“Curiosity – what’s inside the cube?” Servers Added, Fixes Connectivity Issues

If you havn’t had a chance to play Curiosity yet, I highly recommend you do.  ”Is human curiosity alone enough to get people to waste hours tapping silly blocks?” is the question that developer 22Cans has been asking since its release. So far, the answer has been yes, yes it is. With servers constantly crashing on an off for the last couple weeks, many players have not even yet been able to experience the game at all.

The cube has an undetermined number of layers, and each layer is made up of hundreds of thousands of little cubes. All players currently connected join forces to delete these cubes and hopefully reach the next layer — only accessible after each and every cube on the current layer has been broken. While the game has largely been broken due to its viral nature and thousands of connected players, it’s definitely addicting and certainly sounds fun in theory.

Yesterday, however, Polygon reported that 22Cans has increased the number of servers supporting the game by 14 fold. The game may run somewhat smoothly now, but it doesn’t come without a hitch. Currently, logging into the game via Facebook, updating, or installing the app will erase the players’ coin count to zero. If you’re a previous player I would recommend just staying away from the game for a little while to allow 22Cans to get the problems set straight. However, if you’ve never played the game, give it a shot!


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