Apple’s Cyclone microarchitecture detailed

Apple’s Cyclone microarchitecture detailed


Anand Lai Shimpi, writing for Anandtech:

At the launch of the iPhone 5s, Apple referred to the A7 as being “desktop class” – it turns out that wasn’t an exaggeration.

… Looking at Cyclone makes one thing very clear: the rest of the players in the ultra mobile CPU space didn’t aim high enough. I wonder what happens next round.

The full article is an interesting dive into the A7 chipset. It’s clear that Apple’s early purchases of semi-conductor companies is paying off, and has effectively made Apple the current leader.

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The iPad 2 is finally dead

1320292384_iPad_black_blue_coverAfter (almost exactly) 3 entire years of service, Apple has finally retired the trusty old iPad 2. The device was the last of the still-available iDevice lineup that depended on the old 30-pin dock connector, and was replaced on the Apple Store this morning with the 4th generation iPad. The latter device, which was presumed dead at the announcement of the iPad Air, is now available at the same price as the Retina iPad mini — starting at $399. (more…)

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Microsoft could unveil Office for iPad on March 27th

Office-Word-iPadFollowing decades of leadership under Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Microsoft is now headed by a new CEO named Satya Nadella. Despite being on the job for a short amount of time, Nadella is preparing for his first live interview at a so-called special event. And he could enter the scene with a bang…  (more…)

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SurfacePad case now available for iPad mini

iPad mini surfacepad case

The SurfacePad case — a nifty iPad accessory from the folks over at Twelve South — is now available for the iPad mini. The case combines a front cover that makes use of the magnets in the iPad mini, as well as an adhesive back to offer a little more protection than what Apple’s solution offers. The whole case is made of leather, and goes for $69.99 in one of three colors (red, black, or white) on Twelve South’s website. If you’re in the market, I wholeheartedly recommend this case — Twelve South makes excellent accessories.

[Twelve South]

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iPad Air named top tablet, HTC One top smartphone at Mobile World Congress

HTC One Stock AndroidMobile World Congress has been taking place in Barcelona for the past few days, and the iPad Air has walked away as the top tablet for the year. The sleek HTC One was named the best smartphone, making it even more exciting to see what the Taiwanese company can deliver with its next-generation handset. Ahead is the official statement for the iPad Air

The official description of the iPad Air follows…  (more…)

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Apple expands its “Your Verse” ad campaign

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.18.26 AM

Apple’s “Your Verse” ad campaign expanded today with “Elevating the expedition,” which includes footage and other information about how mountaineers Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger used the iPad to help their climb. It’s an interesting story, though obviously an ad campaign. Frankly, though, I stayed for the beautiful photos — photos that, I’m pretty sure, weren’t captured with an iPad. Still, it’s interesting to see the flexibility of the iPad. Also, Apple is getting fantastic at designing these types of web pages.

[Elevating the expedition]

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