Apple adds “Sharing Selfies” section to the App Store

selllllfffiiiieeeOh gosh. I’m pretty sure that absolutely zero people asked for this. But it’s here. Apple has given it to us: An app feature section on the App Store entitled “Sharing Selfies.”

Personally, I’m about ready for the word “selfie” to die a slow, miserable death. I cringe when I hear it. (more…)

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Flappy Bird clones hit a wall: Apple now rejecting rip-offs


The Great Flappy Bird Saga of 2014 seems to finally be at its end. After the massively popular game was pulled from the App Store (and Google Play) by its developer, Apple is apparently now rejecting blatant rip-offs and clones of the game. (more…)

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How to download Paper, or any US-only app, around the world

How to download Paper, or any US-only app, around the world

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.52.43 AM

Paper recently was released to quite a bit of fanfare. The app displays your Facebook timeline, as well as various other news topics, in an attractive layout. The app itself is fast and easy to use — just ask our forum members. However, it is exclusive to the US App Store for now. Rafael Conde has put together a guide showing how to download Paper — or any US-only free app — from anywhere in the world.

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Share Random Photos From Across the World with Melt

meltThere may already be one too many social media networks being used by the masses, but I guess one more couldn’t hurt. Melt is the first of its kind on iOS at least, and brings what seems to be a classy version of SnapChat mixed with Chat Roulette.

The basic premise of the app is one of sending and receiving photos from across the world–you’re constantly being paired with a random partner and receiving different photos. After you receive a photo, you have the option of liking it, reporting it, or even taking the step of adding its photographer as a friend on the service. From there, you can have a chat and get to know some random strangers if you wish. (more…)

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Velox Addons Now Available: Torch, Compass, App Store, Stopwatch, Google and More

2013-04-09 14_57_25-Velox_ an upcoming tweak that lets you interact with app icons to check notifica

Velox is one of those tweaks that just brings a ton of new functionality to iOS. Whether you like it or hate it, developers have already stepped up to the plate to bring addons for the tweak. Of those currently available on Cydia are Torch, Compass, App Store, Stopwatch, Google and others. Keep reading for the full roundup. (more…)

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Application Review: Hundreds


Semi Secret Software, LLC | 26.6 MB | $2.99 (Sale Price, Regular $4.99)

The developer of the extremely popular endless runner Canabalt is at it again, with a minimalism-inspired puzzle game entitled Hundreds. As with Canabalt, Semi Secret Software has taken a simple mechanic and revitalized it in order to create something completely new and bizarre. (more…)

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Opinion: Do We Have the Right to Cheat?

My name is Adam Redmond, and I am a cheater. I exploited a score glitch in the classic game Tap Tap Revenge 3 in order to reach rank 171 within an hour. I deceived Tap Tap Revenge veterans by reaching a comparable high score without any effort whatsoever. I beat the system.

All it took was a jailbroken iPod touch, a shoddy YouTube tutorial, and iFile. Granted, all my ill-gotten gains were unlocked through single player, so I was not directly affecting another player’s experience. But do iOS players have the right to cheat?

A comparison between my legitimate score and the hacked leaderboards.

A comparison between my legitimate score and the hacked leaderboards.

Cheating in video games is not a matter etched in black and white. As I mentioned beforehand, I was not taking away from another player’s enjoyment of the game by using dishonest methods. I was merely enhancing my own experience. While one can say that it was unfair that I unlocked items without putting in the required effort, the bottom line is that I did not make the game unfair for the other players.

Other players had a completely fair chance at beating me in multiplayer. I did not alter that fact. If one wants to use known exploits to enhance his or her own experience, I think he or she should be able to. If someone has invested the time, money, and has the knowledge, why shouldn’t that individual be able to exercise the right to use the product in a way that he or she desires?

But what happens when someone’s decision to cheat infringes on another person’s ability to enjoy the game?  (more…)

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Saturdays with Stephen: Apps for the Olympics

Saturdays with Stephen is an interesting and equally opinionated weekly series that provides a closer analysis of news related to both Apple and the wider technology industry. So turn off the weekend cartoon marathon and join Stephen each Saturday for detailed insight on a pressing issue. Be sure to leave your own opinion in the comments and get involved in the open, healthy debate.

With over a billion people tuning in to watch the opening ceremony of the Games of the XXX Olympiad, there’s no doubt that plenty are wondering how they can get a better glimpse of the sweat and tears which will most certainly be a result of the next couple of weeks. There’s no legal way of watching a full stream of the Olympics live in the US, however, there are a few recently released iOS apps to supplement your Olympic experience — for better or for worse. (more…)

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Apple Accidentally Leaks Internal Testing App ‘GameStore’ onto the App Store

Someone on Apple’s App Store team somehow managed to mistakenly leak out an internal testing app titled GameStore onto the store for all to download. The app, released on December 31st of 2011, is supposedly for testing the functionality of “buy[ing] different things from within [a] app,” according to its description on the App Store.

GameStore has quite a few in-app purchases that are available to anyone, but currently there is no way to fully utilize them since the app is strictly meant for experimenting. Available “products” range from “2 Lives” for $2.99 to a “Force Field” for $5.99, indicating that the game that Apple intended to receive these items was that of the adventure or FPS genre.

Even stranger yet, GameStore’s initial launch date was June 9th of 2009 — which, coincidentally, was during Apple’s WWDC of that year.

GameStore is priced at $.99 with three in-app purchases ranging from $.99 to $1.99. It would be wise not to buy the app, because it’s not meant to be used by anyone except Apple and it currently does nothing that’s worth $.99. Apple will likely catch this mishap later today and pull the experiment from the store.

Update: The app has disappeared into a puff of smoke, much like genies do.

[Apple via Flo's WeblogMac Rumors]

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Switch, a Multi-User Web Browser

For many people, the iPad is more of a communal device than a personal one. After a quick web browsing session, you may leave it on the coffee table for another member of your family to use, but when you come back to pick up where you left off, you may find all your tabs closed, accounts logged off, and bookmarks changed. For a multi-user gadget, Apple hasn’t really supplied the necessary multi-user safeguards.

Switch, a new web browser available in the App Store for $4.99, aims to remedy this by allowing users to create individual password-protected accounts, keeping the browsing habits for each user safe. Having to sign on and off every account you own each time you use your iPad is very tedious—but necessary, if you want to maintain security. Switch allows you to keep all your information safe with a single master password (just like user accounts on a desktop operating system). Your tabs, bookmarks, history and cookies are all isolated to your individual account, keeping them safe from prying eyes.


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