Acase Collatio: A Multi-Purpose Leather Annoyance

Photo Mar 06, 5 04 47 PM

Acase is a supplier of many different kinds of cases, and their iPhone line is definitely notable as being somewhat affordable and functional. The Acase Collatio is made of real leather, which is a huge plus, but I think its design could use some work. The quality of its build is nice, but maybe the concept of a wallet case just isn’t for me. (more…)

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Review: Acase Black Diamond III – Speaker and Lightshow in One

[IMG]Acase | Speaker | $ 120

Lights… Camera… Act… Audio! The Acase Black Diamond III is a new Speaker by Acase that doesn’t just play your music, it gives you a nice light show to go along with it. Inside this plastic, crystal ball are 2 speakers and a number of LEDs that will light up your night and flicker to your music. It’s visually, but also sonically, stimulating.   (more…)

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