Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Drag Background to Reveal Toggles

The release of the iOS 6 jailbreak evasi0n has allowed more jailbreak developers to come out of the woodwork. Most of the best jailbreak tweaks are shared between ten or so names, but the reintroduction of jailbreaking in 2013 has brought out more creative tweak makers. With this phenomenon has come a plethora of new tweak ideas and otherwise interesting modifications to iOS.

One of these aforementioned creative beings is YouTube user Ryan Bushe. The video above demonstrates an unnamed tweak idea he had that he calls “Slide BG to Settings.” This is of course not a suitable name for Cydia, but that description does a good job of telling us what it does. Watch the video above to see the concept in action, but let us know on the comments if this an idea you find useful.

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YouTube for iOS Finally Updated

At long last, YouTube for iOS has been updated. It was just a couple weeks ago that we were asking where it was, and now, it’s finally here. The biggest changes you will see in this update are support for iPhone 5 and iPad, and a revamped UI similar to what we saw earlier today with Gmail. Moreover, Google has added AirPlay streaming to the app allowing you to shoot whatever is playing to any AirPlay compatible device. At long last, after years of being a locked down part of iOS, YouTube is here in all of its glory and available now via the App store.

With the release of YouTube version comes a big advantage — Google now has complete control over the app’s future. As we all know, YouTube was a native part of iOS up until the release of iOS 6. With the release of iOS 6 came many disappointed users, who’s complaints Google quickly tried to quell with the release of the first edition of the YouTube app on the App store. It goes without saying that the app felt half-finished and rushed to release, and that’s because it probably was.

When Apple decided to remove YouTube from iOS, they gave Google the power to control and update the app themselves — a task that previously had to be done through the long and tedious process of an update to iOS itself. You probably noticed that between version 2.0 of iOS and when YouTube was removed in iOS 6, the app changed very little. Updating it as a part of iOS was a long process, but now Google can do so on their own terms, just as they have done today. The update is available now on the App store for the cheap, cheap price of Free.

[App Store]

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Where’s YouTube for iPad?

It’s been two months since the release of iOS 6 and Google has yet to release an iPad version of the official — albeit poorly reviewed — YouTube app. Why Google has not made a move to take what would be an obvious hit on the App store is unclear, but maybe it’s for the best that they let third-party developers take this task on. There has no doubt been some fairly horrendous attempts at making a quick buck on a dedicated iPad YouTube app, but there is one developer that did it well.

Renowned indie developer Jason Morrissey (known as “Morrissey Exchange Pty Ltd” on the App store) has released his take on what a YouTube app should be. The app is called “Jasmine” and features the same smooth and sleek user interface that we know and love from his other smash-hit app — Reddit client Alien Blue. The app doesn’t slack on features, though, and is a “is a full-featured YouTube client” packed with support for managing playlists, posting comments and replies, and full compatibility with AirPlay. Until YouTube releases a well-made iPad app, Jasmine is available for free on the App store.

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Cydia App Allows Airplay in All Apps: AirVideo Enabler

A new release from developer Zone-MR now allows the use of AirPlay Video in all third party apps, including Safari.  The app is called AirVideoEnabler and is a free from Cydia.  This means content from games, art apps, the native YouTube app, etc. can all be streamed directly to your iDevice or Apple TV or other enabled sound system or docks.

Update: you need to add the repository http://cydia.zone-mr.net/ to download the app.


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Google Docs Editing Goes Mobile

Google has just updated Google Docs with support for mobile editing on iOS or Android (2.2+) devices. Just head on over to docs.google.com to test it out. (Though it may not yet be available in your region.) As reported in September, the iPad will also be able to edit documents on the go, which may make Google Docs a viable free alternative to Apple’s Pages. At the moment, only text documents are supported, but Google plans to allow editing of spreadsheets in the not-too-distant future.

From the Official Google Blog:

That means that…
  • You can work on that important memo…while on the bus or train to work.
  • If you’re behind on a group proposal, but really want to make it to the ball game tonight, your whole team can work on it from the bleacher seats.
  • You can take minute-by-minute notes at a concert so you’ll always remember the setlist. And your friends can jealously follow in real-time at home.
  • …and the list goes on!

