Review: Marshall Monitor

Marshall | Over-Ear Headphones | $200.00[IMG]

When Marshall first entered the headphone business, it didn’t come with the bang that they wanted. Lately, though, they have stepped up their game. The Major 50th Anniversary Edition proved to be the first of their better models. Like Skullcandy, Marshall obtained a new engineer to tune their headphones. It’s been almost two years, and Marshall has finally released their first set of over-ear headphones, the Monitor. It’s a big progressive step forward for Marshall overall.  (more…)

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Review: Marshall Major 50 FX – 50 Years of Amplifiers

Marshall | On-Ear Headphone | $ 170.00

Marshall has been in the audio business for the last 50 years. To celebrate half a century of amplifying all of our music, they released a revision to the original Marshall Major on-ear headphones. This one tagged with the 50 FX to differentiate it from the crowd. The headphone looks nice, but can definitely do a tad bit better. (more…)

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