Minecraft: Pocket Edition to get bigger worlds, wolves in upcoming update

Minecraft-Pocket-Edition-IconDaniel Kaplan of the Mojang team has published a blog post outlining a slew of upcoming changes to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and many exciting new features are seemingly to come including the ability to generate much larger worlds. Other announced changes include better overall AI for the game, an updated inventory, and “a bunch of other things.” As you can see in the screenshot after the break, it appears as if Mojang intends to bring the wolves/dogs we’ve known from the PC version of the game over to mobile devices as well. (more…)

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How to Duplicate Items in Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft ItemiFans forum member iBattery has posted a tutorial on how to duplicate items in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the iPhone and iPad adaption of the popular cube-based game for Mac, PC, Xbox and other platforms.

Following the steps outlined below “allows you to turn one item into two, two into four, four into eight, and so on,” according to the user. “It works with any item, but only one type of item at a time.” Full step-by-step instructions follow…  (more…)

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How to Play Multiplayer on Minecraft PE

Minecraft-Pocket-Edition-IconThis tutorial will highlight how to play multiplayer on Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the mobile adaptation of the popular cube-based game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Enabling multiplayer requires purchasing Multiplayer for Minecraft PE ($2.99) from the App Store, which its creators argue is less than the price of a cheeseburger.  (more…)

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Minecraft Reality Now Available for iOS

The annual Minecraft convention was held in Paris this year, with tickets selling out within days of going on sale. The event has just ended, but the weekend was full of exciting Minecraft-themed events such as a show and tell for the upcoming Minecraft features, as well as panels for asking questions to the developers. The 1.5 “Redstone Update” for the PC version was announced, but one of the bigger surprises of the event was the announcement and release of the iOS game Minecraft Reality.

The game allows you to select from a library of previously created items and place them in the real world. Supposedly, the app also features GPS capabilities that allow you to “plant your creations in specific places in the world for other people to find.” While it seems like the app would allow you to import your own creations, this isn’t the case. You’re restricted to the small number of pre-made items, but the number of places you can place them is limitless — practically anywhere. The app can be somewhat hard to use, but if you can find a flat surface that’s easy for the augmented reality technology to recognize, you can get decent results.

The app is available now on the App store for 1.99 and has iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatibility. It’s worth noting, however, that the app is not compatible with the 4th generation iPod touch, and according to 13th lab, “Most functionality is not available on iPhone 4.” Make sure to check out our Minecraft forum section for discussions related to Minecraft Reality and Pocket Edition, as well as the full game.

[Mojang via Polygon]

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition to Receive Chests, Beds, Creepers, TNT and more in 0.4.0 Update

Mojang, creators of the world-famous PC game Minecraft announced via their official blog today that the 0.4.0 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been submitted to the iOS App store. The game is scheduled to continue striving to be more like its PC counterpart by introducing many fan-favorite features that have defined the game since release. Some of the much-anticipated new features included in the next update are chests, beds, creepers, TNT, various food items, and trap doors. Don’t be too worried about the game getting harder, though, because although Mojang did finally add creepers and TNT, they have also made day longer and made monsters spawn in smaller groups.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition started off as a bare-bones version of Minecraft, but Mojang says it will continue to evolve, allowing it to be a more fun and enjoyable port of the original.  It can purchased on the iOS App store and Google Play for $6.99 and if you want to try it first, lite versions are available on both stores. As always, make sure to check out our own Minecraft forum section here on iFans for seeds, servers, and more. Follow after the break for the entire changelog for Minecraft 0.4.0, which is scheduled to release “mid-September.” (more…)

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App Review: Eden – World Builder

If you know a thing or two about computer gaming, you might have heard of Minecraft, a browser-based game where players have built working 8-bit CPUs, 1:1 sized replicas of Star Trek’s Enterprise ship, roller coasters, and cities, among other things, using (almost) nothing except for virtual cubes. Unfortunately, if you were expecting Kingly Games’ Eden – World Builder to be a mobile port of the most recent version of Minecraft, you may be disappointed. While Eden is more of a port of a very stripped-down version of Minecraft, you’ll find that for $0.99, the app is a worthy investment.


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