Accessory Review: Proporta Perfora

Hello Everyone! This is a review on the Proporta Perfora for the iPhone 3G. This review is going to be very short, since it is a basic accessory, but will still include everything you need to know.

The Perfora comes in a nice box, but unfortunately includes nothing inside other than the case. The case is a type of slide it in and fold it, and has magnetic latches. That is what frightened me, I had very bad experiences when magnets when I was small, and I don’t really want them to be near any electronic device. It has a very nice clip on the back, which is non removable but it is actually very sturdy. The whole case is made from 100% green leather, and it smells like real leather as well. The case is actually a very high quality, but has some downsides. It will not fit a case, and is not very resistant to cold weather. I found that after it was in the cold for some time the leather stiffened up and stop stretching, but you probably wont store your iPhone in such cold temperatures anyway.


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