MessageSwiper Lets you Quickly Switch Between Text Conversations

2013-04-16 15_24_20-C__Users_Stephen_Desktop_Swipe.gif

When you’re checking your email using the default Mail app, you have the convenience of tapping the arrows in the top right corner of the screen to quickly switch between the emails in your inbox. What if you could do something similar in That’s what MessageSwiper does, but it attempts to do so in a slightly more elegant fashion. (more…)

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Sentry’s Take on Cydia


Have you ever wondered what Cydia would look like if it got a UI overhaul?  Like with many other potential iOS facelifts, Sentry is here to answer that question for us. The interface is very reminiscent of the App Store, with tabs that include “Details,” “Images,” and “Reviews.” Also notable is what I presume is a Cydia-side review system.  (more…)

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Flex: The Most Powerful Tweak

Flex: The Most Powerful Tweak

2013-04-14 11_34_45-Flex_ The Most Powerful Tweak _ iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch forums _ iFans

Flex works by creating “patches” to apps. First off, it gets the headers from a library that you want (such as ChatKit or UIKit). It allows you to choose the return value of the functions. So, for example, if the return type is a “BOOL” then you can either choose FALSE or TRUE for it. It then uses MobileSubstrate to patch it in the running processes.

Flex is a powerful tweak that lets you create and share patches for iOS apps. Community Development Team member tw23 has taken the trouble of explaining what this tweak does and how to use it. Head over to the forums and give his guide a glance, you may find that this tweak may just be worth purchasing!

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Evad3rs to Hold a Press Conference Tomorrow, Watch the Live Stream Here


Tomorrow at the fourth annual Hack in the Box Security Conference in Amsterdam, the evad3rs jailbreak team will meet with the press to discuss its iOS 6 untethered jailbreak. News of the event was issued via a press release from HITB itself.

Members of the @Evad3rs will hold a press conference at the fourth annual Hack In The Box Security Conference on the 11th of April at the Okura Hotel, Amsterdam. The press conference will focus on their renowned evasi0n jailbreak and will also be streamed live. (more…)

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Upcoming Cydia Tweak ‘LyricFlow’ Brings iTunes 11 Cover Flow Experience to iPhone

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at Apr 10 @ 11.24.32 AM

Everyone is familiar by now with the Cover Flow feature that appears when you flip your iPhone or iPod touch into landscape mode within the Music app. But, Apple has largely neglected to update this part of iOS since the earliest days of the software. That has inspired iFans forum member Eric Castro to create a brand new jailbreak tweak called LyricFlow, an iTunes 11-inspired Cover Flow replacement with song lyrics.

“[The tweak is] highly focused on aesthetics, visual effects, and simplicity,” Castro claims. “Interface color scheme matches album artwork as seen in iTunes 11. By the way: effects and transitions are WAY smoother in the real app. But this was the best quality and FPS I could get using Display Recorder.”

Castro is currently working on finishing development of this tweak, at which point it should be submitted to Cydia for download by the public. When it does become available, you’ll find out about it right here at iFans. In the meantime, be sure to leave Castro feedback in the comments section. Do you think LyricFlow is a useful tweak?

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Exciting Tweak Velox May Be the New Reason to Jailbreak

2013-04-09 14_57_25-Velox_ an upcoming tweak that lets you interact with app icons to check notifica

That didn’t take long. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen a slew of concept mockups and videos that all looked strikingly similar to one another. They all proposed a context menu of sorts that provides functionality for all of your apps on the iOS home screen. Hundreds of proponents to these ideas called on tweak developers to make them happen, in hopes of providing this functionality before Apple unveils what they have in store for iOS 7. Velox does this and does it well, courtesy of @bensge@fto2g, and @satropuk. (more…)

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Pluck is a Very Useful Lockscreen Song Picker

Photo Apr 07, 3 34 48 PM

Playing music while driving or doing other activities needs to be easier. If you don’t already have a playlist cued up, you have to unlock your device, open, and navigate to your song. In some situations such as driving, it’s probably best to shorten this task to the smallest number of steps possible–for safety’s sake. Pluck is available right now and let’s you pick your song in just one step: tapping the icon the tweak adds to your lock screen. (more…)

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Did Evasi0n Revitalize the Jailbreak Community?

Evasi0n Evad3rs logo

Evasi0n’s time is over, as the latest version of iOS patched the necessary exploits. However, evasi0n was fully operational for over a month. According to saurik, the man behind Cydia, over 18 million users jailbroke iOS 6 before Apple pushed out iOS 6.1.3.

With the release of evasi0n also came a deluge of both new and updated tweaks. The theming community also appeared to be making a comeback, with old favorites being updated and new themes being teased by designers. In short, almost all aspects of the jailbreak community seemed to receive a much-needed glass of water after a long drought.

Will this bounce-back last, or is this simply an extension of the inevitable? Does the jailbreak community have a permanent place on iOS, or are enthusiasts and hackers increasingly turning to other platforms, such as Android?

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Alertmate Changes Your iPhone’s Alert Animations

Alertmate is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to change the default animation for alerts on your iPhone or iPod touch. Choose from animations such as zoom in, push in, bounce, sliding down, sliding right, flipping in, rolling in, and more. Watch the video for a better visual understanding of how this tweak works. Alertmate is a free download from Cydia on the BigBoss repository. Give it a spin, and let us know what you think.

[Redmond Pie]

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