Photowall for iOS turns the Chromecast into a photo frame


Google today released Photowall, an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that allows you to display your photos on any TV connected to a Chromecast. In my testing, Photowall is very slick, and makes the Chromecast that much more useful. It’s great to see that its features are being expanded beyond the initial streaming video support. For $35, the Chromecast is quickly becoming the best way to display content on your TV.

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Motorola teases the Moto360 smartwatch

Motorola teases the Moto360 smartwatch


Motorola today teased the Moto360, the first announced wearable device to make use of Android Wear. Details are light on the device itself, but it looks great from the teaser images. The Moto360 should be available sometime in the summer in a variety of styles.

Oh iWatch, where are you?

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Tilt to Live 2 now available on Android

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.11.01 AM

One of my personal favorite games on iOS for the past four years is now available on Android. The game is available for $2.99, and is worth every penny — it’s downright fun. It’s compatible with both phones and tablets, and if you’ve got an Android device, check it out.

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Flappy Bird clones hit a wall: Apple now rejecting rip-offs


The Great Flappy Bird Saga of 2014 seems to finally be at its end. After the massively popular game was pulled from the App Store (and Google Play) by its developer, Apple is apparently now rejecting blatant rip-offs and clones of the game. (more…)

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Velox Addons Now Available: Torch, Compass, App Store, Stopwatch, Google and More

2013-04-09 14_57_25-Velox_ an upcoming tweak that lets you interact with app icons to check notifica

Velox is one of those tweaks that just brings a ton of new functionality to iOS. Whether you like it or hate it, developers have already stepped up to the plate to bring addons for the tweak. Of those currently available on Cydia are Torch, Compass, App Store, Stopwatch, Google and others. Keep reading for the full roundup. (more…)

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Ryan Petrich Reveals Hidden Topography Setting In Google Maps

Cydia IconAs we all know, the native Google Maps application was recently released following its departure in the iOS 6 update. Today, iDownloadBlog is reporting that the app includes a hidden feature — topography.

Early feedback shows the app may be superior to the Android version, even though both versions of the app offer the same basic set of features.  While the Android version offers more features such as Wikipedia  integration and other Google services, the iOS version offers a more clean and intuitive experience.

Both may be useful apps, but the more recent iOS version seems to have one feature that has yet to be publicly announced. (more…)

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Cydia Tweak: MapsOpener Sets Google Maps As Default

Since the release of Apple’s own mapping solution found on iOS 6, the app has received generally unfavorable reviews. Most critics have described Apple Maps as inaccurate and lacking in features compared to Google Maps. But after Apple ditched Google Maps as the native mapping app for iOS after around five years, users had little choice for the past several months.

However, it was said that Google was working on a brand new mapping application for iOS that would soon be released into the App Store. Google has since fulfilled that promise, as users saw the return of Google Maps as a third-party app. Response to the app has been phenomenal, with over 10,000,000 downloads already. But, unfortunately, the app is not completely native on iOS devices.

Predictably, iOS 6 still redirects users to Apple’s own map application, even though Google’s fresh — and arguably better — intake of maps is now available. Thankfully, that’s where a new jailbreak tweak called MapsOpener from developer HASHBANG Productions comes in, setting the new map application as the default app on your iPhone or iPod touch.


MapsOpener is a “simple tweak [that] makes Google Maps links open in the new App Store app rather than the built in iOS app on iOS 5 and earlier.”  It seems to permanently make Google’s new app the default application across the whole iOS ecosystem. For example, entering or clicking this link in Safari will direct you to Apple Maps on iOS 6, but with the tweak installed, the link will then direct you to Google’s new app. One thing to note about this tweak is that lifehacker “had mixed results getting MapsOpener to open the location in Google Maps,” but with few updates, that should be resolved. MapsOpener is a free jailbreak tweak found on the BigBoss repository in Cydia.

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Galaxy Nexus Sales Ban Temporarily Lifted

Samsung and Google may be able to breathe easy for the time being, thanks to a new temporary conclusion in their patent case against Apple. Earlier this afternoon, it was reported by The Verge that the ban on the Galaxy Nexus has been temporarily suspended while a decision from the appeals court is issued. The decision to suspend the ban, which was made at Samsung’s request, will only be in effect until Apple has a chance to respond. Hopefully, the appeals court will soon decide whether or not to continue the ban for the remainder of the trial. Also worth noting, the similar patent infringement ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been upheld, and does in fact remain in effect. (more…)

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Application Review: Google Chrome


Google is well known for many things: Maps, Android, Play… Well, none of these things are available on iOS as of the 6.0 release anyways (enjoy Google’s Maps while you still can). For the longest time, Safari has reigned as the browser for iOS. Well, recently, Google announced something else that wasn’t available to iOS… Chrome, for iOS. Does it have what it takes to overtake Safari as the browser to go to on iOS, or is it just another flop up? (more…)
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Google+ for iOS Updated with Instant Uploading

Google has updated their official app for their Google+ social network with several new features. One of the new updates is instant uploading, which means that the app will automatically upload any photos or videos that you take with your iPhone or iPod touch to a private album on your Google+ profile.

Instant uploading will only work when the Google+ app is open and for a short period afterwards. This new feature can be adjusted in the app settings to allow for uploading on Wi-Fi networks only, in order to prevent exorbitant data fees through your mobile carrier. Other new features included in this update are the addition of a “What’s Hot” stream and the ability to see who has clicked “+1″ on items.

[App Store via iPhone Hacks]

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