Apple Continues to Update its Map Service


Apple Maps came with mixed reception; most were not happy that it seemed to be significantly less stable and reliable than Google Maps. With it, however, came a selection of features exclusive to Apple’s offering and many were impressed with one in particular: flyover. But flyover was only available in select cities, making what was already much more a “cool” feature than a “practical” one less impressive than it could have been.

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop says that Apple is indeed expanding its maps service greatly, however, with flyover being the center of attention. On top of that, Apple brought much-expanded coverage to Japan recently as part of an iOS update, adding toll road notifications, improved pronunciation, support for more 3D buildings. Included with recent background updates to Flyover are the following: (more…)

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Ryan Petrich Reveals Hidden Topography Setting In Google Maps

Cydia IconAs we all know, the native Google Maps application was recently released following its departure in the iOS 6 update. Today, iDownloadBlog is reporting that the app includes a hidden feature — topography.

Early feedback shows the app may be superior to the Android version, even though both versions of the app offer the same basic set of features.  While the Android version offers more features such as Wikipedia  integration and other Google services, the iOS version offers a more clean and intuitive experience.

Both may be useful apps, but the more recent iOS version seems to have one feature that has yet to be publicly announced. (more…)

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Cydia Tweak: MapsOpener Sets Google Maps As Default

Since the release of Apple’s own mapping solution found on iOS 6, the app has received generally unfavorable reviews. Most critics have described Apple Maps as inaccurate and lacking in features compared to Google Maps. But after Apple ditched Google Maps as the native mapping app for iOS after around five years, users had little choice for the past several months.

However, it was said that Google was working on a brand new mapping application for iOS that would soon be released into the App Store. Google has since fulfilled that promise, as users saw the return of Google Maps as a third-party app. Response to the app has been phenomenal, with over 10,000,000 downloads already. But, unfortunately, the app is not completely native on iOS devices.

Predictably, iOS 6 still redirects users to Apple’s own map application, even though Google’s fresh — and arguably better — intake of maps is now available. Thankfully, that’s where a new jailbreak tweak called MapsOpener from developer HASHBANG Productions comes in, setting the new map application as the default app on your iPhone or iPod touch.


MapsOpener is a “simple tweak [that] makes Google Maps links open in the new App Store app rather than the built in iOS app on iOS 5 and earlier.”  It seems to permanently make Google’s new app the default application across the whole iOS ecosystem. For example, entering or clicking this link in Safari will direct you to Apple Maps on iOS 6, but with the tweak installed, the link will then direct you to Google’s new app. One thing to note about this tweak is that lifehacker “had mixed results getting MapsOpener to open the location in Google Maps,” but with few updates, that should be resolved. MapsOpener is a free jailbreak tweak found on the BigBoss repository in Cydia.

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Square Off: Google Maps or Apple Maps?


Late yesterday we reported about the surprise release of Google Maps for iOS. Apple’s own crowd-sourced maps application was released with iOS 6 and replaced Google’s maps — the reliable, trusted alternative. After much speculation regarding if Google would release their own maps application, and further if Apple would approve it, the app is availablenow available on the App store. However, Apple maps — although it will undoubtedly remain on your home screen, whether you like it or not — did introduce features that Google’s offerings never had.

Which of the two options do you prefer? Do you like the overall reliability of Google’s maps? Or do you like to have the ability to soar over certain major world cities in Flyover? Feel free to read our “closer look” if you need help making up your mind.

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