t-JAYS Four, a-JAYS Four: Apple-esque Excellence

2012-12-26 13_08_30-a-JAYS Four - Jays

t-JAYS Four | Earbuds | $130 — a-JAYS Four | Earbuds | $80

I don’t want to type up a typical review for these buds, because they will probably be one of the only pairs of headphones I’ll ever review. I wanted to write about these particular sets because I really enjoy the Swedish-born JAYS aesthetic. It isn’t often that a company has that special quality — that fine attention to detail — that you see in Apple’s products. That’s why I believe JAYS are the perfect companion for any iOS device — they sound great and have wide functionality, but they also look fantastic plugged into your shiny new iPhone.

Personally, I could care less about the fine details of how headphones sound. I’m not an “audiophile”, and I want to offer my personal experience with these headphones. The details of how the “lows” or the “mids” sound are a moot point to me, and this review will not be covering those things. This review is more about the experience that you get when you purchase a pair of these JAYS. And while — spoiler alert — JAYS do have excellent sound quality, there are many other things to consider before you decide whether or not they are for you. (more…)

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