NowNow for iOS 7 replaces Siri with Google Now

Google NowiPhone users looking to replace Siri with Google Now will be happy to hear that NowNow, a jailbreak tweak we first covered in April, has been quietly updated with both iOS 7 and 64-bit support.

NowNow works in unison with Activator to bypass Siri and default directly to Google’s voice search. As such, the tweak requires that you have the official Google search app installed on your device…  (more…)

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SubtleLock for iOS 7 slims down the Lock screen clock and ‘slide to unlock’ bar

SubtleLock iOS 7If you remember SubtleLock from earlier this year, you will be happy to hear that developer Michael Poole has updated the popular jailbreak tweak with iOS 7 support.

SubtleLock for iOS 7 helps simplify the Lock screen by slimming down the clock and slide to unlock elements. The result is more room for notifications, without steering too far away from the stock iOS look…


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Springtomize 3 Cydia tweak for iOS 7 landing this week

Springtomize-2-iconSpringtomize, made by renowned jailbreak developer Filippo Bigarella, is one of the most well-known and useful tweaks to ever be developed. From resizing your home screen icons, to theming your lock screen, to changing the UI elements in your status bar, this tweak does almost everything in regards to visual iOS alterations. (more…)

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New SpotDefine tweak adds a dictionary to iOS 7 Spotlight


Spotlight comes with a lot of functionality, but personally, it’s still not powerful enough to be a feature that I use every single day. One feature that Apple has neglected to add is a dictionary, which would let users find the definitions to words by simply pulling down on the home screen and typing a search term as usual. Jailbreaks exist for a reason, though, and a new tweak has been released on Cydia called SpotDefine, which does just this. (more…)

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Saurik’s Cydget updated to support iOS 7, ARM 64


Cydget is a term you’re probably familiar with if you’ve been around the jailbreak community long enough. For those who don’t know, it’s a tweak made by Saurik himself that provides a framework for developing lock screen widgets in HTML and Cycript. It has been around since the early days of Cydia (as far back as iOS 2.2), but today, I’m the bearer of good news: Cydget has been updated to support iOS 7 and devices sporting Apple’s new 64-bit ARM processor. (more…)

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New UniFaces jailbreak tweak brings Unicode faces to the iOS keyboard ( ◕ ◡ ◕ )


There’s a wide variety of unicode faces that get tossed around the internet all the time, but sadly you can’t really type them if you’re using an iOS device. That is, you can’t use them unless you have a jailbreak. A new tweak called UniFaces was just released by a developer who goes by the name of seatanners, and brings some pre-typed Unicode faces to the iOS keyboard. (more…)

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HideMe7 Cydia tweak lets you hide a wide variety of iOS 7 UI elements


There are a bunch of smaller tweaks that let you hide a wide variety of UI elements including the Camera grabber, the Notification Center and Control Center grabbers, as well as many other labels and interface elements. But what if there was just one tweak that gave you toggles to hide any and all of these elements? HideMe7 is your one-stop-shop for hiding UI elements, with toggles for over 30 different little pieces of iOS. (more…)

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SimplePasscodeButtons Cydia tweak for iOS 7 does exactly what you would think


I actually really like this. Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to iOS 7 isn’t it? You don’t really need those numbers to be able to enter your passcode, do you? If you stumbled on a tweak called “SimplePasscodeButtons,” what would you think it does? Exactly. You’d expect it to give you options for simpler lock screen passcode buttons. And that’s exactly what this tweak does. (more…)

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Preview: the bit theme for iOS 7 is a brand new set of 8-bit icons

the bit theme

With all of the same, flat-looking iOS 7 themes being released lately, this is a nice change of pace. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an 8-bit iOS theme, but it’s the first we’ve seen that takes Apple’s iOS 7 icons and gives them an 80′s makeover. (more…)

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