Google Voice for iPhone Updated with Multi-Recipient Texting, Copy/Paste in Dial Pad and More

Google has updated their Voice app for iPhone with some new features including group texting with contact autocomplete, Sprint integration for iPhones on the CDMA network (learn more about Google Voice + Sprint integration here), a new text entry field that supports multiple lines and character counting, and the ability to copy and paste in the dial pad.

- Multi-recipient texting, with contact autocomplete.
- Sprint integration support: sends all calls to the native dialer when the phone is integrated with Sprint
- Multi-line text entry field with character count.
- 1-touch Copy/Paste in dialpad

Google Voice for iPhone version is available on the App Store here for free or in your updates panel if you already have it. Users are currently reporting that it has some caller ID issues, so it may be best to wait for Google to actually stabilize the app a bit more before updating.

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Google Voice Returns to the App Store, iOS 5 Crash Fixed

The official Google Voice app for iPhone returned to the App Store yesterday, after mysteriously disappearing about a week ago. Apple removed the app because it crashed on login when opened on iOS 5, rendering it unusable. It now has full compatibility with iOS 5 and doesn’t crash anymore, so all is well.

Google Voice for iPhone is available free to all on the App Store here.


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Official Google Voice App Coming Soon?

Sean Kovacs’ GV Mobile + app has received a ton of attention and praise lately, but if TechCrunch’s sources are correct, it’s about to meet some fierce competition. According to a “source close to Google”, an official voice application has already been approved by Apple, and is awaiting an iOS 4-ready update to be released to the public. GV Mobile + does the job nicely, but being a 3rd party application, may never be able to offer every Voice feature that a 1st party application could provide.

At the moment, Google’s work-around to the App Store’s (previously) tight restrictions is an in-browser HTML5 web app, which gets the job done, but isn’t anywhere as nice as a native client. If Google’s official Voice application is approved into the App Store, it will be a complete 180* turn for Apple – and may open the flood gates for other border-line apps.


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Google Voice to be remade as a web app


It’s no surprise that the Google Voice/Apple/AT&T controversy is still being talked about.

As many expected, Google will be redoing their Google Voice application in response to the ongoing predicament. No, Google isn’t submitting the app again, but you will have the same experience. Google is taking their rejected app, and recreating it as a Web app that looks and functions the same as their original Google Voice application.


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