Post Your iOS 7 Filtered Photos

iOS 7 Filtered Photo

Source: iFans forum member ChrisB

The surging popularity of Instagram has inspired a number of competing services and platforms to begin offering their own photo filters, including Google+ and Twitter. Apple too introduced photo filters as a native feature of iOS 7, bundled right into the Camera app, for iPhone and iPod touch.

iFans forum member Laze has shared a few photos that he captured with a digital camera and then applied iOS 7 photo filters to afterwards, and we invite other iPhoneographers to share their own shots in the thread as well. We’ll feature some of our favorites in this post.

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Post Your iOS 7 Beta 2 Wish Lists

icono-ipswApple seeded the first iOS 7 beta to developers on Monday, following its WWDC keynote, and early adopters have now had close to three days to digest the new software update. And perhaps you think highly of the new update — outside of those god-awful icons — but wish there was a certain feature or two that Apple had included.

So, naturally, we’ll point you to the iOS 7 beta 2 wish list discussion thread within the iFans forums. There, you can leave your thoughts on the current iOS 7 beta and what you would like to see in future revisions throughout the summer. Last year, it took five beta versions of iOS 6 before the final candidate was released, so there is still a lot of leeway ahead.

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iFans Meta-Liveblog Coverage of WWDC 2013 Keynote

Apple_WWDC_2013_logo_610x368It might have felt like an eternity, but the first Apple event in nearly eight months kicks off today in the form of WWDC 2013. iFans is pleased to provide meta liveblog coverage of the entire WWDC opening keynote at 10:00 AM Pacific (see other time zones here).

Apple has confirmed that it will discuss the future of its iOS and OS X platforms, and we could see a number of other surprises, including some new hardware announcements, in store. Be sure to join the conversation and follow along with our liveblog — no need to refresh — just ahead.

Otherwise, Apple will be live streaming the event on video. Just head over  to the Apple Events site for the video feed.

Tune In Live WWDC (more…)

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Operation Android at iFans

android logo white outlineWhile the foundation of iFans is rooted in the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, with a particularly strong emphasis on jailbreaking discussions, our forum community has certainly changed over the years. A number of our longtime members, in addition to new users, are showing increasing interest in the Android platform.

With the emergence of impactful Android devices, such as the Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 and HTC One, the competition surrounding the iPhone is stronger than ever. And the goal of Operation Android at iFans is to embrace that competition, by increasing our overall dedication towards Android within the blog and discussion forums.

Operation Android will be kickstarted in just hours from now, as we provide a live stream of the Google I/O keynote beginning at 9:00 AM Pacific. Moreover, we will be dedicating our resources towards the emergence of Cydia Substrate for Android and the exciting opportunities that exist within that scene. See our expanded Android forum category.

On a related note, the HTC One, HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S4 are all now available as device options under personal details for your profile. When enabled, the device you select shows up underneath your username and post count. If you have a specific Android device that you would like included in the list, please be sure to recommend it in the comments section.

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From the Forums: Nds4iOS Emulator Discussion Thread


iFans member Karen Tsai, known by her alias angelXwind, has posted an official discussion thread for her Nintendo DS emulator (nds4ios) within the forums. Within, you can find known issues, user-contributed bug reports, performance rates by device, upcoming features and more regarding the popular emulator.

Emulators seem to be the latest craze within the jailbreaking community, as fellow iOS emulator developer ZodTTD publicly released the highly-anticipated gpSPhone 8 for emulating Gameboy Advance late last month. Let us know what classic games you are playing within the comments.

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Enter to Win V-MODA Remix Remote Headphones By Posting Your iOS 6 Themes


An official thread has been created in the iFans forums for posting your iOS 6 theme setups. If you do share your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch theme, please be sure to include all elements — skins, tweaks and so forth — that are required for another user to duplicate the result. In one week, we will setup a poll for users to vote on the best themes posted by iFans users. If your theme gets the most votes, you’ll win the V-MODA Remix Remote Headphones shown above.


V-MODA’s Remix Remote Headphones ($79.99) have superior audio clarity, luxurious design and supreme ergonomics for your active lifestyle:

  • Features V-MASQUE high-definition drivers for audio precision and powerful bass
  • Built in three-button remote with high-fidelity microphone for taking phone calls
  • Made with premium materials, including the redesigned V-MODA BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) ear tips for comfort
  • Includes detachable sport earhooks, deluxe black carrying pouch, and four pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes
  • Available in 4 colors: Nero, Blush, Chrome, Blush

Full giveaway rules and guidelines are posted ahead.  (more…)

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Forum Spotlight: How to Add New Clock Alarms to Original iPod Touch Speaker

iPod touch original 1GiFans forum member pyrvs still has a first-generation iPod touch, and has posted a tutorial within the discussion forums on how to add new clock alarms to the built-in piezo speaker. As you probably know, the original iPod touch did not have an external speaker.

You’ll need a jailbroken iPod touch, SSH connection, plist editor, audio editor, respring method, and a score, partiture, tab or musical writing of the song you can understand. The detailed and rather advanced how-to is within the forums.

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iFans Giveaway: Acase Black Diamond III Bluetooth Speakers


iFans is pleased to announce, in collaboration with accessory maker Acase, our giveaway of the Black Diamond III Bluetooth Speakers (valued at $120.00). To enter the giveaway, there are three simple steps involved. Do make sure, however, that you read the complete giveaway rules and details that follow afterwards.

How to Enter:

  1. Like on Facebook
  2. Like and Share This Facebook Post
  3. Post That You’ve Entered Here (we don’t need your real name yet)

The BlackDiamond3 (BD3), Brilliant Wireless Speaker, is the one and only audio product in the market. A fashionable glittering and sparkling diamond shape speaker, Top half with beautiful bling-bling LED lighting with innovative “Music you can see” that sync vividly with your music tempo, Bottom half with two diamond clear Left/Right stereo speakers and a powerful resonant bass tube, A handy Remote Controller for both music and lighting control that can control up to 16,000,000 colors.


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iFans Giveaway: I-MEGO Walker Junior Headphones

Walker Junior HeadphonesiFans is pleased to announce, in collaboration with I-MEGO, our giveaway of the Walker Junior headphones (valued at $139.99). To enter the giveaway, there are two simple steps involved. Do make sure, however, that you read the complete giveaway rules and details that follow afterwards. 

How to Enter:

  1. Follow iFans on Twitter
  2. Post your Twitter username in this thread


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Poll: When Does the iPhone 5S Come Out in 2013?


Within the iFans forums, we have posted a poll that asks when you think Apple will announce the next iPhone. There has been speculation that the Cupertino-based corporation could unveil the latest iPhone as soon as WWDC 2013, which should take place next June, but there has also been contrasting reports that claim Apple is behind schedule on the so-called “iPhone 5S” because of difficulties at integrating a new fingerprint scanner. Be sure to answer the poll within the forums and share your thoughts in the comments.

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