iPhone 5 Availability Stabilizes Going Into the Holidays

Fortune writes that Apple has solved its iPhone 5 supply problems, just in time for the holidays. The Wall Street observer has also told investors that the once-exclusive iPhone may even be available for same day purchase in Apple stores before the end of the month. The above graph from Piper Jaffray shows that iPhone availability in stores is  nearing 100%, great news for those planning to pick one up as a gift this holiday season.

Apple is no doubt confident that they will have enough for the devices demand, as they have just released 2 new commercials aimed directly at Thanksgiving. Making commercials so specifically targeted is fairly uncommon in Apple’s advertisements, but Thanksgiving is a great time to do so with the big Black Friday shopping day this week — it could almost be considered a national holiday.¬†Are you buying yourself or a loved one an iPhone 5 this holiday season?


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