Would you rather have an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5?

Would you rather have an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5?

Galaxy S4 iPhone 5Two flagship smartphone releases are expected this year from Apple and Samsung in the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 respectively. Which one would you rather have based on rumored hardware specifications and features? If you aren’t sure what is expected from the handsets, read here for a quick rundown of each.

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Have you ever gone to an Apple Store with a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod?

Mara_iphone5c_blue_angle1Here’s a short story.

I fondly remember the day that I accidentally visited the Apple Store with a jailbroken iPhone 5 in hand. I had been experiencing dropped calls and reception issues on my iPhone since purchasing it on launch day, in September 2012, and decided that a trip to my local retail outlet couldn’t hurt.

It was only when a Genius noticed that I had an iFans carrier logo did I remember I was not running a stock iPhone. I vaguely remember her asking me something about what iFans was, and surprisingly she continued to help me. But, at that point, my main concern was leaving the store without embarrassing myself further.

While jailbreaking is considered a legal practice, at least in the United States, Apple has the right to and often does refuse service to anyone with a jailbroken iOS device. So, next time you consider making a trip to the Apple Store, make sure you have restored or thoroughly hidden Cydia and all other jailbreak tweaks.

Have you ever gone to an Apple Store with a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?

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Apple outs new TV ad for iPhone 5s recorded at Burberry runway show

Apple has posted a new TV commercial to its official YouTube page that features the iPhone 5s at the Burberry Spring/Summer 2014 runway show that took place last September. The emphasis of the video is seemingly on the iPhone’s ability to be used as a professional camera alongside various equipment. This ad is not quite as heartwarming as similar TV spots by Apple, but still seems to fit within the campaign.

Last year, it was announced that Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts was hired on as Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores at Apple. Ahrendts will make the transition from Burberry to Apple this spring to assume her new position as retail head, a post that was held for 11 years by Ron Johnson and most recently filled by John Browett for less than a year.

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How to: Theme Flappy Bird with Winterboard

mzl.xqyzscwo.175x175-75Flappy Bird is the current iOS gaming fad, and as many iFans users have pointed out, it can be very frustrating. If it’s so frustrating, though, why don’t we have a little fun? A few artists have decided that Flappy Bird’s default art is a bit boring, so they’ve used Winterboard to theme the game to look like Canabalt, Nicholas Cage, and more. Follow after the break where we’ll walk you through how to theme Flappy Bird into being Super Mario Bird, Flappy Doge, Flappy Cage, or CanaBird. Or, if you’re a real Flappy Bird enthusiast, you could give all four custom Winterboard themes a try.  (more…)

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iOS 7 beta 5 released to developers


iOS 7.1 beta 5 has been released to developers for testing with build number 11D5145e. The update is available OTA if you’re on an iOS 7.1 beta, or otherwise via Apple’s developer center website. Stay tuned as we update this post outlining all the changes discovered across the web and by the iFans community. Already found some UI changes or bug fixes? Hit up the comments section with screenshots and you’ll be credited after the break in this post. (more…)

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Watch this futuristic video mockup of the iPhone 6

I think it is safe to say that iPhone rumor season is just about full swing, which is why it’s fitting to share this so-called “iPhone 6″ concept video from ConceptsiPhone on YouTube. The video showcases a next-generation iPhone with an innovative screen that wraps around the sides of the handset.

The concept smartphone also has a battery life indicator that flashes a certain color out of the Lightning connector, in addition to the removal of the front-facing bezel. Also, by the sounds of it, the new iPhone will have a larger 4.6-inch to 4.7-inch screen akin to popular Android phones like the HTC One.

Thanks, Tim.

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Yet another iPhone spontaneously catches fire

iphone 5cApple makes excellent hardware, but many a story about the Cupertino corporation’s devices have unfortunately been about them catching fire. Today, the Portland Press Herald reports that this time it’s the iPhone 5c that sporadically burst into flames. An eighth-grade student was treated for second-degree burns following the incident, and her previously green iPhone 5c is now black. (more…)

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Nintendo planning a free smartphone app to market its games

wiiuAfter its third consecutive annual loss, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata came out to say that the company is pursuing a new business structure involving “smart devices”, which presumably would include Apple’s iPhone and other iOS devices. Many interpreted this as being a hint toward potential game development for mobile platforms, but it seems as if Nintendo has something else in mind… (more…)

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New iPhone case adds NFC for payments


Apple has, so far, been the only major manufacturer to not adopt NFC. NFC, or Near Field Communication, offers a low-power way to send information between two points. This has made it useful in payments, though it hasn’t yet become a standard in many countries. A new case from Incipio and AT&T hopes to change that, as it adds NFC to the iPhone. (more…)

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Springtomize 3 tweak for iOS 7 now available on Cydia

springtomize3-0It’s here. The long-awaited Springtomize 3, which we told you would be landing right about now, has been released on the Cydia store. For those who don’t know, the tweak is unique in that it basically takes what was previously only accomplished by installing a variety of other small tweaks, and puts them into one power-horse of an app. (more…)

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