iPhone 6 mocked up in must-watch video

While the mid-range iPhone 5c has largely failed to gain traction in the market over the past year, that hasn’t stopped Dutch graphic designer Joseph Farahi from creating a beautiful mockup of what the next-generation iPhone 6c could look like. The keyword: could. Don’t expect Apple to copy this.

According to iClarified, the iPhone 6c could feature a 4.7-inch Retina display, 8-megapixels rear-facing camera, true tone flash and more. It is unclear when Apple would release such a device, but past indications suggest that the Cupertino-based company could release it in June or September. It’s about time.

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Another report says Apple will release larger iPhones this year


Yet another report out of Taiwan is stating that Apple will release two larger iPhone models this year. One will be 4.7″, while the other will be 5.6″, according to the rumor. This falls in line with other rumors that have circulated since the end of last year, and so it therefore seems likely.

However, the report also states something that doesn’t seem at all possible. (more…)

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iFixIt posts extensive free guides to repair an iPhone 5s

iFixIt logo

iFixIt, normally the guys that immediately get their hands on a new piece of technology just to tear it down and see its innards, have posted a page that contains more than a dozen replacement guides, as well as their full teardown guide. If you have a damaged or broken iPhone 5s and feel like you may be up to the challenge of repairing it yourself, check it out!


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Yesterday’s leaked iPhone 6 photos are fake

Yesterday’s large iPhone 6 “leak” has been confirmed to be fake, and are actually in fact just some very good renderings. The renderings come from Martin Hajek. You can view the debunking images for yourself, but the evidence that these are fake is fairly conclusive.

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iPhone 6 to be “bezel-free”

2014-02-11 12_21_29-Mac Rumors_ Apple Mac iOS Rumors and News You Care AboutAccording to a report from The Korea Herald this morning surrounding both Apple’s upcoming iPhone and the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5, the iPhone 6 will sport a new bezel-free display when it launches later this year. While most of the report focused on the Samsung side of things, it was mentioned that the iPhone 6 will be similar to the future Galaxy phone in this way, and that the next iPhone will also of course be shipping with Touch ID. (more…)

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Watch this ultra-thin iPhone 6 concept video

A video concept of the so-called “iPhone 6″ has been posted to YouTube by user ConceptsiPhone, and the mockup device looks absolutely gorgeous. With a new-and-improved Lightning port, stereo sound and a mini auxiliary port, the next-generation smartphone somehow provides an ultra-thin design and 10-megapixel rear-facing camera.

Additionally, the device has edge-to-edge glass with no bezels on the left or right. The concept most closely resembles what an iPhone and HTC One hybrid smartphone would look like unified, and the traditional color lineup of space grey, silver and gold is still offered. And, of course, it is running iOS 7.

Will you buy the iPhone 6 if rumors hold true?

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iPhones with ‘Flappy Bird’ installed are fetching exorbitant prices on eBay


Flappy Bird was the a staggering success on the App Store — until the developer decided to remove it, likely due to a massive amount of feedback it was generating, and thus the increased stress. However, that wasn’t before many people had it installed on their devices. Now, scalpers entrepreneurs are selling their devices that have Flappy Bird installed for insane prices — some in excess of $5,000. (more…)

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Long Shadow Love iOS 7 theme now available


Here’s something new. It may look quite familiar, but I’m here today to let you know that a brand new theme, Long Shadow Love, otherwise known as LSL, is now available for free on Cydia. While Long Shadow Love may look a lot like Zanilla and Solstice, the theme aims to be a higher-quality version of those themes. What’s better? The theme is shipping with both iPhone and iPad versions readily available. Read more after the break. (more…)

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