Apple banning Hackers?

You might remember a user called “Sherif Hashim” from a news article a few days ago? He was the guy who found the baseband exploit for 3.1.3, and the person who’s probably saved many of you from having a carrier locked iPhone after you “accidentally” upgraded last week! Anyway, now when he tries to buy apps legitimately from the App Store, he is confronted with this message:

Could this be Apple punishing him for hacking? Or a failsafe built into the firmware which locks your iTunes account if it detects some weird activity going on? Whatever it is, it’s a bold move from Apple, and it could be part of the greater plan to eradicate jailbreaking all together?

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Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace: App Store beater?

Probably not. But it does look pretty good, and as you can see from above, it has a few apps already that you might recognise from the App Store. Looks a bit more complicated to navigate than the App Store on your iPhones and Touches, but you can’t argue that it doesn’t look the part? Another picture after the break. (more…)

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‘Street Fighter IV’ is Heading to the iPhone!

The ever-most popular arcade-style fighting title is heading to the iPhone, IGN claims.   Capcom are setting the target release date in March, to release a thought-through version of the game.

It won’t be a quick port.  Instead, it’ll have specially-optimized controls onscreen, such as the typical d-pad and action buttons to the right.

Not only will the controls be recreated however, the graphics will also be scaled down, having minimal loss of detail and colour.  Therefore, the original artwork of the old gen-code will remain the same, but will look slightly crisper on the iPhone’s screen.


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iBlueNova, Bluetooth file transfer manager released.

ibluenovaThe updated version of iBlueTooth called iBlueNova is out of beta and has just been released on Cydia via the iSpazio repository.  iBlueNova lets users send and receive files (images, music, videos etc.) via Bluetooth. You can download it with a 15 day demo licence before you buy. The full version costs $5.99

@ibluenova:  Some info on iBlueNova:

  • iPod Touch 2g is supported (no support for iPod Touch 1g, since it has no bluetooth hardware). iPod Touch 3g support is experimental.
  • iPhone 2g, 3g & 3gs are supported.
  • Firmware 3.0 and above are supported.
  • Music library is read-only, no received music or video will be saved in the library.
  • iBluetooth licenses will STILL be valid for iBlueNova.
  • 1 license = 1 device (doesn’t matter if you will use the old license on a new device).
  • Downloading from cydia store is independent from purchasing on cydia store. This will allow you to download and try iBlueNova for 15 days BEFORE purchasing a full license.
  • No previews are released to other blogs, follow iSpazio for iBlueNova images, videos or updates.
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Today is Plants Vs Zombies release day!

pvz1If, like me, you’ve been an avid player of  PopCap’s great little tower defense-esque classic Plants vs. Zombies on your home computer then February 15th will have had a big red circle on your calendar.   So it was with a sudden race in my heart and a fresh $2.99 dent in my wallet that I hit the App Store first thing today and downloaded this little gem.

Plants vs. Zombies App Store link [$2.99 34.7MB]

pvz2Having played it for a quick ten minutes before writing this I can tell you that it’s a great port.  The backgrounds and sprites have been stripped and re-modelled to fit the iDevice screen.  The touchscreen controls  work extremely well and the game apparently retains all original elements of the desktop classic bar the mini games and even adds in some extra achievements.  PopCap put out a wicked port with Peggle and their latest offering is another level of excellence and extreme value for money at $2.99.

What are you waiting for? Go and buy it now!

[I would have written a longer piece but my fingers are itching to play - hopefully one of our great members will write up a review for the App Store Review sub-forum]

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‘Call of Duty’ Update: Verrückt Map Now Available + 9 New Weapons

The highly-anticipated Call of Duty update to include the all-new Verruckt map is finally here.  Activision have released this slyly, just as they did with the initial release of the game.

The map is exactly the same as the Verruckt map on typical consoles, so existing users would know their way around.  It’ll be available for download via in-app purchasing.

You can play it online just as you would with the existing Nacht der Untoten map.  Without any previews, 9 new weapons have also been added, which include the FG-42, Gewehr-43, PPsh-41, M1 Garand, and the Springfield.

Users may still be complaining about the fact that you have to pay more for an extra map, when the initial release only came equipped with just one map, a limited number of weapons for a storming $9.99.

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies ($9.99)

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Possible 5.12 baseband unlock

Sherif Hashim has found a crash for baseband 5.12 which could be used for an unlock. This is a good thing for anyone who accidentally updated to a stock 3.1.3 firmware.

However its all up to the dev team now when to release it, They might save it for a future device/firmware. What are your thoughts guys?

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All Hail Openfeint

Many of the larger developers chose to go alone and set up social networking portals to provide a hub for their own gaming communities to compare achievements, scores, chat and make challenges.  Ngmoco set up Plus+ and Gameloft started Live.  However the gaming network that stands out and connects the rest is AuroraFeint’s Openfeint network.  Openfeint’s only real competitor is Chillingo’s Crystal, which is good but has been slow to be implemented by developers since it’s launch mid-2009.

Openfeint truly connects you while other social gaming networks either ‘dis-connect’ you by virtue of their smaller catalogue or, as in Crystal’s case, were just a bit too late on the scene.  Its success is evidenced by the range and quality of games that use it.  It connects players of TAITO’s Space Invaders Infinity Gene, the classic Fieldrunners, Origin8′s Sentinel series and, new shining star on the touchscreen gaming scene, Trenches.  And if you don’t own at least one of these then where have you been?

In early January Openfeint launched their standalone app. It allows you to manage your Openfeint profile, import friends from Twitter and Facebook, manage your games, check out your and your friends’ scores and achievements, issue challenges, chat and much, much more.  If that hasn’t hooked you to downloading it then consider that every day they highlight either an Openfeint connected free game of note or offer a paid game for free (today it’s a great chopper game called Apache Lander, yesterday it was the basic but highly addictive A Christmas Santa).  And to boot the Openfeint app is free.

So Gameloft, Chillingo, Ngmoco and other social network providers, get on the bus.  Have a quiet word with Openfeint and get your networks linked in with theirs. You know it makes sense.  Openfeint tag themselves ‘the coolest thing since sliced awesome’ and the hype stands up.  iPtF community gamers who want to hook up with like-minded individuals, can post their Openfeint IDs in the thread here.

Openfeint App – App Store Link

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iPtF Community Talent Required. Apply Within.

Being a part of a community means chipping in with help as well as asking for help when you need it and there’s plenty of great members on iPod touch fans who do just this as they surf around the forums.

However, it has been noted recently that we have a bunch of tutorials and stuck guides that are starting to look dated or, in the case of more recent developments, missing completely.

We’d love to see more input from the community so we’ve set up a thread to discuss this issue where you can put in your tutorial requests and members interested in writing some guides have a pool of tutorial and guide topics.

So, whether you’re a seasoned iPtF member who’s been with us since OS 1.1.1 or a newbie who got an iPod touch 3G for Christmas, if you’ve spent enough time messing around with your little bit of Apple tech heaven then you’ve got the prerequisite to help out and get your guide stuck and maybe even a front page feature.

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