Samsung Galaxy S4 Users: Please Don’t Ever Do This

This video makes total sense, because stalking a girl with your Galaxy S4 is totally going to land you a date. Wait a second, that makes absolutely no sense. You’re more likely to end up with a restraining order against the person, let alone a date. This ad joins the ranks of Microsoft’s peculiar watermelon-chopping ad for weirdest promotional video ever.


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Sony Posts Blurry Teaser Video of PlayStation 4

The next generation of console gaming is upon us. Nintendo entered the market first with its Wii U console, Microsoft is announcing the next-generation Xbox tomorrow and Sony announced its upcoming PlayStation 4 console back in February. One minor inconvenience: Sony still hasn’t shown off what the latest PlayStation looks like, now three months later.

Nevertheless, anxious gamers can finally get a sneak peek at the hotly-anticipated console. Sony has posted a new teaser video for the PlayStation 4 on its YouTube channel, although in extremely blurry fashion. Don’t expect to see much, asides from a few close-up elements that are rather difficult to interpret. Can you make out anything in particular?

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The Future of iPhone

This latest iOS 7 concept video is one of the best we’ve seen, although I’m not too fond of the square icons on the home screen. Plus, the user interface is a little too reminiscent of Windows Phone design language. Nevertheless, I would easily welcome the new approach to Notification Center and the stock Calendar, Camera and Music apps.

I just hope that Apple is also focusing on enhancing the features of iOS 7, instead of just changing the look and feel of certain elements. While a new user interface would certainly be refreshing, considering that the current design has grown rather stale, my number one concern is that iOS 7 delivers new functionality. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty.

[The Next Web]

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iOS 7 Concept Features Enhanced Auxo-Like Multitasking

We’ve probably covered a half dozen iOS 7 concept videos in the past few months, a testament to how excited the Apple community is for the forthcoming software update. This latest mockup, courtesy of Ran Avni, illustrates enhanced multitasking that allows an iPhone user to control every single app that is open on the device at once.

Instead of a multitasking bar, there is a dedicated page that displays all open apps with card-sized previews. Each app can be closed individually, or collectively by tapping the “close all” button. This concept is reminiscent of popular jailbreak tweak Auxo, which revitalizes the app switcher that is activated by double-tapping the home button.

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New Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Mocks iPhone Yet Again

Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad

Samsung has outed a new Galaxy S4 ad that promotes a number of the smartphone’s features, including air gestures, the camera, the ability to use it as a TV remote, and S Beam, which allows users to share files with a nearby smartphone using NFC.

The 93-second advertisement is centered upon a summer graduation party, with energetic and hip young adults all using Galaxy S4 smartphones. Later in the spot, Samsung shows an older couple with iPhones coming to the realization that some smartphones are “smarter” than others.

This is far from the first time that Samsung has attempted to undermine the iPhone as part of its marketing efforts. In fact, this commercial is just the latest in a string of TV ads — watch all four: one, two, three, four — that promote the Galaxy S III or Galaxy S4 over iPhone.

Samsung released the Galaxy S4 in late April, and it has received mixed reviews from major publications. While the smartphone is certainly a welcomed improvement over the Galaxy S III, it’s an iterative refresh at best and has several so-called “gimmicky” features.

[CNET via MacRumors]

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JCPenney Apologizes on Behalf of Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson, the former Apple retail chief, was a mastermind at selling iPhones and iPods. But he wasn’t so great at selling clothes and accessories, costing American retail chain JCPenney billions in lost revenues during his brief tenure as CEO of the corporation. Johnson has since been given the boot, replaced by his predecessor Mike Ullman, and JCPenney has outed the above TV ad to apologize to its customers for the radical changes. Ironically enough, Johnson’s old position at Apple is currently vacant.

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Microsoft Mocks Galaxy and iPhone Users in New Windows Phone Ad

iPhone and Android smartphone users, it’s time to put your differences aside for at least a few moments. Microsoft has just released a new TV advertisement for Windows Phone, mocking the flame wars that often occur between people that use either an Apple or Samsung smartphone. I think, for at least one time, everyone can agree that it’s pretty comical.

In the one-minute spot, promoting the Lumia 920, Microsoft makes fan of both the enormous size of Galaxy devices and Siri voice assistant on iPhone as part of an overall mockery of the heated rivalry between users of each platform. Just as a man and woman are about to be wed, guests at the wedding begin making sarcastic remarks about each other’s smartphones, and it soon erupts into full-out mayhem.

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Apple Promotes iPhone as World’s Most Popular Camera in New TV Ad

Throughout the past decade or so, there has been a gradual shift from traditional digital cameras to handheld smartphones for simple point-and-shoot purposes. Outside of Digital SLR cameras, used largely by professional and hobbyist photographers, it seems like almost everyone these days is using an iPhone or other smartphone to take their everyday photos with. It’s quite remarkable, considering that most mobile phones from five or six years ago had a 2-megapixel camera and took below average shots at best.  (more…)

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