply by double-tapping it. If you then press the shift button you'll get a suggestion (in the predictions) to have the same word with the first letter capitalized. If you, however, double-tap the shift button, or activate caps lock, you'll get the suggestion (in the predictions) for the word in full caps. SO YOU CAN YELL A LOT EASIER! Easy way to annoy your friends.

There are some limitations to this, however:
  • It'll only work on one word at a time :/ So it may be quicker to just turn on caps lock and type it
  • It doesn't work on names for some reason
Source: http://lifehacker.com/easily-capitalize-words-in-ios-with-a-double-tap-and-qu-1646634385
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At the announcement of iOS 8, Apple made a big deal regarding the Health App that would be featured in it alongside HealthKit (the API). With that big deal, they also named Fitbit as an example way for integration. It seems that Fitbit won't be integrating with HealthKit and conforming to what Apple wants. Well, since things that don't want to conform tend to be taken out of Apple Stores. Fitbit is no different. It seems that Apple is planning on removing Fitbit products from its stores.

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/15/apple-to-pull-fitbit-devices/
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For a brief moment, screenshots of the iPad User Guide for iOS 8.1 were accidentally released onto the iBooks Store early by Apple, which showed some details of the new devices to be unveiled tomorrow.

By the looks of it, the next generation iPad Air will be called iPad Air 2, and the mini will be called iPad Mini 3. Supportive to previous rumours, both devices will feature the Touch ID fingerprint sensor first introduced with the iPhone 5S in 2013, however the mute/speaker switch will not be removed from the side of the unit contrary to previous claims from unverified sources.

The iPad Air 2 will also come with some camera upgrades, namely gaining the burst mode feature previously exclusive to iPhone and iPod touch devices. There are no details of image resolution or signs of a slow-motion video recording mode, though.

All will be revealed by Apple tomorrow at their media event.
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Google made a lot of announcements today, so we'll go over them pretty quickly here. Essentially, two big devices that have increased in price, some pretty drastically with a smaller answer to Apple TV.

Android 5.0

Android has been updated to add in a few needed key features as well as changing the default runtime. As Google walks away from Dalvik's VM and into ART, the core of Google's Android becomes more closed source, but also more efficient.

Nexus 6 Smartphone

Who needs small phones? Google's new Nexus 6 is, as its name suggests, a 6 phablet that is practically bigger than the rest. It'll be manufactured by Motorola. The new phone is no longer stupid cheap

Nexus 9 Table...
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HiFiMan | Over-Ear Headphones | $ 499.00


A little while back, I reviewed HiFiMan’s new HE-560. It is probably one of the best headphones out there today. The HE-400i is aimed to be a an upgrade to their recently discontinued HE-400 and serves to give a light-weight package and be able to be drive easily, even out of something like an ordinary iPod or iPhone.


Driver: Planar Magnetic
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 35 kHz
Impedance: 35 ohms
Sensitivity: 93 dB

In the Box

HiFiMan HE-400i
¼” Adapter



From a design perspective, the 400i follows suit with the rest of the HiFiMan line regarding the housings. They offer a similar shape to what has been offed in the past. The 400i offers a nice glossy, reflective finish that is sleek and stylish with a light blue tint to it. They look fun and stunning and overall the design is coherent. The...
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Silverstone | DAC | $ 189.99


Previously, I have reviewed the Silverstone EB-03 amplifier. I found it to be a bit on the bassy side making a statement that a brighter DAC would benefit it much. Additionally, I did mention that the EB-01E DAC was designed to look nice with the EB-03. Well, not only do they pair nicely in terms of design as a stack, they synergize quite well together.

In the Box

SilverStone EB-01E
USB Cable
RCA to 3.5mm Female Cable



Design-wise, the EB-01E is a slimmer model that follows the same exact aesthetics from its EB-03 amplifier counterpart. Besides being a little shorter in height, the dimensions are exactly the same. The front curve gives the simplistic box a nice twist design wise while the brushed aluminum looks profession and gives the design some complexity.


Design: ★★★★


There is no...