Hoth Levels Added to Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars has been met with generally positive reviews, and currently sits at the top of the Paid App store charts. I personally love the game — it puts a fresh spin on the Angry Birds gaming mechanic that was quickly starting to get old. Putting guns and lightsabers into an otherwise bland game was a great idea, in my opinion.

At the app’s release, Rovio promised that free content would be coming via app updates. Today marks the release of the game’s first expansion pack — Hoth. This snowy release brings a new story, landscape, and features. Be sure to check out the release trailer above, and if you don’t already have Angry Birds Star Wars, it’s available on the App store for $0.99.

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Application Review: Angry Birds: Star Wars

Angry Birds has really hit a life of its own. It has far extended out of the original iOS game. It has T-shirt lines, toy lines; it’s even sold as Halloween costumes now. New installments for Angry Birds seems to be a dime a dozen nowadays. Recently Rovio announced that they would take Angry Birds and give it a Star Wars twist. As the game remains the same, the powers switch up.  (more…)
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Brief Bits: Angry Birds Space to Launch on March 22

One small fling for a bird, one quantum leap for birdkind. That’s right, the insanely popular Angry Birds series of games for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad will be available in a new “Space” flavor on the App Store beginning March 22nd. Check out the first official teaser video after the break… (more…)

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