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Unless you have an Apple Watch or Pebble that is. The support for wearables has gone up quite a bit. With the flood of and sheer number of available Android Wear devices out there, the support on iOS will definitely make a big impact. It most likely will cut into Apple's cake as well and put both Apple and Pebble on their toes about the next wearable device. Competition is a good thing. That said, if your device is on the list (and your device is on 8.2 or above), it's supported. If your device is absent from the list, it may still work.

Source: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/08/android-wear-gets-ios-support/
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Remember way back when, when jailbreaking first began, we told you that the first thing you should do is run a certain passwd command? That was step 1 in securing your device from stupid stuff. Well, I guess we can add another to the list, though it should be an automatic one, don't install stuff from people you don't trust. Case and point is that recently, hackers created malware for Cydia that grab users' login information and took their devices hostage. This malware enticed users by offering apps and IAPs for free... Don't fall for the tricks, don't pirate, and support the developers.

Source: http://gizmodo.com/hackers-stole-the-biggest-number-of-apple-accounts-ever-1727707785
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Square Enix | iOS Game | $ 4.99


Lara Croft is a classic character from the Tomb Raider series where she raids tombs, finds the treasure, and escapes unscathed. Square Enix decides to bring back this character once again to raid a tomb, find the treasure, and make her daring mistake. Can you survive the puzzles, slay the beast, and escape with the treasure?


The gameplay behind Lara Croft GO focuses mainly on a time-based style of game. The majority of the time, it’s Lara walking around the caves. However, when conflicts ensue, it is a definitely a time-based puzzler. Foes that chase you, blades that move, etc. will move one “square” while you move one “square”.


The game is puzzle-based with the actual puzzles getting more and more difficult as you progress through the game. With that said, some of the puzzles can take a while to figure out...
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It seems that the next iPhone announcement has been confirmed for September 9th, unless, of course, Siri is just pull our chains. And she has been known to not be the most serious of robots... Speculations across the board, but expect an update to the camera, internal hardware upgrades of the processor, and maybe even an upgrade to Siri herself. Force Touch is also a large possibility as well. Maybe they'll make the home button Force Touch and get rid of the actual "button" aspect. We'll see come September 9th I guess...
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Encore | Over-Ear Headphones | $ 59.00


Within the past few years, NuForce has created a name for itself and sold itself off in the process. The person who founded NuForce has embarked on a different project, Encore. Encore represents a company that has its focus on high-quality, OEM products which sound good and have an affordable price range. They began with two pairs of headphones, the OE and the IE standing for over ear and in ear respectively. This review is for the OE model.


The color scheme of the OE ranges from an almost slate/bluish gray color to a primary black. It’s a simplistic design that is large in size. Rectangles and hard angles make up the bulk of the design with a nice thick headband to bring it all together. The housing “plates” are composed of a pleather material that is soft to the touch and creates a very nice contrast of materials and textures that looks quite nice on its own.

Design.jpg ...
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Aquiris Game Studio attempts to recreate a classic racing style game with a few twists with their Horizon Chase - World Tour. Starting off with what looks like a “Ferrari F50” (called Cruiser), you progress through the world to race at different tracks, each one posing its own set of challenges, through this arcade racer. As you complete each country in your world tour, you earn yourself a new car to use while additional tune ups and vehicles can be obtained through bonus challenge races.


This game truly feels like an arcade racer while the simplistic graphics take from the classic 2D designs and are stretched out into the 3 dimensional.

The game offers many challenges which are annoying and nerve wrenching at times, but that's expected of every game. The graphics are clear and clean, but don't try to push the limits of anything, the entire theme of the game works beautifully with the horizon visible within a distance....
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Encore | In-Ear Monitors | $ 59.00


Within the past few years, NuForce has created a name for itself and sold itself off in the process. The person who founded NuForce has embarked on a different project, Encore. Encore represents a company that has its focus on high-quality, OEM products which sound good and have an affordable price range. They began with two pairs of headphones, the OE and the IE standing for over ear and in ear respectively. This review is for the IE model.


The design of these is actually quite unique, I haven’t seen a pair of headphones use this OEM design to date. It has some nice hard angles coupled with a few key curves to create a modern design that is pleasing to the eye, but also ergonomic at the same time (when worn down). The asymetical design adds to the overall striking feel that Encore gives these. A light brushed texturing finishes up the design to give it a secondary, subtle dimension....
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It seems that Apple has found a production issue with its iPhone 6 Plus models that may cause blurry pictures. They've gone though and have begun offering replacements for the defective iPhone 6 Pluses. If you think yours is affected by this issue, you can try entering in your serial number here to see if this is indeed the issue: https://www.apple.com/support/iphone6plus-isightcamera/

It looks as if this only affects the Plus models of the iPhone 6, the normal models seem to be perfectly fine. This leads me to think that it may actually be part of the optical stabilization causing the issue.

Source: http://9to5mac.com/2015/08/21/apple-launches-isight-camera-replacement-program-for-iphone-6-plus/
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Final Fantasy VII is a classic title that most JRPG fans would have no doubt heard of a countless number of times. And rightly so - it was the first title to bring the franchise into the third dimension, with its detailed pre-rendered backgrounds and cartoon-styled 3D character artwork. I'm sure the excitement of getting the game when it first released on the Playstation in 1997 is an experience that many hardcore Final Fantasy fans will never forget. And now, Square Enix has ported the full game onto the iOS mobile platform for use to re-live the memories.

Final Fantasy VII for iOS is actually a port of the PC version of the game, which in itself is a port of the original Playstation version (as a matter of fact, the original .exe files are still present in the game's filesystem!). It stays true to the original game, with a few enhancements such as higher resolution polygons for 3D...
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In the rumor roundup this time around are two main things. One of which was touched on already, that is the inclusion of ForceTouch on the new iPhone. This time around, rumors speculate on the miscellaneous functions ForceTouch will have on the new iPhone. Essentially, when not being used as a tertiary touch input, it will be used as a shortcut to the most used items. Kinda' like how it was spelled out on the new Macs. It'll be interesting to see what Apple does with this.

Source: http://9to5mac.com/2015/08/10/force...d-expect-shortcuts-faster-actions-across-ios/

In other news, rumors also are speculating about a stronger shell on the new 6S that should be more resistant to bending. Apple ran into some trouble with their Bendgate fiasco that went on just about one year back. Although I haven't experienced it myself, there are people running into this issue (though probably still the major minority). With that said, rumors say that they are...