Case Mate Clear Armor Review

Hey Everyone! This is going to be a review on the Clear Armor by case-mate. Now I have just applied this armor and noticed many things about it, but I will update this post after time

First of all I would like to say that clear armor covers less than they show on their website. It covers the sides and their bezel, but only goes down the to dock connector and sleep/wake button, so basically it exposes just as much as the gelaskins, but is much harder to apply. On their website they show that it covers around the dock and sleep/wake button, but that is false, or I may have a defective product.


The application process on here was terrible. It took me 2 hours, and I failed and had to throw out one of my clear armors and failed pretty miserably on the second. I got the corners down on the third hour, and was pretty much pleased, but I have some air bubbles that will not go away for sure, and the armor is kind of foggy. I will post pictures after 48 hours when Case-Mate says the armor should clear up. Also one more thing, when you are peeling away from the backing you have to sort of punch out the cutouts, which is probably what ruined my first shield. While peeling back the film from the backing, hold the cutouts out with something small like your squeegee. There is one for the camera hole and volume rocker.


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