iTunes Festival iOS app released

iTunes festival app

Despite rumors yesterday that the iTunes Festival app was being held for iOS 7.1 to be released, Apple has gone ahead and pulled the trigger, pushing out the new app ahead of SXSW and the iTunes Festival’s North American debut. The app update includes a UI overhaul, though some are being critical of the app, as it relies heavily on webviews. Regardless, you’ll have to have the app to stream next week’s performances!

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New Twitter #music App Launches

Photo Apr 18, 2 24 45 PM

Have you ever wanted to have a constant stream of the music your friends are listening to? Now you can. The only catch is that you and all your friends have to use the #NowPlaying hashtag when listening to a song. Luckily, the #NowPlaying hashtag is already widely used across twitter; #music is probably already listing your friends’ most recently jammed-to tracks. (more…)

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Lyricalizer Automatically Adds Lyrics to Your Music

iTunes 11 iconIt’s a pain to manually sift through your iTunes library adding lyrics to each individual song. At the same time, however, it’s very nice to have all your music’s lyrics right at your fingertips within There are of course apps that will provide lyrics while playing your music, but there’s a jailbreak tweak that will add lyrics directly to your Music–automatically. (more…)

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New Free BEP MashUp Appears on Riddim Ribbon

Could this be the first signs that Tapulous are planning to release free tracks for Riddim Ribbon as well as the famous Tap Tap Revenge series? This mashup of Imma Be + Rock That Body appeared on RiddimRibbon just a few hours ago, and is free – So if you have RR on your device, head over there and download it now (incase it disappears or is only temporary.)


If you haven’t got RR yet, then don’t panic – It’s on sale  at $1.99 (£1.19) to celebrate the Black Eyes Peas being the #1 most downloaded song on iTunes, announced on the 10 Billionth Download webpage! Click here to get your copy (Opens in iTunes)

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10 billionth song is downloaded

Props to Apple and iTunes for getting there – The 10 billion song mark has just been hit… Not long before they start the countdown for the 100th billionth, right? We’ll soon find out who won the competition too, so stay tuned for that! (and if it’s one of you on the forum, remember us when you’re rich and famous!)

In other news, MacHeist fans might want to check the homepage out…

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Apple want free music streaming?

Reports are now swirling in the interwebs (Bloomberg and All Things Digital) of Apple’s “confirmed” buyouts talk of music streaming site Lala. So what does this mean? Are apple interesting in a free music streaming feature? Would it compete with Spotify? Would it come to iPods/iPhones in a future firmware update? Although, it could be nothing, apple could be getting rid of competition, albeit, some small competition. What are your thought on this?


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iTunes 9.0.2 released

An update to iTunes brings a few minor changes, including a much requested “dark background” for the people who can’t stand the glaring white one that shipped with iTunes 9.0. The full changelog for this update is below, and after the break is the fuller changelog for iTunes 9 (for those who still haven’t update yet!)

If you’re worried about problems with jailbreak, wait for the Dev Team to say it’s ok to update. (check their blog)

iTunes 9.0.2 adds support for Apple TV software version 3.0, adds an option for a dark background for Grid View, and improves support for accessibility.


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TTR vs Rock Band (part 2)

In reference to my earlier post about Rock Band and Tap Tap Revenge, iPod.Touch (coincidentally my IRL brother) has put together a fairly detailed and interesting comparison of the two games, for those of you who are still undecided on whether to part with $10. You can read all about it after the break, and I’ll update this post later with a video I’m currently uploading of RB vs TTR too.

See you after the jump!


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Rock Band released to the App Store, TTR to see competition?

EA Games have released Rock Band Mobile for the iPhone. This version of the game sees some amazing artists such as OK Go, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, All American Rejects and more (list after the break.)

However, this game comes just a week after the release of Tap Tap Revenge 3. Both music games have similar gameplay, similar artists, but each have their own benefits (level up your avatar, online multiplayer in TTR. Bluetooth multiplayer and play different instruments in Rock Band)

Another main difference is the price – Rock Band is 10 times more expensive than TTR3. ($10 to $1)

So will the big brand name of “Rock Band” manage to beat the game designed specifically for the iPhone platform? Keep watching those paid charts! Links and songs after the break.


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