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Apple Watch Impressions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

For the past six months, I've been using a Pebble Steel Smartwatch for my iPhone. Before that, I was using a simple Martian Notifier. Currently, I am a backer for the Pebble Time Steel, but decided to pick up an Apple Watch while I was at it.

If you have any questions regarding how the watch works, what can and can't be done with it. Or any sort of discussion about it in general, this would be a good thread to do it in ;)

I've been using this watch all day to get a general feel of what it does and how it functions. I was past the "learning how to use a new toy" step as that was done last night. So under normal circumstances, this is how I feel about the iPhone's new companion.

So before I begin, let's go over the basic control for the watch. We first have the digital crown that works as a button and watch crown. The button acts kind of like a home button. I say kind of as it will function slightly differently...
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As many of you probably know, today was release day for the Apple Watch. Did anyone get theirs today? How do you like it? What don't you like about it? Any sorts of improvements you can see for the future? Post below.

From a smart watch perspective, it doesn't seem too much different than something like the Pebble. The main functions I use are about the same. Though I've been testing the dictation a bit. Lately, in just quiet areas. Not enough time or use to say anything about battery life though. The one thing I wish it did was have third party watch faces. It's kind of a let down really, though Apple's faces aren't all that bad. Some are interactive and cool.
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Source: AppleInsider

According to an anonymous source familiar with Apple, the iPod line of products will see a refresh some time this year. The iPod touch was specifically mentioned to be part of the update, apparently planned to have a new 4" model. Other than this, no further information was given as to the announcement dates or product specs.

iPod Touch.png

Given that Apple has been focusing on their music services lately with iTunes Radio and the acquirement of Beats Music, it makes sense that they would update their music-oriented product line soon considering the last major update was in 2012 and there have only been minor changes since then.

A while back I made a concept of what the 6th generation iPod touch could potentially be like,...
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I got a nice little text message today stating that my credit card had been charged from Apple. Checking up on my order, it has hit the preparing for shipment stage. My estimated shipping time was in June, however. Many reports around the web share with mine, though not everyone is as lucky as I am I guess.

Here's what I do know, popular color combinations haven't passed the processing stage yet. The more unpopular colors seem to have passed relatively quickly, even if the shipping estimate was for June. Personally, I think it's a supply and demand thing. The black rubber bands seem to be in high demand, and thus are getting out a little slower in contrast to the others.

Think of it this way, there are 3 lines for: Sierra Mist, Sprite, and 7 Up. The Sprite and 7 Up lines are 300 people a piece, while the Sierra Mist line is much shorter, with only 50 people... Obviously the 50 will get their drink (updates) a little quicker.

So although it looks that many buyers are...
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Well I may be a few hours (little more) late on this one. Apple preorders have begun for the new Apple Watch. The majority of the watches, including the crazy 18k Gold ones have had their ship dates pushed back well into June, many later.

I was a little late with the preorder. Looks like I'll be receiving the Apple Watch at the same time as the Pebble Time Steel. Should make for an interesting comparison. If I like the Apple Watch, I'll keep it, otherwise, it goes back.
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Before Tim, Steve Jobs decided to take a total pay of 1 dollar per year as a salary (though he made the majority of his income in Apple stock). Tim, on the other hand, has decided to take an actual pay, but now says that he plans to do what the Gates' do, donate his money to charities around the globe.

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2015/03/27/tim-cook-charity/
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Oppo Digital | Over-Ear Headphone | $ 399.00


Today, when it comes to full-sized headphones, there are a few major competitors when it comes to technologies: dynamic takes up the larger chunk, planar magnetic takes up a minority, and electrostatic takes an even smaller minority. Generally, the latter two require much more power to drive properly. With the surges of HiFiMan to push sensitivity, Oppo and Audeze have both hit or surpassed 100 dB/mW. This officially makes them easily driven by the likes of an iPhone. The Oppo PM-3 is a closed-back design that focuses on portability whilst keeping the smooth, refreshing sound that Oppo Digital is known for.


When it comes to planar magnetic headphones, design tends to take a slight back seat. Audeze has improved (from what pictures tell), but Oppo created the main push towards design. All three of their planars: the PM-1, PM-2, and now the PM-3, offer an aesthetic that...
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For the first time in iOS' history, Apple has opened up iOS to beta testing. They recently released the 8.3 betas. Has anyone had the chance to use it? How do you like it? The major change to this would be the inclusion of multi-race emojis (which I did find absurd, but it is what it is).

How stable is it for you? Personally, I never found too many stability issues with my iPad Mini 2 or iPhone 6 with iOS 8. Others may see it otherwise.
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Yesterday was a big day for Apple. They announced the new port less MacBook and confirmed quite a few things about the Apple Watch. What are your feelings on this? I'll keep it short and simple.

Let's start with the MacBook. It's not the Air, it's not the Pro, it's just MacBook. Things I liked: fanless (this tends to always be the first thing to go on my laptops; it's also one less moving part to deal with), multilayer battery layout (squeeze every inch of space they get), new trackpad sounds nifty and useful, butterfly keyboard layout sounds cool in theory, and a headphone jack (if they cut this off I'd be pissed!). Things I don't like: you're stuck with the hardware you choose (no upgradable RAM or SSD), one port for all things, lack of MagSafe, keyboard looks extremely shallow. My final thoughts, Apple is trying to target General users with the new MacBook. Ones that will surf the web and do normal things with it. This definitely isn't one for the power users. I personally can see...
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MEElectronics | In-Ear Monitor | $ 49.99


I’ve always been a fan of MEElectronics philosophy when it came to headphones. Make it sound great without breaking the bank. This couldn’t ring any more true with the new M6 Pro, a professional-grade in-ear monitor for the stage. However, as I quickly found out, it’s great on the go and at home too. It’s a remarkable package for a relatively low price.


Crystal clear bodies, silver cables, and a professional over-ear setup are what makes the MEElectronics M6 Pro what it is. The design of the M6 Pro is aesthetically pleasing with its simplistic approach while the transparency allows you to view the inner workings of the IEM. The M6 Pro name is silkscreened onto each housing in a nice slick manner that fades with the housing, but gives a subtle shimmer.


Design: ★★★★


Having sampled a majority of...