Passtel is a simple, beautiful, pastel iOS 7 Winterboard theme


We’ve been featuring a lot of themes here at iFans lately, and we’re going to keep doing so. Today, in addition to Anode which we told you about earlier, I present to you Passtel made by Reddit user vortexie. It’s a theme that is in essence basic white glyphs on pastel-colored backgrounds (similar to many iOS 7 themes we’ve seen), but beautiful nonetheless. (more…)

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SwipeDown lets you swipe down to kill apps in iOS 7 multitasking


With iOS 7 came a brand-new multitasking interface that looks a bit like that of a deprecated mobile OS we all know very well. Just because iOS 7 multitasking is very similar to that of WebOS, though, doesn’t make it perfect.

There are surely many enhancements and features that Apple may introduce in the future to make it faster and easier to use. With a jailbreak, though, we don’t have to wait on Apple. Currently, you can only remove an app from multitasking by swiping up, but a new tweak called SwipeDown lets you do just what it sounds like: swipe down to close apps. (more…)

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StatusHUD 2 jailbreak tweak released, supports iOS 7 and 64-bit ARM


Yesterday, StatusHUD developer Alan Yip took to Twitter to let the jailbreak community know that he was planning on releasing the sequel to his popular tweak “tomorrow.” Well, today is now tomorrow, and the iOS 7-compatible, ARM 64-supported, StatusHUD 2 update has been released. (more…)

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BioUnlock is an upcoming Cydia tweak that lets you unlock your Mac with TouchID

2014-01-16 10_12_45-BioUnlock - unlock your Mac with your iPhone's TouchID - YouTube

Many tweaks, including the recently-released AppLocker, allow users to utilize the TouchID sensor for uses beyond what Apple intended. A new tweak called BioUnlock intends to take Apple’s TouchID technology to the Mac, allowing you to bypass your computer’s password at the tap of a home button. (more…)

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Put some apps in Notification Center with Apptray


This isn’t a new concept necessarily, and neither are most iOS 7 tweaks. But developers are actively pursuing the availability of most tweak concepts on the latest jailbreak. One of those concepts is to have app icons accessible via the Notification Center, and developer DarkMalloc has made it available in the form of a new tweak called Apptray. (more…)

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SkipLock iOS 7 jailbreak tweak lets you skip the lock screen


While many would prefer to have a 4-digit passcode on their device to keep prying eyes out of their personal information and to protect against theft or otherwise, many iOS users skip security completely–trading for a faster device unlock and quicker access to apps. For those who take this route, the lock screen may be a completely useless barrier getting between them and the task they need to complete. Luckily, there’s an iOS 7 jailbreak tweak on Cydia that lets you completely bypass the lock screen if you wish and it’s called SkipLock. (more…)

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This tweak replaces the iOS 7 slider arrow with a flying Pug (yes, a dog.)


Sometimes a tweak or two hits Cydia that’s absolutely, utterly, 100% useless. Usually, these are the same tweaks that take almost no time to make and users uninstall after 5 minutes of having them active. But this one’s different. This one’s not useless at all. This one replaces the iOS 7 slider arrow with a flying, caped, short-muzzle faced Pug. (more…)

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Cydia tweak feature: InstaLauncher for iOS 7


InstaLauncher has been out for a while now, but this fantastic Cydia tweak was recently updated for iOS 7 and has never gotten any coverage here at iFans. This post intends to change that. The tweak, in essence, makes apps more easily accessible and quite literally seconds away no matter what you’re doing on your device. And it does this by organizing them alphabetically. (more…)

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PredictiveKeyboard tweak updated for iOS 7


There’s a smart keyboard that’s been available for the last few generations of jailbreak called PredictiveKeyboard. Today, that tweak has been updated to support iOS 7 and, mostly, to support 64-bit ARM devices such as the iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

As you can most likely tell by the image above (not to mention the name of the tweak itself), the tweak starts predicting the words you’re typing to allow quicker and more efficient entry of longer words. PredictiveKeyboard will also provide error corrections for mistyped words that are–along with the predicted words–just one tap away in a fifth row above the standard keyboard.

PredictiveKeyboard is available right now in the BigBoss repo for just $2.39. If you’re not confident that the tweak will be something you’ll use, you can give it a try for 3 days absolutely free.


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