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If you weren't around yesterday, iOS 8.1.3 has been released. The following is in the change log:
  • Reduces the amount of storage required to perform a software update
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some users from entering Apple ID password for Messages and FaceTime.
  • Addresses and issue that caused Spotlight to stop displaying app results.
  • Fixes an issue which prevented multitasking gestures from working on iPad.
  • Adds new configuration for education standardized testing.
There may also be some security updates in here as well. Really happy to hear about the multitasking gestures fixed on iPad... Was kind of annoying on my Mini.
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Encore Design | DAC | $ 129.00


Encore Design is not a company that has an established brand name, however, their founders are not new to the world of audio. NuForce original CEO left the company while it was sold to Optoma to start a new venture creating several brands each focusing on specific market segment. Encore Design's mission is to develop high performance entry level audio products. Today, Encore Design has but one product out, the mDAC. The mDAC is a mobile DAC that is designed to improve the sound of your mobile devices. From Android to iOS, even laptops and desktops, the mDAC looks to improve the sound quality of whatever you need it to.

In the Box

Encore Design mDAC
USB Cable


Forged around a housing of aluminum, the mDAC is a beautiful little box of metal. The combination of sandblasted and brushed aluminum creates an effective and attractive design that works quite well. With that said, the mDAC is a...
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I have had problems with the keyboard never coming up to type and other problems. This seems to have fixed most of it. This does require you to be jailbroken.

Basically, we edit the jetsam plist (which manages killing stuff when it goes above the ram limit) to increase the ram from what Apple gave 3rd party keyboards, so it doesn't kill the keyboard as often, AKA makes the keyboard more reliable.

1. Use iFile or Filza File manager from Cydia. I personally recommend Filza because you can use search in the free version unlike iFile, which makes this much easier, and will be what I'm using.

2. Go to /system/library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.jetsamproperties.{Model of device}.plist and scoll down until you see it OR search for com.apple.jetsamproperties it should be the top or the only one in the list.

3. Open the plist and then scroll down to or search for com.apple.keyboard-service and edit the number below it from 48 to 100 (You can change this to whatever you like, but really...
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It may have come to your attention that I decided to move away from the 15 inch 2012 Retina Macbook Pro to a 13 inch 2013 Macbook Air. In a battle between portability, battery life, and hardware specifications, I decided to sell my 15 inch rMBP.

It took me a while to find what I wanted, but I knew I would need excellent battery life. I've always been a great fan of the 13 inch form factor, and was shocked at how big the 15 inch rMBP was when I got it, and even more so now that I've gone back to a 13 inch Macbook Air.

But was the downgrade of screen resolution and raw power worth it?


The first obvious drawback in my transition to a Macbook Air was the screen. It was terrible. It still is terrible. Apple's pursuit of thinness and product release times definitely stinks when considering that the 13" and 15" Retina Macbook Pros were both released by 2013. The Macbook Air could have certainly received the same...
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So many of you in iFans have talked about issues with Wifi upon upgrading your Macs to 10.10. Well, Ars Technica has posted an article that could detail why. In short, it seems that OSX has recoded their DNS lookup system in C++. Before, it was written in C. I'm not sure if they tried to translate it, but that is what is bugging out. Ars Technica has a tutorial on how to install the old one, but it may cause issues if not done correctly (like failure to boot). So proceed at your own caution. I haven't tested the method, and I won't.

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Tech Gone too Far?

Every year, some odd things pop up at CES, some of which you really just have to ask, is it needed? What purpose does it serve? Does it make sense. So I bring you some of these...

Let's start in the automotive section. Later one, we'll talk about the Audi SmartWatch, an innovation in itself, but controlling the car from a smartwatch. Not sure if that is really neccesary, pretty cool though. (Engadget). On the slightly crazier side, BMW has a key that has a touch screen on it... Yeah... Really! (Gizmodo).

Or we can get into health... The popular EpiPen has come out with a smart EpiPen. Not sure why it has BT, or why it's needed, but it does. It really makes little sense to me......
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On July 15th 1983, a small company in Japan called Nintendo proudly released their first home video game console: the Family Computer (AKA, Famicom). At the time, the console only had a modest collection of three launch titles: Popeye, Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr. It may not seem like much, but a video games revolution was brewing. Soon after, the Famicom arrived in the United States with a redesign and a localised name: the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was a huge success and over the years, many video game series we know and love today such as the Mario Bros. and the Legend of Zelda began their legacies on the NES, which some say had saved the entire video games industry from the great crash of '83 and arguably started the golden age of video games.

Fast forward 32 years to the present year of 2015, although the times have changed many of Nintendo's loyal fans still remember the adventures they had in the past on their...
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Around the (Smart)House

We know that Apple has been pushing the Smart Home idea, as well as other noteable brands. Samsung has also been pushing the idea at CES. We'll take a look at some product categories.

Schlage and Kwikset both have their BT Lock (Gizmodo) and Kevo Lock (Engadget), respectively, door locks that are BT activated and connected. Allowing you to quickly unlock your front door and enter your house without the need to fumble for your keys. Hopefully, some time down the road, they also allow for NFC use for a quicker, cleaner, and more automated access (for Android for now, iOS when Apple supplies APIs). Fingerprint use wouldn't be bad either (for iOS).

In terms of overall home security, with cameras and such, there are, and always really have been many options. In...
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I'll make this short and brief, I wasn't able to make it to CES this year, though other members may have made it. That said, I looked through the all the sites I tend to go to for news (mainly Engadget and Gizmodo) and the press releases I've received to find some products that I felt were interesting. Feel free to discuss about any products you found promising. With that said, I'm planning on posting a few articles over the weekend in the following titles:

Around the (smart)House
Wearables, Wearables, Wearables
Your Phone and Tablet, Life on the Go
Big, Bold Steps in Audio
Tech Gone too Far
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Though CES took quite a front page on many news stories this week, Apple was still able to make quite a bit of a splash on a couple news stories... Whether they were rumors or real.

Let's start with the real. Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are finally available as sim-free, unlocked phones. This happening nearly 3 and a half months after it's official release. Better late than never I guess. (Engadget, Gizmodo).

On the other side of things, we do have new rumors concerning the new Macbook Air line. The rumored 12" Macbook (ports have vansihed into thin) Air is rumored to have very few ports and openings to allow for a thinner design. The keyboard is also reportedly designed a little smaller. Personally, I feel this is a little too much. Unless, of course, this is only going to happen for the 11" and 12",...