Review: HiFiMAN RE-600 Songbird

HiFiMAN | In-Ear Monitors | $ 399.00[​IMG] HiFiMAN has always been a company that has offered great sounding IEMs at an extremely low, sometimes crazy, price. When the company announced that their new flagship would be priced at 399, 150 dollars more than the previous flagship, many people had high standards for such a mythical IEM. The RE-600 Songbird was that IEM and it offers highly improved audio over the 99 dollar RE-400. The question becomes, is it worth the high-end 399 price tag? Read on to find out…  (more…)
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Review: HiFiMan RE-400 – Amazing Audio; Bang for Buck

HiFiMan | In-Ear Monitors | $ 99.00

HiFiMan has always been a manufacturer that really took value into consideration when developing their IEMs. I personally found out myself after being impressed by their RE0 years back. It was at the beginning of my HiFi Journey, and now they plan to release quite a few IEMs at CES (RE-300, RE-400, RE-600). The RE-400 is their 100 dollar offering and it offers much bang for the buck.   (more…)

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Headphone Review: HiFiMan RE0s

HiFiMan, formerly Head-Direct, is not a well-known company to the general US population. Being a Chinese-based company, it would be easy to assume that they make low-quality merchandise. The fact that these look surprisingly similar to another well-known IEM doesn’t help this cause. However, when we assume, we tend to get things wrong. To the audiophile society, this company is well known for their quality headphones. The HiFiMan RE0 headphones are one of the most prevalent and well liked among this community. After reading about them myself around the internet, I had to see, for myself, what all the fuss was about.

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