Will We See Third-Party Widgets in iOS 7?


“Widgets” have always been a much-requested feature of iOS. Whether you think they should come in the form of “live-tile” home screen icons, usable mini-apps within Notification Center, or something else altogether, it’s widely debated whether such a feature would be a welcome addition. Perhaps they would cause the OS to feel cluttered, or maybe you just prefer simplicity. Whatever the case, they are definitely something that we may see implemented somehow in future iterations of Apple’s mobile operating system.

What’s interesting though, is that iOS already has something that Apple calls “widgets.” If you have a quick look over at Settings > Notifications you will find three options that are apart of Notification Center — the share widget, the weather widget, and the stocks widget. Tapping any of these options will allow you to turn on or off these widgets. But what if Apple extended this feature to allow developers to add their own single-function widgets to Notification Center? (more…)

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