Do not update to iOS 7.1 if you value your jailbreak

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iOS 7.1 was released today, but it isn’t jailbreakable. If you want to keep your jailbreak, stay on iOS 7.0.6. iOS 7.1 brings various tweaks and refinements, as well as general improvements to the stability of iOS 7, but for many jailbreakers, the changes likely aren’t worth the tradeoff.

Various notable iOS developers and hackers are warning their followers on Twitter that iOS 7.1 isn’t jailbreakable, and that you shouldn’t update regardless of if you have your SHSH blobs saved.

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Apple has purportedly already fixed exploits used for iOS 7 jailbreak

iOS 7 on iPhone 5C

Watching the iOS 7 jailbreak develop has been interesting, but a bit of concerning news has popped up on Twitter this past weekend. Jailbreak developer iH8sn0w, known for Sn0wbreeze and other tools, tweeted yesterday saying that iOS 7.1 has fixed the ”mobilebackup2 exploit to write to /var via the MediaDomain symlink.” This came as a response to someone asking if it was safe, in iH8sn0w’s opinion, to upgrade to iOS 7.1 beta 2. (more…)

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Cydia iOS 6 Theme Roundup: Elite 6, Strife, Dune, Ayecon, Buuf, UniAW6.0 for iPhone 5 and More

iPhone 5 Theme Header

One of the biggest draws to jailbreaking an iOS device is the ability to customize nearly every aspect of the platform, far outside the limitations of what Apple imposes. But, with so many Winterboard and Dreamboard themes available, it can become difficult to choose the perfect one for your device.

That’s where we come in. Ahead, we have compiled a roundup of several top iOS 6 themes from within the jailbreak scene. Where possible, we have also shared the necessary tweaks, mods or other Cydia packages that you will need for installation. Grab your iOS device and join us ahead.  (more…)

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How to Jailbreak iOS 6 Using ‘sn0wbreeze’ 2.9.8

The iOS 6 untethered jailbreak was recently released to the public thanks to the @evad3rs.  The jailbreak exploit used by evasi0n was made exclusively for this particular tool.  However, ih8sn0w has released a significant update to sn0wbreeze — bringing it to version 2.9.8 — which finally supports jailbreaking iOS 6.  If you have yet to be jailbroken on iOS 6, then take a look at the iFans ultimate guide to the iOS 6 jailbreak.  If you plan on jailbreaking using sn0wbreeze, then hit the link for the full step-by-step.


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‘Flex’ Makes It Possible to Easily Create Jailbreak ‘Tweaks’


What if we can create our own jailbreak tweaks? By we, I mean us who aren’t experienced developers and those who would actually love to develop one. What would you create? What would your tweak do? From the looks of it, an upcoming jailbreak app named “Flex,” will perhaps be the answer to these questions. Hit the link to find out more. (more…)

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Forum Spotlight: Create “Blank” Home Screen Icons Without a Jailbreak


An iOS 6 jailbreak is hopefully on the way, but those of us with the latest devices — the iPhone 5, iPad mini, etc. — have been unable to use many of the latest tweaks. Luckily, there are a few modifications that can still be done, even without a jailbreak. We already saw how to get a custom carrier logo without a jailbreak, but forum member Dancerdudes has written an excellent guide on how to create “blank” home screen icons as well! Head on over to the forums and check it out.

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Windows RT “Jailbreak” Now Available


Neowin is reporting this afternoon that the very first Windows RT “jailbreak” is now available. It was only very recently  that someone had indeed jailbroken the device, but this afternoon a tool has been released that allows all Surface RT owners to exploit the device’s security themselves.

A few days ago, a software developer by the name of  ”clrokr” successfully found out how to get Windows RT to run unsigned ARM-based software on Windows RT. Since then, another software creator, known as “netham45,” has released a batch file on XDA Developers that automates the jailbreaking process. (more…)

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Unmentioned: The Best Tweaks of Cydia – Part One

If you spend a good amount of time on Cydia searching for tweaks, then you will certainly know that there is a hidden treasure trove just waiting to be found and downloaded.  While popular tweaks such as Auxo and Zephyr are highlighted, there are obscure tweaks that usually receive little to no praise from the jailbreak community.

It is my pleasure to introduce a new iFans series: “Unmentioned: The Best Tweaks of Cydia.” In this new series of articles, I will attempt to unearth and highlight the hidden gems of Cydia.  These posts will hopefully stir up discussion over certain jailbreak tweaks that interest you, and stimulate members to try tweaks that seem worthy.

Read on for the full list!


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Ryan Petrich Reveals Hidden Topography Setting In Google Maps

Cydia IconAs we all know, the native Google Maps application was recently released following its departure in the iOS 6 update. Today, iDownloadBlog is reporting that the app includes a hidden feature — topography.

Early feedback shows the app may be superior to the Android version, even though both versions of the app offer the same basic set of features.  While the Android version offers more features such as Wikipedia  integration and other Google services, the iOS version offers a more clean and intuitive experience.

Both may be useful apps, but the more recent iOS version seems to have one feature that has yet to be publicly announced. (more…)

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iH8sn0w Updates ‘f0recast’ Tool, Adding New Features

News on jailbreaking has been somewhat dormant lately, as Apple continues to seed multiple versions of iOS 6. Legendary iOS hackers MuscleNerd, pod2g, planetbeing and others have potentially found a jailbreak exploit as of October, although they still refer to it as a failbreak at this point because of its various flaws.

However, while these famous iOS hackers work very hard to get a jailbreak out for the public, hacker and developer iH8sn0w has gone ahead and updated his ‘f0recast’ tool, which detects if a particular device can be jailbroken or unlocked. The program is essentially a jailbreak status tool for those that are waiting patiently to exploit their devices.  (more…)

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