Galaxy Folder: Samsung’s Upcoming Android-Based Flip Phone

Samsung Flip Phone

At a time when sales are increasingly shifting towards smartphones, leading handset maker Samsung is looking to bring back the flip phone. After conquering the market with a myriad of Android-based smartphones, the South Korean giant plans to release a Galaxy feature phone in the coming weeks.

The device, which will allegedly be called the Galaxy Folder, is expected to have an 800 x 480 pixel display, dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, LTE connectivity and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Look for the Galaxy Folder to launch in South Korea in the coming weeks, according to Korean website Digital Daily.

And here I was, thinking that flip phones were a thing of the past.

[Digital Daily via BGR]

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BGR: iPhone 5S Could Feature LiquidMetal Casing

iPhone 5

As usual for this time of year, speculation surrounding the next-generation iPhone 5S is beginning to heat up. In addition to a rumored 12-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and fingerprint scanner, among other features, Jonathan Geller at BGR believes that Apple will turn to LiquidMetal casing for its latest iPhone.

Geller has come to the realization that the purported SIM trays for the iPhone 5S that his website exclusively leaked are injection molded out of LiquidMetal, a strong and durable material that is highly resistant to cosmetic wear and tear. In other words, the days of scratching your iPhone could be long gone.  (more…)

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Does the iPhone Need a Larger Screen?


A report coming out of the Taiwanese newspaper Commercial Times was picked up by Bloomberg this morning, claiming that iPhone 5S production delays are due to a late decision by Apple to switch from a 4-inch to larger 4.3-inch display. While multiple sources label the story as being highly unlikely, it does raise an interesting question — does the iPhone need a larger screen?

Apple stuck with a 3.5-inch display on the first five iPhone models, finally going with a taller 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5. But with the competition going with larger and larger screens — just look at the 4.7-inch HTC One or 5-inch Galaxy S4 — does Apple need to think even larger? Would an iPhone with a 4.3-inch display be the sweet spot?


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iPhone 5S Production Confirmed, Fall Release Targeted

iPhone 5 Box

Just yesterday, it was reported that production of the mid-tier iPhone has begun. Moreover, it was noted that the next-generation iPhone 5S would hit the assembly chain by later this month, ahead of a September or October release. The insider scoop came from Jeferries analyst Peter Misek, someone that doesn’t have a particularly strong track record at speculating on Apple product plans.

Nevertheless, it appears that Misek was correct about at least one of those forthcoming devices this time around. The analyst’s claims about the iPhone 5S were corroborated today by John Paczkowski of the credible AllThingsD, who cited multiple sources familiar with the company’s plans. And while he did not confirm the existence of a lower-cost iPhone, Paczkowski did explain why it could make sense.  (more…)

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Report: Microsoft Testing ‘Translucent Aluminum’ Smart Watch

Report: Microsoft Testing ‘Translucent Aluminum’ Smart Watch

Microsoft SmartWatchTom Warren of The Verge reports:

Microsoft’s prototype smartwatch testing has moved over to its Surface team. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s Surface plans have revealed to The Verge that the company is now prototyping devices directly under the Surface team as the firm moves its wrist-worn device closer to reality.

Microsoft joins the likes of Apple, Google and Samsung as companies that are allegedly working on wearable wristband technologies. Pebble most recently hit the market, and we could see products like the so-called “iWatch” and “Surface Watch” follow suit by later this year or early 2014.

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Microsoft to Slash Price of Surface to Just $349

Blue Microsoft Surface

One would assume that the expensive $499 price tag of the base model Surface tablet, or $599 with the attachable Touch Cover keyboard, is one of the main reasons that Microsoft has been struggling to sell the slate. In fact, during the last two quarters combined, it is reported that only 1.8 million Surface tablets were shipped.

Just yesterday, it was revealed that Microsoft has plans to update both its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets within the next year. Now, sources tell The Verge that the Redmond-based company will cut the price of its Surface tablet models by $150 each as soon as next week due to poor sales.  (more…)

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This is the Biggest Low-Priced iPhone Leak to Date

Low-Priced iPhone

There has been increasing speculation about the low-priced iPhone over the past few months, highlighted by leaked photos of the rear shell and subsequent high-quality renderings of the purported device. The leaks that have surfaced thus far reveal that the budget iPhone has a polycarbonate rear shell, available in a myriad of different colors, and curved design akin to the iPod classic.

At the time, we warned that those rear shell leaks could have easily been knockoffs manufactured by Chinese counterfeiters; however, Chris Chang, editor-in-chief of the M.I.C. Gadget blog, has now shown off a detailed high-resolution video and photo gallery of the entire low-budget iPhone on tech blog Techdy. Take a look for yourself ahead.  (more…)

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Additional Photos of Alleged Low-Cost iPhone Surface


A second set of photos depicting the purported low-cost iPhone have surfaced on French website Nowhereelse, consistent with the design seen in the original photos that leaked just five days ago. These latest photos are consistent with rumors that have been circulating about the budget iPhone, including a polycarbonate rear shell and round rear microphone hole.

Based on the photo, it appears that the low-budget iPhone could be available in red, yellow, white, green and a never-before-seen blue color. We cannot confirm that these photos actually show the real low-cost iPhone, however, as these types of rear shells are often manufactured as knock-offs by Chinese manufacturers.  (more…)

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Apple Files for ‘iWatch’ Trademark in Japan

Apple smartwatch

Apple is seeking a trademark for “iWatch” in Japan, according to a filing with the Japan Patent Office made in early June. As reported by Bloomberg, the patent is listed in a category that houses products such as a handheld computer or watch.

It has been widely reported that Apple is working on a wearable product called the “iWatch,” and Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed in a recent interview at D11 that the company has profound interest in wearable technologies.

Samsung confirmed in March that it is working on its own wristwatch, while Sony has had its Android-based SmartWatch on the market for over a year. Google Glass, a wearable computer that resembles eyeglasses, has also been gaining traction.

It was reported last week that Apple had also filed to trademark iWatch in Russia, although the article remained questionable at the time. The same filing in Japan all but solidifies that earlier story, however, and is yet another indication that Apple is indeed working on a wearable smart watch product.

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Leaked Photo Provides First Look at Moto X, the Next iPhone and Galaxy Rival


While the iPhone, Galaxy S4 and HTC One continue to sit atop the smartphone market by a significant margin, Motorola has quietly been working on its own Android-based device called the Moto X. The handset, which is rumored to launch in August, is expected to have a 4.7-inch 720p display, 1.7 GHz Snapdragon processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage and a removable battery.

Weeks ahead of its release, a leaked photo of what appears to be the Moto X surfaced on PhoneArena. The device is being tested on Sprint’s 4G LTE network, and runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The Moto X will allegedly be touted for its features over pure horsepower, with sensors that will recognize when the device is taken out of someone’s pocket or change screen behavior when in a car traveling 60 mph.

Motorola will be launching a myriad of Android-based smartphones by this October, according to chief executive Dennis Woodside. The Moto X in particular will be manufactured at a 500,000-square-foot assembly plant just outside of Fort Worth, Texas, with the processors and OLED screens outsourced from Taiwan and Korea respectively.


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