Review: Ravensword – Great Game, Great Glitches

[IMG]Crescent Moon Games | 516 MB | $ 6.99

Due to the success of the first iteration of Ravensword, the developers decided to release a new game to the lineup. Ravensword: Shadowlands is the second iteration in the newly blooming Ravensword franchise. It isn’t perfect, but does a decent job entertaining you while you wait for something else to come along.   (more…)

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Application Review: Slingshot Racing


Tilt steering… On-screen pedals… Full-on customization… Slingshot holds none of these common racing game properties. Instead, it aims to be a quick, pick-up-and-play game with very simple controls. Many games that follow these principals end up being among the most successful in the App Store. Is Slingshot racing included in this group, or is it an exception to the rule? Read on for the full review: (more…)

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