Check out a video demo of the real-time editing on YouTube.


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Bump Now Shares Music Between Users

iPhone Screenshot 1

Bump, the popular photo and contact sharing app that works by a simple bump (hence the name), is now sharing music between ‘bumpers.’

Due to Apple’s restrictions, though, it isn’t exactly what you would imagine: Instead of actually sending an iTunes music file, the other person’s iDevice will show a link to the song on YouTube, and another link to purchase it via iTunes. Perhaps it isn’t the ideal solution to the problem, but hey: it works.

So, what exactly does Bump support? Well:

  • Photos
  • Address Book info
  • Become instant Facebook friends
  • Follow each other on Twitter
  • Transfer money via PayPal

and, of course:

  • Music sharing

Take all of those features, and then realize that Bump is available on multiple platforms. What do you get? A service that should be built in to all modern smartphone operating systems to allow for easy transfer of information and contacts.

You can pick Bump up on the App Store for the very attractive price of free.

[iTunes App Store]

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Turn Your iPhone Into a Stungun

First off: Is this real? Honestly, I have no idea. They claim that it is legit on their Twitter account, and seem to be taking orders on their website (though it says “online ordering will resume soon”, so take it for what it is). And realistically, I can’t imagine that an iPhone battery could discharge enough electricity to actually stun anyone, although I am not a certified batterologist.

If it is real, then I predict there will be quite a few lawsuits between neighbor-kids for pranks gone wrong, but the creator claims that it ‘only’ generates 90,000 volts, which isn’t enough to actually hurt someone, since high amperage—not voltageusually does the most damage.

Apparently, it works with any iPhone, no jailbreak required, and doesn’t need a 3rd party app (which sounds fishy to me)—just hold down both volume buttons and shock the nearest bystander.

Yeah. This seems like a bad idea.


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Android-like Scrolling Wallpaper Hack

One of the first things Android users notice when testing out the OS is the panoramic wallpaper scrolling while flipping through homescreens. It adds a nice touch, and is definitely missed in iOS. Now, there is a new tweak in Cydia called “Parallax”, which attempts to bring this feature to jailbroken devices. According to the developer, it’s pretty memory intensive, so users with older devices may want to stay away. A widescreen wallpaper is needed in order to get the best effect, but any size will do. You can check out a video it in action on YouTube.

The tweak is $1.49, though there is a similar app in Cydia called Panorama for $1.99. Check out both, and decide which is better for yourself. (And if you have experience with both, let us know your findings in the comments!)

Update: Some of our users recommend Simple Background, which is free. Thanks guys!


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Running Apps Offer Live Tracking

On Sunday, November 7th, some 30,000 runners will line up to complete the ING NYC marathon. Over 2,000,000 spectators will line the streets of the five boroughs. Supporters can track their runners via text, web or mobile app. But you don’t have to run in the big leagues to enjoy the support of family and friends your next race day or even your next long run. Recent features added to iMapyMyRun and RunKeeper allow users to track runners and posts distances, paces and times directly to Facebook.


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Skyfire Approved for iOS, Enables Flash Videos

According to the folks over at CNN Money, Apple has finally approved the Skyfire browser for iOS. It uses remote servers to re-encode Flash videos into HTML5, which is viewable on Mobile Safari. This method obviously won’t work for games or anything that requires user interaction, but it’s definitely a winner for the millions of Flash-only videos on the web. Check out a demo of it in action on YouTube.

To get around Apple’s restriction, Skyfire came up with an innovative solution: When users click on a page that contains Flash video, Skyfire’s servers download, render and translate the video into HTML5, which is a Web standard that iOS devices support. Skyfire then displays a thumbnail that users can click on to stream the video from its servers.

The interface looks pretty slick, and the bottom toolbar has a nice “explore” feature which allows you to view information related to the page, as well as a “share” option to send links to social media sites. There is also a very nifty Facebook “Quickview” button which shows your News Feed to check up on your friends’ current activities without interrupting your browsing. The video rendering itself didn’t seem to take terribly long, so it should be a viable solution for the occasional Flash video.

The browser should be available on the App Store at 9am ET on Thursday for $2.99.


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