Apple’s Spaceship Campus Delayed Until 2016

Bloomberg is reporting that the spaceship campus Steve Jobs presented to the Cupertino City Council last year is experiencing delays, leaving its schedule to be extended into 2016. Apple originally wanted to break ground on the campus this year, but due to the city not being able to finish its environmental impact report until June, they might not be able to start construction on the campus until 2014.

The updated plan was originally intended to be submitted in September but was not filed until this month, leaving it being approved in early 2013 fairly unrealistic. Originally, Apple planned on having the campus complete by 2015, but that doesn’t look to be happening now.

The new plan contains no major changes compared to the original that was submitted by Steve Jobs in 2011. The revised plan will allow Apple to complete the project without trucking out any dirt, as well as moves an auditorium further away from one of the nearby roads. The company also wants to construct a utility storage building, and plans to build more parking spaces for some of the workers Apple plans to employ — almost 14,200.


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