Does Healthbook interest you?


With most rumors pointing towards Healthbook being a headlining feature of iOS 8, I have to ask how many people will actually find the feature useful. Personally, I am waiting to see how the program is implemented to pass judgement on it. I can see certain aspects of it being very nice, while others feel more like a gimmick than what I expect from Apple on a brand new, major operating system.

What about you? Does Healthbook pique your interest?

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Microsoft OneNote now available for the Mac


Microsoft has released OneNote, its note-taking app, for the Mac. The program is available for free on the Mac App Store. Ironically, or perhaps not, Apple has even listed the app as its Editor’s Choice pick of the week, giving Microsoft’s product prime placement on the Mac App Store.

If you take notes and tend to work in the Microsoft ecosystem, grab it.

[Mac App Store]

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Tim Cook’s early life in Alabama profiled

Tim Cook’s early life in Alabama profiled

tim cook young

Micheal Finch, writing for, has published a fantastic piece on Tim Cook’s early life in Alabama. The piece doesn’t go into his current position as Apple’s CEO. Long story short? Tim Cook has always been Tim Cook.

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OS X 10.9.2 released, patches SSL bug

OS X Mavericks

Well, here we are. After I ranted this morning about the lack of a patch for the Mac, Apple has released one in the form of OS X 10.9.2. If you have a Mac, update! It also includes various bug fixes and overall enhancements, particularly to, that will make your Mavericks experience that much better. And hey, SSL will work. So that’s a little advantage as well. (more…)

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Disney’s new Movies Anywhere app integrates with iTunes to fight UltraViolet

disney movies anywhere

While the digital music world is mostly great right now, digital movies are another matter entirely. UltraViolet is great in concept, but awful in practice. iTunes is fine if all you have are Apple devices, but it falls short in multi-platform support with its studio-mandated DRM. Disney’s Movies Anywhere is an attempt to integrate with iTunes, but also to bring better support.


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Patch iOS SSL bug without updating


If you’re jailbroken and don’t want to update to iOS 7.0.6 — even though it can be jailbroken — Ryan Petrich has you covered. The enterprising developer has released SSLPatch, a tweak that can be found on his repo ( The tweak is completely free, and everyone that hasn’t updated should grab it. Why? Because that SSL bug is horrible.

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Tesla CEO did speak with Apple, acquisition “very unlikely”


A few days ago, a rumor circulated stating that Apple’s Mergers and Acquisition team had made a visit to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. Various rumors sprouted from there, stating that Apple was going to purchase Tesla. Elon Musk has confirmed that he has spoken with Apple, but he says that any kind of acquisition is “very unlikely.” (more…)

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Another report says Apple will release larger iPhones this year


Yet another report out of Taiwan is stating that Apple will release two larger iPhone models this year. One will be 4.7″, while the other will be 5.6″, according to the rumor. This falls in line with other rumors that have circulated since the end of last year, and so it therefore seems likely.

However, the report also states something that doesn’t seem at all possible. (more…)

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Apple expands its “Your Verse” ad campaign

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.18.26 AM

Apple’s “Your Verse” ad campaign expanded today with “Elevating the expedition,” which includes footage and other information about how mountaineers Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger used the iPad to help their climb. It’s an interesting story, though obviously an ad campaign. Frankly, though, I stayed for the beautiful photos — photos that, I’m pretty sure, weren’t captured with an iPad. Still, it’s interesting to see the flexibility of the iPad. Also, Apple is getting fantastic at designing these types of web pages.

[Elevating the expedition]

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