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HiFiMan | Over-Ear Headphone | $ 299.00


This year seems to be the year of the planar for HiFiMan. During CES, early last year, they announced two new planar magnetic headphones, the lower-level HE-400i and the upper level HE-560. As we hit mid year, they extended their lineup in both directions, with a flagship HE-1000 and a new low-tier HE-400S. The HE-400S is set to replace the HE-300 in their current lineup and features a planar magnetic driver, something that used to cost at least twice that to possess.


The aesthetics of the HE-400S matches those of its older brothers, the 400i and 560, to a tee. Black forks are replaced with color-matching silver forks. The body of the headphone is constructed out of a metallic-colored, glossy plastic that gives the headphones a very contrasting black and white look to them. From the aesthetic standpoint, it looks nice; simple.


Design: ★★★★...
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Machine learning and artificial intelligence has come a long way. It can help us find the fastest, most used routes when traveling. Splurge through and analyze data in ways no human ever could. Find patterns in the hectic, chaotic things we call society. It can do so much, we simply have only touched the surface.

Well, Google has applied it to lines. More specifically, lines at restaurants and possibly stores. Essentially, it uses data based on how busy a certain place is during the day on a certain day as well as the possibly using GPS/location data to figure out how long one person has been there. Multiply this by millions of people and you get some pretty good patterns going.

With that said, Google seems to have pushed out a new program that allows you to know how clustered and slow your wait will be today... Enjoy.

Source: http://gizmodo.com/waiting-in-line-sucks-and-google-wants-to-help-you-avo-1720648442
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Thonet & Vander | BT Speaker | $ 199.99


Thonet & Vander is a manufacturer that specializes in speakers and speaker systems. Their systems range from standard 2.0, to studio monitors (2.0) to simplistic 2.1 setups. Additionally, many of these systems have been converted into a Bluetooth setup. The Kürbis is one such example. It’s a rather large, 2.0, bookshelf speaker setup that offers a strong sound for a medium to large sized room.


Simple and basic would be the easiest way to describe the design of the Kürbis speakers. They are forged out of large wooden housings that give the speakers a subtle texture. A nice fabric cover which holds the Thonet & Vander name covers the front drivers to keep debris out. Taken off, a large yellow ring surrounds the lower driver while the upper tweeter matches in color. The Thonet & Vander name sits right above the tweeter camouflaged to the housing.


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For those of us interested in the OnePlus 2, you can watch the livestream of the event via OnePlus' own app. Click the bold to go to and download the OnePlus 2 Launch App for Android!

Here are the times of the event:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.27.37 AM.png

Here are some more pictures of the OnePlus 2, fresh before the launch! It looks like a sleek advice, but we will have to wait and see what OnePlus has prepared under the hood of their second flagship killer!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.23.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.23.27 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.23.38 AM.png
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MEE | In-Ear Monitor | $ 49.99


MEE’ original flagship IEM was released a while back. Just two years ago, I got its first slight revision adding a remote and mic to it. Fast forward two more years and MEE has updated the driver inside. The improvement most certainly is there adding a little more energy to the sound of the A151P, something that was much needed. Most other things stay the same, however.


From a design standpoint, MEE hasn’t changed the design of the A151P one bit on the exterior. The design still utilizes the colorless pattern of silver and black. The silver accents give the A151 a bit more dimension and possibly a slight flash. They looked unique back then, and still do.


Design: ★★★★


From the previous generation A151P, the new A151P offers a more pronounced treble. This is done by reducing the midrange and bass...
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Nexus is a name that vanilla android enthusiasts know all too well. Although unconfirmed by Google, this Fall, sometime in October or November, Google will allegedly release two devices. One is an updated Nexus 5, and the other is a Nexus device with a slightly larger screen that is meant to replace the colossal Nexus 6.

These two devices will ship with Android M, which packs Google's (extremely) effective battery saver called Dozer, bug fixes, performance enhancements, and many more things! If you are an Android vanilla purist or just care about software over brand and hardware, a Nexus device would be perfect for you!

Don't care about readily having Android M? Can't wait another two months? Check our 2015 Moto X and OnePlus 2 leak articles! Are you waiting for the Nexus devices? We'll update...
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Some of us remember when the OnePlus One entered the spotlight into the fierce competition of the smartphone market. The OnePlus offered an unlocked flagship phone at a fraction of the price that name-brand companies were asking (I'm looking at you, Samsung and Apple!).

The leaked pictures look like OnePlus smashed a Google's Nexus phone, a Samsung device, while keeping the sandpaper feel of the back cover. Here are some alleged pictures of the OnePlus2:


OnePlus will pull the curtains aside on Monday, July 27th––one day before the release of the 2015 Moto X! Who is waiting for the OnePlus 2? Just remember that the OnePlus will have the invite system as it did last year! Have you considered the 2015 Moto X or 2015 Nexus devices?
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Some fresh leaks a couple days ago of the Moto X 3rd Generation! Click the thumbnails below to see the full images!

11755735_1067622526599124_6992033643532358119_n.jpg 11760053_1067622546599122_2634793366485401067_n.jpg 11760218_1067587213269322_6900497867691262821_n.jpg moto-x-3rd-gen-gold-white.jpg

The release of the Moto X 3rd Generation (2015 model) is set for next Tuesday, July 28th! It's release comes one day after the OnePlus 2 smartphone! Who has been anticipating the release of the Moto X this year? Anybody going to get it? Have you considered the OnePlus2 or 2015 Nexus devices coming this year?
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It seems that Apple seems to be hiring an Fiat (owner of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ferrari, etc.) ex-executive. This obviously will continue pushing rumors of some Apple Car. The company seems to be doing something auto related. For all we know, it could be deeper integration with Apple CarPlay... But of course many of us may be hoping for something more inspiring.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/07/20/apple-hires-ex-fiat-chrysler-exec-fueling-car-rumors/
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A Brief History (Apple Watch isn’t my first wearable)

Dating myself a bit I started with the MSN Swatch Paparazzi (2004). It used Radio Signals to set the time and receive basic info like sports, weather, and news headlines. I honestly don’t remember much about the watch other than I loved it and it felt so ahead of its time (in a lot of ways it was).

Next leap was with the Pebble Smartwatch. I was a Kickstarter backer. I created a few watch faces and I installed a few apps. I found myself annoyed with the limitations it had with iPhones and in general. However, I always found it handy while traveling and it was my go to anytime I was out of state.

When Fitbit announced a wearable that did sleep/HR monitoring I was anxious to get a Charge HR. I wished it did more than the basic caller ID and at the end of the day it was mostly a glorified step counter. The Sleep Monitoring functionality is exactly what I wanted and I still wear my Charge HR to bed each night. I just didn’t...