Where’s YouTube for iPad?

It’s been two months since the release of iOS 6 and Google has yet to release an iPad version of the official — albeit poorly reviewed — YouTube app. Why Google has not made a move to take what would be an obvious hit on the App store is unclear, but maybe it’s for the best that they let third-party developers take this task on. There has no doubt been some fairly horrendous attempts at making a quick buck on a dedicated iPad YouTube app, but there is one developer that did it well.

Renowned indie developer Jason Morrissey (known as “Morrissey Exchange Pty Ltd” on the App store) has released his take on what a YouTube app should be. The app is called “Jasmine” and features the same smooth and sleek user interface that we know and love from his other smash-hit app — Reddit client Alien Blue. The app doesn’t slack on features, though, and is a “is a full-featured YouTube client” packed with support for managing playlists, posting comments and replies, and full compatibility with AirPlay. Until YouTube releases a well-made iPad app, Jasmine is available for free on the App store.

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