When is iOS 7 Coming Out?

A mockup design of iOS 7.

A recent mockup design of iOS 7 with quick access toggles.

iFans forum member volchenkov24 asks a question that many are wondering as we approach the midway point of this year. Simply put, when is Apple going to release iOS 7 to the public? Most would suspect that Apple would at least preview the seventh major version of iOS at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, but there has been some speculation that the software update has been delayed because of a major overhaul that is in process. So, the actual release date is open for debate. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Brief Bits: Google+ Now Allows Animated GIFs as Profile Pictures

google-plus-ios-iconGoogle+ now allows you to set an animated GIF as your profile picture, according to Engadget. I’m not sure how much of a positive effect this will have on the social network, as it could result in increased trolling, but that’s a completely different subject.

Google+ itself continues to grow as a social network, especially as Google continues to integrate it alongside its other existing services such as YouTube and the Play Store. The platform has enormous potential, already approaching 250 million active users.

If you are using the desktop version of our website, be sure to follow the official Google+ page for iFans by adding it to your circles using our sidebar widget. iFans will be increasing its presence on the platform in the ensuing months, so make sure to follow along so that you don’t miss out on our iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android coverage.


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Turn Your Twitter App Green on Saint Patrick’s Day

Green Twitter App

If you are looking to take your celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day one step further, iFans forum member Justin has shared a custom Twitter theme that will change the official app from its default blue color to green. The theme must be installed via SSH, and is activated using WinterBoard. Find the download link within the discussion forums.

“I just thought I’d share a little project,” writes Justin. “Nothing has been changed except the color of the app. I got tired of the default blue, so I thought a light green would be a nice change!”

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Have Your Say: Do You Use RSS Feeds?

RSSThe impending death of Google Reader has been met with significant criticism, although the move did seem inevitable. The emergence of social networks and responsive news aggregators in Twitter and Pulse respectively, as notable examples, has essentially killed the idea of traditional RSS feeds.

At the same time, there are still a significant number of people that use RSS feeds, including yours truly. I have been an avid user of Google Reader for a number of years, and I will be disappointed to see it go. Are you an RSS feed user too, or have you moved on to increasingly modern news portals? I’ll see you in the comment section.

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iOS Theme Preview: Nollie

Nollie Theme

iFans forum member Baggy Spandex has been working on an upcoming theme for the iPhone and iPod touch, entitled “Nollie,” a project of his that he began well over two years ago. In that time, he has developed almost an entire set of icons for native and popular apps, ranging from Game Center and Messages to Facebook and Instagram. The theme is finally nearing completion, after a lengthy hiatus, so be sure to follow the progress made in the official theme preview thread.

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WinterBoard: A Primer

WinterboardiFans has partnered with William Szilveszter, the creative brainchild behind Jaku, one of the most popular themes available on Cydia for jailbroken devices, to deliver a series revolving around the art of iOS theming. Szilveszter is always available for hire and can be found on Twitter.

Throughout this exclusive series, Szilveszter will share his knowledge and expertise about theming virtually every single aspect of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This week, to start, the Canadian designer details everything you need to know about customizing iOS with WinterBoard.  (more…)

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Post Your Desktop Screenshots


It has been nearly five years since iFans forum member Teslanaut invited users to share their desktop screenshots, which predominantly involved OS X Leopard, Windows XP or Windows Vista at the time. We have obviously come a long way since that point, with the latest operating systems in OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and various Linux distros.

After you finish looking through all the screenshots in the five-year-old discussion thread — in nostalgic fashion, surely — we invite you to post your recent desktop screenshots. So hold down the print screen button on PC or press Command + Shift + 3 on Mac, slap those screenshots into Microsoft Paint or Preview, upload them and share them with the world.

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How to Enable Native HDR on iOS 6 Devices

HDR iPad

If you have taken advantage of the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, one of the benefits is the ability to enable native HDR mode on those devices. When using HDR, short for “high dynamic range,” the device’s camera will take three photos, and automatically merge them together into one image with the best lighting and exposure conditions possible.

iFans forum member Tkf1 has posted detailed step-by-step instructions on how to enable native HDR on iOS 6 devices, namely the iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad mini and fourth-generation iPod touch. The tutorial is technical, involving the modification of certain strings within the iOS filesystem, but is rather straightforward and should be easy to understand for most users. Do post any questions in the thread if you encounter any difficulties or want something clarified.

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Post Your iPhone 5S Predictions

iPhone 5 two

Now that several months have passed since Apple launched the iPhone 5 in late September, speculation surrounding the next-generation iPhone is beginning to heat up. As usual, users are beginning to wonder what new features or upgrades Apple will make to its next iPhone. Conveniently, iFans forum member alphonse3344 has gone ahead and posted a discussion thread where you can post your iPhone 5S predictions [sic].

A quick glance at what some users are hoping the next iPhone will have: a faster processor, increased memory, improved reply functionality for messages, home screen toggles, widgets, a 4.3- to 4.8-inch screen, fingerprint unlocking, improved cameras, and larger storage capacities. A more open iOS experience is also something that a number of users are hoping for, but don’t count on Apple to follow through with that wish. What are your predictions?

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Name That Tweak

Cydia-IconEarlier this week, we shared the iOS 6.1 compatibility list for popular jailbreak tweaks. But if there is a new or lesser known Cydia tweak that you have come across, but don’t know the name or details of, we have help for you as well.

Within the iFans discussion forums, a helpful thread entitled “Name That Tweak” has been posted, where users within the community will attempt to pinpoint exactly what tweak you have spotted.

It could be a tweak you that have seen in a screenshot, in a video, or elsewhere. Just describe the tweak with as much detail as possible, including any relevant links or images, and someone will be sure to help you out.

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