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Moshi and Adidas cases have been added to the roundup. The Moshi iGlaze Armour is an excellent case that feels great in the hand and an upscale case with good form and function. The Adidas cases on the other hand offer a leather design that hugs the iPhone very nicely. They are available below in the Wallet sections (Adidas) and the Transitional (Adidas and Moshi).

Intro + Table of contents

This is the iFans.com iPhone 6 case roundup. Here, we will feature up to 3 new cases each week (until I run out of cases), except for the first week when an initial batch will be featured. All featured cases will be shown in the second post of this thread.

Quick link to: New in the Roundup

How the round up will work

Each case will get a single picture (multiple upon request) along with a short summary of how I feel about the case. This will include a quick...
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I've been disappointed in the 3rd party keyboards for the lack of, well everything. I came upon a reweet of a jailbreak dev saying about the Nintype Beta, so I gave it a try, and was impressed on the amount of features a 3rd party keyboard could have with all of apples restrictions. This is pretty much all I wanted from them.

I'm sure some of you remember the jailbreak keyboard Nintype. Well now it's on the AppStore for $4.99. I have been using the iOS 8 beta version for a month or so now, and this keyboard is pretty amazing. Its a keyboard where you can swipe to type, similar to swype, but with 2 fingers instead of one, plus a bunch of other stuff.

The swipe feature itself works pretty good. You can type by swiping with 2 fingers, which you swipe between keys to type the words. An example is you first you type H, then type E, after that you swipe L to O to type HELLO. It sounds complicated, but its actually pretty easy once you get used to it (the AppStore has a video on it)....
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I don't know how many manga or anime are here on iFans, but followers of the otaku scene have no doubt heard of the insanely popular Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人) franchise. The action-horror series follows the remainders of humanity who struggle to survive against the onslaught of the titans: gigantic humanoid creatures who devour human beings for no known reason. Since its 2009 debut, it's spawned numerous spin-off manga, an anime series, and tons of merchandise. But one thing I found lacking was a video game.

About a year ago, they Spike Chunsoft released a 3DS game, called Attack on Titan: Final Wings of Humanity* that covered the action of the anime series, followed by an announcement of a mobile game titled Attack on Titan: Call to Freedom*. However instead of bringing the intense combat action of fighting titans, the mobile title turned out to be a social strategic management game, like FarmVille with titans. Erm...?

However this hasn't stopped independent developers from making...
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sharedRoutine | Tweak | $ 4.99


It isn't everyday when someone repurposes the Facebook chat heads design... It's actually more like every other day. Many of them end up being terrible implementations that should never seen the light of day while others actually start off good, if not great, concepts. AppHeads is one such tweak. It takes the Facebook chat head UI and incorporates it into multitasking. It could definitely be much more though.


AppHeads offers users the ability to replace their multitasking system with a set of AppHeads that sit on either side of the screen. Apps can quickly be quit by dragging down to the bottom of the screen. Additionally, AppHeads also features a live-view which allows users to view the live, usable app that they select in the center of the screen in a window. Configurations on how things are done are fully customizable in the app. Additionally, there are also...
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Featured apps in the app store are red for AIDS awareness. Until Dec 7th, apps will be red, and devs will donate their proceeds to the AIDS Global Fund.

That's not a good way to raise money for charity. Nobody wants a red app version. Sales will go down, and less money will be collected than if devs had just kept their app the normal color and still donated the money. Seriously.
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SilverStone | Headphone Stand | $ 60.00


What do you do with your headphones when they aren’t in use? Many people simply toss them onto their desk/bed. Others will put them in their respective case or pouch. But for those headphones that look great and should be displayed, a headphone stand is a must. Stands vary in price from really cheap to really expensive. The SilverStone EBA01 is an aluminum stand that comes in at the lower price bracket.


Silver aluminum finishes are what SilverStone’s Ensemble series is all about when it comes to design. Though the rest of the Ensemble series utilizes a brushed aluminum finish, the EBA01 headphone stand uses a beautiful sandblasted finish to the aluminum that sparkles in the light. The sandblasting is stronger on the top of the stand to increase friction allowing headphones to stay in place easier. The finish gives it a rougher surface as a whole while a single, smooth, and circular cut around...
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Both the iPhone and iPad keynotes have come and passed, and twice the iPod touch failed to be mentioned. With the current generation media player being introduced more than two years ago, fans were disappointed that there was no planned update to the iPod touch product line.

But we can still dream. What if Apple did release a new generation of iPod touch, what would it be like? Here are my thoughts about this hypothetical situation. I'll try to be as realistic as possible based on what Apple would do, rather than idealistically adding every feature requested. The attached photos are photoshopped versions of an iPhone 6, to match the iPod touch hardware style.


1. Design
Apple has always tried to match the iPod touch's general design and physical appearance to the iPhone of its current generation. With the 6th generation iPod touch, it's likely to be based upon the iPhone 6 design, with curved front glass and the more elegant...
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MEElectronics | In-Ear Monitor | $ 9.99


A long time ago, MEElectronics began their journey in the headphone world with a number of IEMs. One of their main bang-for-the-buck IEMs they released was called the M9. It has since gone though a few revisions, though there are many people who are fans of the original sound. With that demand, MEE decided to bring back the M9, the M9 Classic is the classic from way back in the day for an unbelievably cheap price.


Driver: 9mm Dynamic
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 95 +/- 3 dB

In the Box

MEElectronics M9 Classic
Silicone Tips (Single-Flange: S/M/L; Dual-Flange: M)



The MEElectronics M9 Classics are a smaller variant in contrast to the regular M9 currently going around. They share the exact same design principles however. The 10-dollar model is available in a single...
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The title says it all. State your favorite iOS 8 tweak(s) and why. That said, make sure it supports iOS 8 ;) I'll start with my top 3:
  • Activator for multitouch gestures for multitasking and hard music controls.
  • DockShift to get rid of the ugly overly blurred dock that iOS 7+ has.
  • LittleBrother for landscape support for a majority of apps.
What are your top 3?
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One of the features that sets the iPhone 6 Plus apart from its little brother the iPhone 6 is the ability to display the Home Screen in landscape orientation as well as iPad-like split screen capabilities for stock apps. With the release of LittleBrother on the Cydia Store, Ryan Petrich allows iPhone 6 users to do just that.

LittleBrother works on 4-inch display devices, too.

What makes LittleBrother different to other SpringBoard rotation tweaks is that it does not use a custom display layout, but instead draws from the native display framework of iOS 8 itself. This means that apps will all display naturally in the exact same way as it would on an iPhone 6 Plus, and the keyboard will also display the extra function buttons that iPhone 6 Plus users have. The tweak forces the system to output everything to the iPhone 6 Plus size, scaled down to the physical display of the device. As a result, UI elements such as icons and...