Application Review: Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

[IMG]Gameloft | 1.98 GB | $ 6.99

The Modern Combat series has always been the closest that iOS has gotten to a true first person shooter. With each iteration of the game, we have seen gradual improvements, better graphics, and enhanced gameplay. Modern Combat remains one of the well-polished shooters on the App Store, their 4th iteration goes a little further to try to improve upon the 3rd.   (more…)

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Application Review: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

The US is under attack, KPR forces have taken control of American cities, and as an American soldier, you must fight to reclaim your country and take out the enemy’s leader. Sound familiar? Well it should sound a lot like the Modern Warfare series, except with KPR thrown in to replace Russian Ultranationalists and Zakhaev wherever needed. That’s exactly what this game is in a nutshell; Gameloft’s take on a series that Infinity Ward isn’t planning to port to mobile devices.  Read on for the full review: (more…)

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