iOS 7 Sports an Awesome Hidden Feature: Multipath TCP


Ever gotten in a car and fired up Siri only to find her (or him) unable to provide you with any kind of response? This is a pretty frequent occurrence for me, and there’s a reason for it: My iPhone likes to hold onto its Wi-Fi connection as long as possible even if it has full signal on AT&T LTE. As I’m driving away from my house trying to have Siri play a song for me, she’s still trying to access my home Wi-Fi network which I’m now hundreds of feet from.

Yes, my iPhone eventually realizes that there’s no longer a Wi-Fi connection there and stops trying, but it takes a while. Rather than just using the LTE connection and dropping the Wi-Fi connection immediately upon finding it unusable, my iPhone keeps trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network that’s no longer there. This may be a minor annoyance, but it’s one of a few scenarios that have been remedied as yesterday in an unannounced  iOS 7 feature called Multipath TCP. (more…)

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Are You Getting GTA V?

gta-v-logo1The lines are forming across the world for the release of Grand Theft Auto V, which makes its highly-anticipated launch at midnight tonight in several countries. It’s the first new game in the Grand Theft Auto series in five years, and should be one of the last major game titles released for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The ongoing GTA V Wishlist discussion thread within the forums shows just how much enthusiasm there is for the game. If you have pre-ordered or plan on lining up for a midnight launch in your area, be sure to let us know how it goes. Let’s see who can be the first user to post their freshly packaged copy of GTA V in the comments.

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iWork for iCloud Seeing “Overwhelming Response”


Apple launched the beta of iWork for iCloud at its WWDC 2013 conference in June, but at the time the suite was only available to registered developers. Since then, Apple has been welcoming in batches many non-developers to use the new service. Last Friday, however, Apple opened up the beta of iWork for iCloud to anyone who might wish to use it. As 9to5Mac reports, the service has seemingly seen an “overwhelming response” and access has been limited due to this.


We’ve had an overwhelming response to Numbers for iCloud beta. Please check back soon.

In the meantime, you can continue to store your spreadsheets in iCloud.

The apps that make up iWork have long been a very popular part of Apple’s productivity line-up, and iWork for iCloud intends to bring this software to the cloud for document editing via any of the most popular browsers. the expected launch for the service is expected this fall.

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Jay Freeman and the Legalities of Jailbreaking

Jay Saurik WWJC

This weekend at WWJC, Saurik talked law.. and a LOT of it. While a lot of what he was talking about seemed as if it was legal mumbo-jumbo, this is what I personally got out of it.

The DMCA wants to lock down what we have rights to, such as unlocking, repairing or modifying out electronic devices. Although, there have been exemptions for the jailbreaking of “telephones”. While that’s all good and dandy, what about devices that aren’t telephones? The iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV would not be included in any of these.

The copyright laws were also made exempt in respect to piracy, as someone that jailbreaks an iOS device is not always one to steal applications. Although to this day, the DMCA still isn’t specific enough to making the act of jailbreaking exempt to tablets and other things, because they don’t really know what to call these devices. Sure, they’re called iPads and iPods, but what category do they both really fall under?  (more…)

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Today on iFans: Forum Threads of the Day


Today on iFans is a new column that features some of the most interesting forum threads started on any given day. They can include the most viewed, most insightful, most helpful or even the most controversial topics started on any given day by any given user. These are hand picked and represent healthy and productive discussion.

Feel free to jump in to those threads and more!

If you think your thread, how-to, question, poll, or discussion should be featured here, be sure to tag my forum username (@steqheu) in the thread with the phrase “Today on iFans” included somewhere. This post will always lead to the comment thread of the first post on the list. This thread has been selected as the most useful, insightful, or interesting.

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Giffy Lets You View Gifs in is pretty good at viewing photos, but what about animated images? As you most likely know, these photos are most commonly saved in .gif format. As you may also know, you can save these photos to your camera roll. Sadly, though, you can’t actually view them (yes, I know you can view them if sent as a text message). This doesn’t help much because when viewing them in, they’re just a still placeholder. You can’t even tell that they’re gifs unless you send them.

But for those of you still hanging out on Apple supported–but jailbroken–iOS 6, there’s a tweak to fix that. It’s available on Cydia store right now for $0.99 and it’s called Giffy.You can use it to view gifs within the native Photos app, or at any other time your device pulls up the image picker. Once installed, there’s nothing to configure.

Worth 99 cents or not? You decide.

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iPhone 5 is Most Hated, While Galaxy S4 is Most Loved on Social Networks

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are notoriously larger than iPhone models.

We Are Social recently conducted a study that involved scanning Twitter, online blogs and forums to gauge reaction to the iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, BlackBerry Z10 and Nokia Lumia 920 following their respective launches. The results show that the iPhone 5 was the most criticized handset among the group, with the Galaxy S4 receiving the least number of complaints.

Areas of contention for the iPhone 5 included an overall lack of innovation, the new Lightning connector and poor Maps application. Additionally, a number of users were upset that the anodized coating seemingly wore off and exposed the natural, bright aluminum underneath. Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said this was something “normal” at the time.

Among the posts tracked by We Are Social, only 11 percent were found to speak negatively about the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, it’s also important to note that the iPhone 5 was the number-one discussed smartphone in general, which provides more leeway for the number of negative complaints in total.

However, the iPhone 5 was by far the most talked-about launch on social media, with around 1.7 million conversations, compared to 300,000 mentions of the Z10, 140,000 references to the Galaxy S4 and 45,000 comments about the Lumia 920.

Apple is rumored to release the next-generation iPhone later this year, and it will be interesting to see how consumer reception is for the handset. Apple recently overhauled the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch software with iOS 7, so it will be interesting to see what hardware changes will follow suit.

[Daily Mail via Cult of Mac]

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Here’s What Some of Your Favorite Apps Could Look Like on iOS 7


With the release of iOS 7, there will surely be countless developers ready to push UI updates for their apps. Apple has a new design language with this new operating system, and it expects developers to follow suit. How companies decide to do so, however, is up to them. One Tumblr account, iOS 7 App Redesigns, has been posting countless mockups of what many of your favorite apps–from Facebook to Rdio–will look like come the time iOS 7 is available. You can find the gallery after the break. (more…)

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New ‘Designed by Apple’ Ad Campaign Fails to Impress

A few weeks ago, Apple launched a new advertising campaign at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The new ads — both in print and on TV — are focused on Apple’s “Designed by Apple in California” tagline, and demonstrate how Apple products can enrich the lives of people.

According to Bloomberg, however, the new campaign has been met negatively by consumers. In fact, it has scored poorly among viewers compared to its normal advertising campaigns. What do you think of the series?

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