Bulletproof iPhone screen protector is not bulletproof

Bulletproof iPhone screen protector is not bulletproof


The good folks over at Ars Technica tested a screen protector made of bulletproof glass. First, the screen protector took some abuse from a screw driver. Then, they actually shot it. While the screen protector protected the device from the screw driver, it isn’t, in fact, bulletproof.

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You can check your heart rate with these iOS apps

heart rate monitor app iOS

The Galaxy S5 was launched earlier today at Mobile World Congress, and one of its headline features was the inclusion of a heart-rate monitor. You can already check your pulse with these iOS apps, both of which currently go for $1.99.

Both operate by placing your finger over the camera, and the app then takes a pulse from there. In my quick testing, both were very accurate, though you do need to have your finger placed flat against the lens. Heart Rate Monitor by Plus Sports also includes the ability to check your pulse by just looking at the front-facing camera. (more…)

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Disney’s new Movies Anywhere app integrates with iTunes to fight UltraViolet

disney movies anywhere

While the digital music world is mostly great right now, digital movies are another matter entirely. UltraViolet is great in concept, but awful in practice. iTunes is fine if all you have are Apple devices, but it falls short in multi-platform support with its studio-mandated DRM. Disney’s Movies Anywhere is an attempt to integrate with iTunes, but also to bring better support.


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MLB updates At Bat app with new design in time for 2014 season

mlb at bat

MLB has been at the forefront of pushing its league’s content to mobile devices with the fantastic At Bat iOS app. Today, the app has been updated with an iOS 7 redesign, making the app feel right at home on your new iPad Air or iPhone 5s.

For baseball fans, At Bat is a must-have. It’s well worth the in-app purchases that make it the hub for baseball.


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Another report says Apple will release larger iPhones this year


Yet another report out of Taiwan is stating that Apple will release two larger iPhone models this year. One will be 4.7″, while the other will be 5.6″, according to the rumor. This falls in line with other rumors that have circulated since the end of last year, and so it therefore seems likely.

However, the report also states something that doesn’t seem at all possible. (more…)

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iFixIt posts extensive free guides to repair an iPhone 5s

iFixIt logo

iFixIt, normally the guys that immediately get their hands on a new piece of technology just to tear it down and see its innards, have posted a page that contains more than a dozen replacement guides, as well as their full teardown guide. If you have a damaged or broken iPhone 5s and feel like you may be up to the challenge of repairing it yourself, check it out!


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Popular to-do app Clear to go free for 24 hours


Clear, a popular to-do app, will soon see a price drop to free for 24 hours:

As Apple doesn’t offer a way to migrate users between copies of an app, we’re going to make Clear free for 24 hours so owners of Clear+ can move to the correct version free of charge.


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iOS 7.1 to be released in mid-March with additional enterprise features


AppleInsider is reaffirming a December report from of BGR that Apple is planning to release iOS 7.1 in mid-March, following a very long beta testing period. iOS 7.1 carries countless bug fixes and overall enhancements to the iOS 7, which was released in September. It also will patch the exploit used by evasi0n7 to jailbreak the latest OS.  (more…)

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