Chronic Dev Team “Aren’t Going Anywhere Just Yet”

Earlier this week, it was brought to our attention that the Chronic Dev Team had finally shut down after a good, long 3 years.  They have been dedicated in providing the community with constant free jailbreaks, including the relatively recent ‘corona’ untether for iOS 5.1.1.  And today, unlike what most have assumed since the announcement of the “evad3rs“, they have announced that their role in the jailbreaking community is yet to be finished. The Chronic Dev Team posted the tweet above stating that they “aren’t going anywhere just yet.

Currently, the Chronic Dev Team is composed of @p0sixninjaninja, @pod2g, @pimskeks, and other members who have faithfully stuck around since 2009.  But as time passes by, this team has slowly been disbanding, and most of its members have gone their separate ways.  Most notably is the recent group formed by @planetbeing, @pimskeks, @pod2g, and @MuscleNerd.

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Brief Bits: Happy Birthday, Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja)

The iFans community wishes infamous iOS hacker Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) sincerest birthday wishes. The jailbreaking community is appreciative of all the hard work that you devote towards uncovering new exploits to free our devices from the limitations set forth by Apple. Hill was a key contributor to the untethered iOS 5 jailbreak for both the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 as well as A4-powered iOS devices. Hopefully, Hill takes a well-deserved day off and relaxes with family and friends. Happy birthday!


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Greenpois0n: don’t get your hopes up but keep your fingers crossed

posStalking some of the twitter feeds and recent tweets for Chronic Dev, the team responsible for the fabled greenpois0n jailbreak tool, it seems as though work is still in progress and it will be an all encompassing jailbreak tool.  However, p0sixninja hints that it may not contain an  an untethered jailbreak for iPod touch 3G or late model iPhone 3GS owners.

N.b. this is all conjecture based on a few recent tweets – Chronic Dev are still keeping their cards very close to their chest in the ongoing cat and mouse game with Apple.

The bottom line would be: don’t get your hopes up and you won’t be disappointed, but you may be happily surprised.  Note that this post is just to update the community on some info found by one of our members and is not a call to go firing off tweets to Chronic Dev asking them about ETAs and untethered jailbreaks.  Discuss this issue or offer some positive support via the comments below and please leave Chronic Dev alone to do what they do best, which isn’t answering dumb questions or wasting time on hecklers.

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