Poke vs. Snapchat: Which is Better?


I have to be honest. The second I saw that Facebook had released its Snapchat competitor, Poke, I thought the former was done for. This was the end of what became the frenzied iPhone instant communication app. But oh, how I was wrong. How I was oh so joyfully wrong. Less than a week after initial release, Snapchat sits at a comfortable red-hot 3rd place, with Poke falling, slowly, leaving it now at number 34.

In case you don’t know, both of these apps offer a unique messaging experience, allowing you to send expiring pictures, text, and video to your friends. Snapchat was the innovator of this interesting concept, but Facebook announced on December 21st that “Poke” was going to enter the battleground. Coded in 12 days, poke sought to overtake Snapchat, taking advantage of integrated Facebook features and an already-existing friends list — something you had to recreate in Snapchat.

Do you use either of these apps? If so, which of the two do you prefer? Sound off in the comments!

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