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The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched to much fanfare yesterday, on Friday the 19th September. Thousands of fans queued up overnight in hundreds of Apple Stores across the world to be the first to receive the new products on launch day. This was the very first time I joined an overnight queue, and here is my recount of it.

September 18th 17:59


I step off the London metro station, walking around the corner to the Covent Garden Apple Store expecting there to be no more than ten people in the line. I was wrong. By now at least 30 people had already queued up, with more joining every minute. The ones at the front were in tents, with the earliest being allegedly there since a week before the keynote presentation that took place on September the 9th.

September 18th 18:57


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The UPS man drops by with a package today. He hands it to me and as I'm signing for it, he says, "it's finally here." I agree and bring the package up stairs. The box the iPhone 6 comes in looks even more minimalistic with the actual photo of the phone's face removed and draped in white. A depression exist for the home button and the speaker.

Unboxing the phone is just like that of the 5s. Pull apart the box and the phone sits front and center. Take it out and there is a tab, pull it for the lightning cable, USB wall adapter, and EarPods are packaged below.


My initial impressions of the phone were that it was large. I should mention that I'm using the non-plus model, the smaller 4.7" variant. I feel the phone is absurdly large. In terms of ergonomics, I can't hold the phone in such a way that my index finger is on the power button while my thumb can reach the home button. In essence, I have to change my entire grip to do the...
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img source: omgchrome

Developer Vlad Filippov has found a way to run Androids app on desktop PCs through Chrome.

It requires installing a custom version of the Android Runtime extension, called ARChon. This supports both desktop Chrome and Chrome OS, and also allows for an unlimited number of Android APKs packaged by the chromeos-apk tool.

This does require some manual effort getting the apk's to work properly (installed). It's a pretty big step to getting a fantastic cross-platform that multiple people have been longing for.

Read about apk's that have been tested on ChromeAPK subbreddit linked below.

Source: http://www.omgchrome.com/run-android-apps-on-windows-mac-linux-archon/
ChromeAPK reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/chromeapks
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Many of you know by now that iOS 8 has been released officially now. Upon use, we find that there are a few new things that are available through the App Store. They all come in the form of what Apple calls "extensions".

There are 4 main types of extension: Actions which runs within another app, Custom Keyboards, Document Providers which allow access to network drivers and other things, Photo/Video Editing which allows editing in the stock Photos app, Sharing which allows data sharing from one source to another, and Today Widgets. While the App Store got flooded with some photo editors, widgets, and custom keyboards, the widget selection isn't the largest while the photo editors seem more limited to filters.

Which leaves us with keyboards. Upon testing some 3rd party keyboards (paid and free) and the default one, I've come across some general ideas about each one.



The default keyboard is the one that was shown...
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iOS 8 has been officially released! Go get it!

Supported devices:
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini
  • iPad mini Retina
  • 5th generation iPod touch
You can install iOS 8 on either of these devices OTA (Settings > General > Software Update) or through iTunes (requires version 11.4).

EDIT: Multiple people have reported bad performance on the iPhone 4S and iPad 3 (this might include the iPad 2) so it might be best to hold out on the update on these devices.
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Way back when the App Store launched, someone decided it was a good idea to create a 1000 dollar app that did absolutely nothing but remind you that you spent 1000 dollars on an app. That app has since been yanked from the App Store. However, there is a new player in town. Though the app isn't entirely non-functional (it does something!), I don't feel it'll be worth the cost. But what do I know!?

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Something major was absent from the Keynote event a few days ago, iPods. Knowing that Apple has always tended to talk about iPods, the Touch especially, during the iPhone Keynote events, do you think they are phasing them out? Or will they be talked about more in a different event?

What we also do know is that the last 30-pin iPod has been removed from the store, the iPod Classic. What do you feel will be the fate of this iPod? Will it be updated to use SSDs in the future, or do you think Apple will trash the entire line?
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It seems that a previously unknown feature of the new Cupertino smart watch was talked about. Tim Cook spoke about a feature that allows the Apple Watch which involves music and portability. It seems as though that the upcoming smart watch will be able to connect directly to your BT headphones to allow you to listen to music free of your phone. As tim states:

Tim does state that the Watch is designed to work in tandem with the iPhone, so we're not entirely sure how this will work. Is there any music saved locally on the Watch? If not, what happens when the Watch is too far away from the iPhone. In other words, what happens when the iPhone is in a locker room (which make great dead zones for WiFi and BT :p)?...
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Along with two new phones, at WWDC, Apple also announced the much speculated iWatch. While the iPhone leaks were 100% right, the iWatch was really more of a mystery. Well, the mystery has been unwrapped. How well did they do it? Well, we'll have to wait to get our hands on one.

Designs and Hardware

Walking away from the round design that manufacturers have embraced, Apple continues to use the rectangular designs they have come to love. The watch is very simplistic with a touch-sensitive display and two buttons; one of which, also doubles as a dial for scrolling among other things.

Materials and feel have always been a major focus for Apple. With the Apple Watch, they decided to go with a set of 3 finishes. A standard, stainless steel design, a sport model, and a custom Apple edition. The standard is available in space grey or silver while the sport has those same colors for the housing with bright florescent colored bands... The Apple Watch Edition uses 18 karat...
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Today, Apple made an announcement about not one, but two iPhones. The 6 and its larger variant the 6 Plus. They are both larger than the current iPhone, but as always, thinner than the previous generation (that's expected from Apple by now anyways, right?). Here's just about everything you need to know about them.

Compare and Contrast

There are a couple major differences between the iPhone 6 and the Plus varient. The main thing is that the Plus is larger than the 6 and as a result has a larger screen while being slightly thicker; 5.5 inches vs the 4.7 on the normal 6. Resolutions also differe as well. The iPhone 6 Plus has a standard 1080x1920 resolution while the 6 is a smidge over 720p at 750x1334.

The second isn't so obvious, but it's the camera. Though they share the same optics and sensor, the 6 Plus has an optical stability system while the 6 does not.

In addition to this, the Plus also does have a few added features that allows it to distinguish itself. One...