Remote for iOS Updated Alongside iTunes 11

iTunes 11 was finally released this morning, but with it came an update for its iOS counterpart — Remote. In effect, Remote has always tried to bring a desktop iTunes experience to your iOS device, allowing you to completely control the desktop version with ease. It’s most like iTunes in the iPad version, which has an interface almost identical in style, but the minimalist version on iPhone and iPod touch is useful as well.

Today, Remote was updated to make the app “simpler and easier with new ways to browse your library and see and edit upcoming songs with Up Next.” Also packaged in version 3.0 is a redesigned interface for iPad, mimicking the design changes we saw in today’s release of iTunes 11.

After using the app myself, I must say that I am pleased with its speed in comparison to previous versions. As a daily Remote user, I love to be able to sit in bed while controlling my iTunes library, and today’s updates — both to the app and to iTunes — have made my life just that much easier.

Do you use Remote on a daily basis?

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Griffin’s Beacon Transforms Your iOS Device into a Universal Remote, available now

Goodbye, remote controls. The accessory gurus at Nashville-based Griffin Technology have announced the availability of their Beacon universal remote control. The Beacon, $79.99, connects to an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via Bluetooth, turning that device into an easy-to-use, never-lost remote; it’s a wireless AV controller that when paired with an iOS device, enables complete control over the entire home entertainment system. The accessory was picked as an iLounge Best of Show 2011 finalist at the Consumer Electronics Show, where it also enjoyed quite a lot of attention from the public. In fact, the Beacon was popular enough to sell out entirely today, its launch day. Griffin promises that it’ll be back in stock by the end of the month, citing that they weren’t expecting this much demand for the accessory. It’ll be available at Apple Stores, Best Buy, and online at Griffin’s website.

You’ll need to install the Dijit’s Universal Remote App, free on the App Store, in order to use the Beacon. The app was designed by Dijit Media, a San Francisco-based software company. “Consumers have 21st-century home entertainment experiences but are stuck with remote controls that haven’t been updated since the 1980s.  Dijit is here to overhaul the control experience, and our partnership with Griffin Technology marks another milestone in making this happen,” said Maksim Ioffe, Founder and CEO of Dijit Media. “Beacon is an amazing product that brings the power of fingertip search and discovery of all your entertainment content right from your smartphone to your HDTV.”

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Remote Review

1The Remote application allows users to “play, pause, skip, shuffle, see their songs, playlists, and album art on their iPod Touch or iPhone as if they were right in front of their computers” (iTunes Store). Tired of sitting close to your computer or laptop while watching a movie in iTunes or listening to music? Would you rather relax at a farther distance from your desktop pc or mac? Check out the Remote. As simple as the name sounds, this application, made by Apple, works with your Wi-Fi Network to control iTunes or Apple TV from anywhere around your house. Pretty cool? Definitely.

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WRITE & WIN | Interim Prizes | Week 1

The August Write & Win competition has drummed up huge interest.  We promised we’d be doing it differently this month so it’s time to drop a few prizes out for the stellar efforts we’ve seen from the member community & MR Team so far.

For prizes this week we have copies of some great games and a new Twitter app:

This Week’s Winners

FIRST PRIZES – Two Random Promo Codes Per Mention

SECOND PRIZES - One Random Promo Code Per Mention

[MR TEAM] PRIZES – One Random Promo Code Per Mention

Congratulations to all the first week’s winners!  We’ll be sending out site PMs with your prizes in the next 24 hours.  If you submitted a review and you haven’t received a prize then don’t fret, you haven’t missed out as all reviews written since August 3rd will be considered for prizes on a rolling basis until the end of August. We’ll have more prizes next week and then there’ll be a couple of larger overall prizes at the end of the month so please keep your quality reviews coming in.

Developers and manufacturers,  if you’d like to sponsor the App Store Review Competitions then please get in touch with studangerous.  If you would like us to consider your app or product for review by the our official Review Team then please see the guidelines here.
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