Review: T-Peos H-200

T-Peos | In-Ear Monitor | $250[IMG]T-Peos is company in its infancy in the headphone, in-ear, market. Even with this limited exposure, they have been able to show that they wish to pioneer into the newer technologies. The H-200 stands as T-Peos’ flagship model replacing the H-100; it’s supposed to fix up a few of the issues people had with the 100. Although I haven’t heard the H-100, I can personally say the H-200 pose a great value, even near the 250-dollar price tag.  (more…)
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Review: Phiaton Bridge (MS500)

Phiaton | On-Ear Headphones | $ 299.00[IMG]

Phiaton has always been a company the combined both form and function into an aesthetically pleasing package that is able to perform strongly from a technical standpoint as well. The Bridge headphones were announced alongside the handsome Moderna earbuds, but were released much later. They are no exception to the Phiaton design queues.  (more…)

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Review: BlueFlame Lightning Cable

BlueFlame | Cable | $29.99[IMG]Cables for the older generation iPods and iPhones come a dime a dozen. Companies are coming out with the new Lightning cable, and BlueFlame has come out with their own. The BlueFlame 2M Charge and Sync Cable with Lightning Connector may be a bit more expensive than Apple’s offerings, but the longer length and better overall quality seem to justify it a bit.  (more…)
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Review: Griffin Woodtones

Griffin Technology | Over-Ear Headphones | $ 99.99[IMG]

When Griffin initially released the WoodTone in-ear headphones, which aren’t too bad sounding, I never thought that they’d turn it into a series of headphones. I also thought that the wooden design would make for a really nice set of over-ear headphones. Griffin recently released the new over-ear WoodTones to answer both of these thoughts. They are priced at a reasonable 100 dollars and do give a good bang for your buck.  (more…)

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Review: MEElectronics M-Duo

MEElectronics | In-Ear Monitor | $79.99[IMG]

A growing company requires growing endeavors. MEElectronics is a growing company that aims to reach up higher with its new M-Duo. As the name suggest, there is something coupled about it. In this case, it’s two dynamic drivers, one for the lows and one for the mids and highs. Multi-driver systems are not new, multi-driver dynamic systems are more rare, but becoming more popular.  (more…)

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Review: LSTN Troubadour

LSTN Headphones | On-Ear Headphone | $150[IMG]LSTN is a new headphone company that just started out. At launch, they have decided to release three models, two on-ear and one in-ear, priced at 150, 100, and 50, respectively. The headphones seem to have lots in common, sonic signatures and wood being two things that keep them very similar. The Troubadour represent LSTN’s current flagship, on-ear model.  (more…)
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Review: RHA MA150

RHA | In-Ear Monitor | $ 19.99[IMG]RHA is not new to the iFans community. Their goal of a headphone that is extremely affordable and sound good for the price is one that many companies strive to hit. RHA has released a new low-end model in their line up. the MA150 is their lower-tier in-ear monitor that aims to keep things affordable, but not poor sounding.  (more…)
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Review: Seta Stand

1.0 Innovations | Universal Stand/Dock/Mount | $29.00[IMG]Stands and docks are all over the place nowadays. Most of them are thick, heavy, blocks that use their weight to keep them standing. Each seem to be specifically targeted towards a device or family of devices. If they aren’t, they have clunky adjustable arms that make them overly large. The Seta Stand, but 1.0 Innovations, is a stand that is made to be sleek, lightweight, and universal.  (more…)
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Review: Marshall Monitor

Marshall | Over-Ear Headphones | $200.00[IMG]

When Marshall first entered the headphone business, it didn’t come with the bang that they wanted. Lately, though, they have stepped up their game. The Major 50th Anniversary Edition proved to be the first of their better models. Like Skullcandy, Marshall obtained a new engineer to tune their headphones. It’s been almost two years, and Marshall has finally released their first set of over-ear headphones, the Monitor. It’s a big progressive step forward for Marshall overall.  (more…)

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LightLinez: A Pocket-Sized Lightning to USB Cable


The race is on for accessory makers to get products to the market with Lightning connector support, and Kenburg Tech has joined the club with its new miniature LightLinez sync cable. LightLinez is a pocket-sized Lightning to USB cable — it measures just 12 cm — that allows you to charge or sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without a tangled mess.

The price is on the steep side at $18.95, but that is partially related to the cable being Apple-certified under the MFi licensing program. In other words, this is a classic “Made for iPhone” product rather than some knock-off cable that might not work. I have tested the cable with both an iPhone 5 and iPad mini, and it works as described. LightLinez is ideal for small spaces and available for purchase through Kenburg Tech(more…)

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