MLB updates At Bat app with new design in time for 2014 season

mlb at bat

MLB has been at the forefront of pushing its league’s content to mobile devices with the fantastic At Bat iOS app. Today, the app has been updated with an iOS 7 redesign, making the app feel right at home on your new iPad Air or iPhone 5s.

For baseball fans, At Bat is a must-have. It’s well worth the in-app purchases that make it the hub for baseball.


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Saurik’s Cydget updated to support iOS 7, ARM 64


Cydget is a term you’re probably familiar with if you’ve been around the jailbreak community long enough. For those who don’t know, it’s a tweak made by Saurik himself that provides a framework for developing lock screen widgets in HTML and Cycript. It has been around since the early days of Cydia (as far back as iOS 2.2), but today, I’m the bearer of good news: Cydget has been updated to support iOS 7 and devices sporting Apple’s new 64-bit ARM processor. (more…)

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Snapchat Gets Design Overhaul, In-app Profiles, and Speed Enhancements in Significant 5.0 Update


Snapchat may have its X-rated uses and a bit of sexual connotation when mentioned, but I think the app is actually great at solving one of the biggest problems with texting: the inability to express emotion. I use the app daily for legitimate conversations, and I only seem to use it more and more as I have better and more understandable talks with friends.

One problem the app has had, though, is its design and functionality. It’s notorious for its crashes and sluggish, ugly interface. Today’s update to the app, dubbed “Banquo,” fixes a lot of the biggest complaints regarding Snapchat and even packs a new paint job. The interface is still a bit confusing to me, but the new design is quite nice. Check it out on the App Store and hit the break for the full changelog. (more…)

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Chrome for iOS Updated with Fullscreen Mode

chromeChrome’s been around on iOS for a long time now. What hasn’t been around, though, is the app’s ability to go fullscreen on iPhone and iPod touch. That feature was introduced in today’s update  along with a variety of other useful enhancements such as the ability to save a webpage to Google Drive as a PDF. The full change log is after the break. (more…)

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iH8sn0w Updates ‘f0recast’ Tool, Adding New Features

News on jailbreaking has been somewhat dormant lately, as Apple continues to seed multiple versions of iOS 6. Legendary iOS hackers MuscleNerd, pod2g, planetbeing and others have potentially found a jailbreak exploit as of October, although they still refer to it as a failbreak at this point because of its various flaws.

However, while these famous iOS hackers work very hard to get a jailbreak out for the public, hacker and developer iH8sn0w has gone ahead and updated his ‘f0recast’ tool, which detects if a particular device can be jailbroken or unlocked. The program is essentially a jailbreak status tool for those that are waiting patiently to exploit their devices.  (more…)

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition to Receive Chests, Beds, Creepers, TNT and more in 0.4.0 Update

Mojang, creators of the world-famous PC game Minecraft announced via their official blog today that the 0.4.0 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been submitted to the iOS App store. The game is scheduled to continue striving to be more like its PC counterpart by introducing many fan-favorite features that have defined the game since release. Some of the much-anticipated new features included in the next update are chests, beds, creepers, TNT, various food items, and trap doors. Don’t be too worried about the game getting harder, though, because although Mojang did finally add creepers and TNT, they have also made day longer and made monsters spawn in smaller groups.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition started off as a bare-bones version of Minecraft, but Mojang says it will continue to evolve, allowing it to be a more fun and enjoyable port of the original.  It can purchased on the iOS App store and Google Play for $6.99 and if you want to try it first, lite versions are available on both stores. As always, make sure to check out our own Minecraft forum section here on iFans for seeds, servers, and more. Follow after the break for the entire changelog for Minecraft 0.4.0, which is scheduled to release “mid-September.” (more…)

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Sparrow for Mac Now Uses CloudApp, Pull to Refresh

The renowned email client Sparrow for Mac has decided to update their app with one important change: CloudApp integration. The app will now use CloudApp for attaching files, instead of the traditional way of uploading them to the email provider’s server. This changes the way we interact with our emails quite a bit, but is it a good thing? Jump past the break to find out.


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Harbor Master / Pocket God crossover!

If you’re like me, you love getting updates for applications you buy. Firstly, because it shows you that the dev is working hard on the app to improve it for current and new customers. And secondly, because new stuff is fun!

Two weekly updated apps in the App Store, Pocket God and Harbor Master, have made a deal with each other. They have used features from EACH OTHER’S gameplay in the other developer’s app. Very clever idea, and it does work.

Pocket God recently introduced minigames into their app. And to add to the collection: A Harbor Master style game?! Yes. If you get your Pygmies under water, and lift up and drop the new Anchor, piranhas will come, and you have to guide them to the other side of the screen, similar to the gameplay in Harbor Master!

Vice versa, if you hold the Harbor Master logo in their app, you activate Pocket God mode! Which involves the Pygmies (I won’t give too much away!)

So thanks to Bolt Creative and Imangi Studios for this! Very nice couple of updates! If you haven’t already got these games – WHY NOT? They’re both $0.99 and available with a quick search on the App Store

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