Siri easter egg: she isn’t the ‘Her’ you are looking for

With Her – a movie based around a man who falls in love with a computer program — set to debut early this year, Apple has apparently added a few Easter Egg responses to Siri’s normal database of answers. Asking Siri “Are you her?” will prompt a set of different replies based around the existence of the film.

Her has received near-universal critical praise, as it was released early in a very limited run so as to make it eligible for the awards season. It is set to roll out to more theaters soon.

So: clever PR stunt, or is Apple simply trying to delight fans of a popular science-fiction film?


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How to turn your iPhone into a Pokédex

How to turn your iPhone into a Pokédex

Pokemon Pokedex iPhone Siri WolframMike Wehner of TUAW writes:

The massive information engine Wolfram Alpha just added a whopping 649 Pokémon to its database. For fans of the games, that fact is pretty cool all on its own, but if you happen to own an iPhone or an iPad with Siri, it’s even more awesome. You see, thanks to Siri’s ability to search Wolfram Alpha for information, your iDevice is now as close to a real-life Pokédex as you’ll probably ever have.

Just ask Siri to Wolfram Search for Pikachu, Charmander, Diglet or other Pokémon favorites and, voila, a free Pokédex!

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Looking to Get the Low-Cost iPhone? You Might Have to Settle for No Siri


You would think Siri would be a standard feature by now, but Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster released a new research note yesterday surrounding the upcoming Apple product launches. In the note, Munster predicts that the iPhone “5C” will not be shipping with Siri. He also predicts that it will be replacing the iPhone 4S to be the lowest iPhone tier, and that the device will ship for about $300 off contract. Other tidbits regarding the iPhone 5S, the next-gen iPads, as well as the Apple TV within. (more…)

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Siri in iOS 7 Wants to Know How to Pronounce Your Name


Siri–along with many other features coming with iOS 7–has been vastly improved as of late. The service may not have received an absolute overhaul to bring it along the likes of Google Now, but there’s no doubt that its new features will be welcomed with open arms.

Today, 9to5Mac is reporting on another Siri feature that takes initiative to learn your name and pronounce it correctly. If the service has any doubt about how your name is pronounced, as you can see above, it presents you with a couple of options. Select one and Siri will never mispronounce your name again.

If Siri is saying your name wrong, all you have to do is say “That’s not how you pronounce [your name]“. From there Siri will give you a few options of which one will likely be the correct pronunciation.

How do you feel about Siri and its improvements in iOS 7?


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CEO of Nuance Confirms Siri Partnership

siri_iconMost have long been assuming that technology from Nuance is being used to power Apple’s Siri voice assistant. However, until today, neither Nuance themselves nor Apple have ever confirmed that the partnership even exists. Speaking today at D11, Nuance CEO Paul Ricci admitted that Nuance technology is in fact powering Siri.

There have long been hints of such a partnership, but it wasn’t confirmed that Nuance was providing Apple with anything at all until today, when the Nuance CEO said ”We’re a fundamental provider for Apple.”

Various reports from across the web suggest that Apple may be revving up the feature to be revamped as part of iOS 7. What features, if any, do you think Apple needs to being to Siri? Sound off in the comments!

[via MacRumors]

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Which iOS App Needs the Biggest iOS 7 Overhaul?


There is a profusion of built-in iOS apps, but I think there are some that need an overhaul more than others. The next iteration of iOS is expected to ship with a general redesign system-wide, but let’s take a look deeper in to each app’s core functionality. A fresh and “flat” look will be great, but I think some of Apple’s apps are simply not as useful as they could be. (more…)

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iOS 7 Could Feature Deeper Integration of Apple Maps and Siri in Cars


Highly-connected Apple pundit Mark Gurman has provided further details about the forthcoming iOS 7 update this morning, this time reporting that Apple could be using the software to further integrate Maps and Siri into vehicles.

According to people familiar with the plans, Apple is working with car makers on updated versions of car center consoles that could attach to iOS devices like the iPhone. Specifically, an iPhone could be plugged into a car and an optimized, redesigned version of Apple Maps will appear on the car’s built-in display instead of a proprietary GPS system found in many cars.

Apple released a feature called Siri Eyes Free last year, allowing drivers to operate the voice assistant feature with the iPhone screen turned off. But, according to Gurman, Apple wants to go one step further and integrate Siri and other iOS-based features directly into cars.  (more…)

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Siri Doesn’t Forget: How Do You Feel About Apple Tracking You?

Siri banner

In the digital age that we live in, it has become increasingly commonplace for large corporations — Apple, Google, and the likes — to track everything about us. What we’re doing, and when we’re doing it. What we’re buying, and when we’re buying it. Who we’re friends with, and who they’re friends with. What we like, and what we dislike. Maintaining privacy in the online realm can be extremely challenging.

Having said all that, it’s unsurprising that Apple has officially claimed that it keeps the personalized data that you provide to Siri on record for up to two years. In other words, Siri doesn’t forget. While it’s unknown exactly what information Apple keeps on file, one can imagine that it might involve anything from your previous searches and commands to your personal contacts and messages. While the data is kept anonymous, it’s still a sobering situation.  (more…)

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Quick Tip: Tap to Edit Siri Speech Bubbles

Siri Quick Tip

While there are times when Siri can be a legitimately useful feature, the voice assistant can become frustrating when it fails to recognize your voice properly. Usually when this happens, Siri will display a speech bubble that shows what it thinks you tried to say; but, in most cases, it’s terribly wrong.

Fortunately, a lesser-known trick has surfaced that most iOS users probably didn’t know about. Simply tap the speech bubble with the incorrect text, and you can actually backspace and type in what you meant to say. Of course, this kind of defeats the purpose of the voice assistant feature in the first place.

Nevertheless, this is a very minor quick tip that should be valuable to at least some heavy Siri users that deal with the frustration of improper voice recognition. Siri does learn your voice with time, and it’s still advertised as a beta service, so we’ll cut her some slack for at least a little longer.

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