iPhone user gives pros and cons of Android and the Galaxy S4 — do you agree?

Galaxy S4 iPhone 5A devoted iPhone user took to Reddit under the pseudonym HairOnTheHead to discuss the experience had had switching to Android for six months. In his post, in which he attempted to remain neutral in his opinions, the user listed several pros and cons of using a Galaxy S4 over an iPhone 5…  (more…)

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Apple rumored to release larger 4.8-inch iPhone 6 in September

iPhone 5S FrontWe’ve been hearing an awful lot about larger iPhones in the rumor mill lately, and the latest speculation claims that Apple will in fact release a new iPhone with a 4.8-inch display this September. Those details come from Wall Street analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, in a recent note to investors…  (more…)

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WSJ: Apple planning to launch two iPhone models with bigger screens, ditch the iPhone 5c

iPhone 5S FrontAccording to a report published today by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to launch two new iPhone devices with larger screens by the end of this year. The report also says that the Cupertino corporation plans to discontinue the recently launched iPhone 5c in favor of having two flavors of metal-body devices similar to the iPhone 5 and 5s. (more…)

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Available phone storage compared—iPhone 5c in first, Galaxy S4 in last

Storage-2Most entry-level phones advertise 8 GB or 16 GB of available memory, but none of them actually give you that much space to use. According to a new study done by Which, Apple’s phones offer some of the highest percentages of actual usable space, while Samsung’s numbers are paltry, with the Galaxy S4 landing in dead last. (more…)

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Will iOS 8 support the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5G?

iOSApple isn’t slated to release iOS 8 until much later this year, but the announcement is expected in a matter of months at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).  With iOS 7 still under active development — iOS 7.1 is expected to hit soon, bringing various UI tweaks and bug fixes — most haven’t begun to think about iOS 8. However, there is one question worth considering, particularly when buying new devices: what devices will be supported?  (more…)

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‘Slo-mo Mod’ Cydia tweak brings Slo-Mo camera to unsupported devices


Apple is notorious for releasing a cool new feature with their latest devices. And many times, this cool new feature–though completely or partially compatible–is left out of iOS versions made for older devices. With the release of the iPhone 5s, that feature was Slo-Mo within Camera.app. A new tweak called ‘Slo-mo Mod’ brings the Slo-Mo camera to more recent models of the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. (more…)

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Passtel is a simple, beautiful, pastel iOS 7 Winterboard theme


We’ve been featuring a lot of themes here at iFans lately, and we’re going to keep doing so. Today, in addition to Anode which we told you about earlier, I present to you Passtel made by Reddit user vortexie. It’s a theme that is in essence basic white glyphs on pastel-colored backgrounds (similar to many iOS 7 themes we’ve seen), but beautiful nonetheless. (more…)

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How has your impression of iOS 7 changed?


iOS7_Homescreen_PressimageIt’s been a while since iOS 7 was released, and now there’s even a jailbreak available courtesy of the evad3rs. When the software was first released, impressions were split pretty evenly down the middle, and there wasn’t much middle ground. Users either thought it was exactly the direction Apple needed to take with their mobile operating system, or thought it was a completely useless and shallow attempt at following design trends.

Now that the operating system is out, and might I add approaching 85% adoption, surely the opinions of those who hated it at the beginning have begun to shift. Apple is making some changes in the yet-to-be-released iOS 7.1 including faster animations and UI tweaks that solve many user’s concerns as well. So what are your opinions of iOS 7 now that it’s been out a while and you’ve truly had the opportunity to see how it performs in your day-to-day life?

Let us know in the comments.

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Put some apps in Notification Center with Apptray


This isn’t a new concept necessarily, and neither are most iOS 7 tweaks. But developers are actively pursuing the availability of most tweak concepts on the latest jailbreak. One of those concepts is to have app icons accessible via the Notification Center, and developer DarkMalloc has made it available in the form of a new tweak called Apptray. (more…)

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iPhone unveiled seven years ago today

iPhone PalmIt’s almost hard to believe, but January 9th marks the seventh anniversary of Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone to the world in front of an excited crowd in San Francisco. The late Apple cofounder touted the iPhone as an iPod, phone and Internet communicator, retailing for between $499 to $599. The price has since come down considerably, while sales have skyrocketed.

“It’s bad out there today,” said Jobs about the state of mobile browsers in 2007. “It’s a real revolution to bring real Web browsing to a phone.” No kidding. Regardless of which mobile platform you support, it’s hard to deny that the iPhone and iOS helped pioneer the modern smartphone market that exists today. We have Apple to thank for that. Happy birthday, iPhone. Here’s to another seven great years.

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