iH8sn0w Updates ‘f0recast’ Tool, Adding New Features

News on jailbreaking has been somewhat dormant lately, as Apple continues to seed multiple versions of iOS 6. Legendary iOS hackers MuscleNerd, pod2g, planetbeing and others have potentially found a jailbreak exploit as of October, although they still refer to it as a failbreak at this point because of its various flaws.

However, while these famous iOS hackers work very hard to get a jailbreak out for the public, hacker and developer iH8sn0w has gone ahead and updated his ‘f0recast’ tool, which detects if a particular device can be jailbroken or unlocked. The program is essentially a jailbreak status tool for those that are waiting patiently to exploit their devices.  (more…)

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New Unlock Discovered for Any iPhone on Any iOS Version

Over the weekend, Chinese hacker Loktar_Sun released an unlocking method for any iPhone model running any version of iOS software. The unlock, which uses Sam Bingner’s SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) package, has been confirmed by iOS hacker MuscleNerd and has step-by-step instructions that can be read by following this link. We’ve also posted the instructions after the break for your convenience.

There are some limitations to this unlock, however, including the fact that you will be forced to use the same SIM card that you choose to unlock. In other words, you cannot switch SIM cards. Since this is not the same functionality as a factory unlocked iPhone has, it is still recommended that iPhone users get their iPhone officially unlocked by AT&T if possible. (more…)

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