iPhone 5 vs. Nikon D3100: Can You Tell the Difference?

2013-03-08 16_25_03-Camera Showdown between the Nikon D3100 vs

We all know the iPhone 5 camera is pretty good, but just how good is it? To the untrained eye, can you tell the difference between pictures taken by an iPhone 5 and a DSLR? Over at camerashowdown.com you will find a 10 question quiz that presents you with 10 photos. For each one, simply select the photo you think looks better, and at the end it will show you which devices they belong to.

I personally had little trouble distinguishing between the two. I correctly chose that 7 out of the 10 were DSLR photos. Can you tell the difference? Head over to the source link and give the quiz a shot. Also, be sure to stop by in the comments and let us know how it went! Don’t feel too bad if the quiz sends you for a loop; some of those are a little tricky.

[Camera Showdown via Reddit]

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Application Review: Blux Camera

[IMG]Blux Touch | 9.8 MB | $ 2.99

With the most recent updates to the iOS line of devices, Apple has updated the camera on each and every device: iPhone, iPod, and iPad. New panoramic features are nice to have, however, full manual control still is absent. Blux Touch attempts to fix this problem, but also adds in numerous features of its own to turn the iOS camera into something closer to a full-fledged point-n-shoot.  Read on for the full review: (more…)

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Application Review: Facebook Camera


Facebook has become a staple for social media. In recent Weeks, Facebook went ahead and made a hefty purchase by buying Instagram. Their plans on what to do with it were unknown at the time. It was, however, believed that it would be integrated into Facebook better. That belief wasn’t too off. Facebook went ahead and released Facebook Camera (or just Camera), an extension to Facebook that focused entirely on photos and pictures.  Read on for the full review: (more…)

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Noteworthy Kickstarter Projects for iOS Devices

Kickstarter is a website founded in April 2009 that allows everyday people to fund creative projects. There’s all sorts of potential start-ups on the website ranging from indie bands to technological inventions. By making a pledge, you’re not only supporting a project, but there’s usually perks involved too—free pins, t-shirts, and sometimes even a free lunch—as a way for the person who started the project to show his or her gratitude towards your donation. The website is a great funding platform for everyday people that want to pursue their innovative ideas but need some financial assistance in the process.

Among the projects found on Kickstarter are a number of noteworthy concepts for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. For starters, there is the Red Pop physical camera button for the iPhone 4. The button, designed by Beep Industries, is part of an attachment that slides onto the end of the iPhone and connects via the 30-pin dock connector. When it is connected, the Red Pop application, which will be free on the App Store, will open automatically to allow for quick snapping of photos. The shots that you take will automatically save to your iPhone’s camera roll. The company is anticipating the release of a next-generation iPhone and will adjust its Red Pop button accordingly if necessary. The project has been highly successful, bringing in nearly double its goal of $20,000 in pledges. The retail price of the Red Pop has yet to be announced, but you can secure yourself a pre-order with a $75 pledge.

Another interesting and equally successful project is The Paradox, a premium stainless steel watch kit for your sixth-generation iPod nano. The watch, designed by the 21-year-old founder of All Geek Everything, is engineered from high-grade stainless steel that completely encloses the iPod nano in industrial-design fashion. It is embedded with external buttons that are very functional, features interchangeable straps, and comes in either a stainless steel or black stainless steel finish. The kit will retail for $79 with custom engraving available.

A few more awesome ideas can be found after the break!


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Rumor: iPhone 4S to Boast A5 Chip, 8MP Camera, and Integrated SIM?

A report published by DigiTimes suggests that the new iPhone 4S could be headed our way by as early as September. This next-generation iPhone will reportedly boast Apple’s A5 chip, a crystal clear 8 MP camera, and an integrated SIM that would remove the need for an external SIM card slot. The A5 chip can be found inside the iPad 2, but there is currently no iOS device that comes close to having an 8 MP camera; the runner-up is the iPhone 4, which has a 5 megapixel camera.

Production of iPhone 4S will begin in August and the earliest launch may be in September. All the 3G and CDMA chips for iPhone 4S will be supplied by Qualcomm and the rear camera will be upgraded to a 8-megapixel resolution model with OmniVision Technologies and Taiwan-based Largan Precision to supply image sensors and lens kits respectively, the sources indicated.

DigiTimes also mentions that iPhone 4 supplies are currently lower than originally projected, which makes these rumors more plausible. Furthermore, this report closely resemble my own predictions that I made just last week with regards to the next iPhone, asides from a WWDC 2011 announcement.


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App Review: Camera+

Camera+ (iTunes link), developed by tap tap tap, is on sale for just $0.99 USD. After being absent from the App Store since the Easter-egg incident, which was quite a while ago, Camera+ is back with version 2.0 and is better than ever. Its ease of use and variety of features make it arguably one of the best camera applications out there. Read on to see how I put Camera+ to the test in my short story/review.


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The power of Zoom?

A new app has recently hit the Top Paid Apps of the UK App Store. It goes by the name of Camera Genius, and is number 6 in the Paid App charts. Meanwhile, fans of old skool Camera apps will be aware of Camera Zoom – The original app for your iPhone which allowed you to zoom in when taking a photo. This is in the charts at number 4.

Both apps are priced at $0.99 (59p) – But where did Camera Genius come from?


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