Do you have bugs with the App Store in iOS 7?

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Many things changed with iOS 7, and the transition to the latest OS from Cupertino hasn’t exactly been as smooth as many hoped for. While most critical bugs have been squashed by the previous four public updates to iOS, there are still issues to be found. Most of those problems have been fixed in the yet-to-be-released iOS 7.1, but an issue I have that I haven’t heard much discussion about are the issues with the App Store. (more…)

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iOS 8 Healthbook mockups “vaguely” resemble actual app


A member of the MacRumors forums today posted some mockups that he created of the Healthbook app that is said to be included with iOS 8 as part of a push by Apple to focus on more health-related technologies. 9to5mac, the original site that published the Healthbook story, then stated that the mockups “vaguely” resemble the app that is still in development and on track for a release with iOS 8: (more…)

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iPhone 6 to be “bezel-free”

2014-02-11 12_21_29-Mac Rumors_ Apple Mac iOS Rumors and News You Care AboutAccording to a report from The Korea Herald this morning surrounding both Apple’s upcoming iPhone and the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5, the iPhone 6 will sport a new bezel-free display when it launches later this year. While most of the report focused on the Samsung side of things, it was mentioned that the iPhone 6 will be similar to the future Galaxy phone in this way, and that the next iPhone will also of course be shipping with Touch ID. (more…)

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Long Shadow Love iOS 7 theme now available


Here’s something new. It may look quite familiar, but I’m here today to let you know that a brand new theme, Long Shadow Love, otherwise known as LSL, is now available for free on Cydia. While Long Shadow Love may look a lot like Zanilla and Solstice, the theme aims to be a higher-quality version of those themes. What’s better? The theme is shipping with both iPhone and iPad versions readily available. Read more after the break. (more…)

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Use this tweak and you’ll never have to let anyone borrow your phone again

2014-02-07 15_06_47-VRxYeux.gif (361×640)It’s pretty easy to get selfish with your smartphone, especially if it’s brand new. When I first purchased my iPhone 5, I didn’t want to let anyone use it–ever.  It really is unfortunate that I didn’t have CCFakeLowBattery on hand at that time, though, cause I didn’t have much excuse not to let people give my shiny new phone a try. (more…)

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iOS 7 security bug allows for Find My iPhone to be disabled

A noteworthy security bug has been discovered on iOS 7 that allows for the “Find My iPhone” feature to be disabled directly on an iPhone in just a few quick steps. The process involves going to iCloud settings, changing the password field and then changing the account description. The video above provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the flaw, which is reportedly not present in the iOS 7.1 betas.

One important thing to note is that the iPhone would have to be unlocked first before a thief or malicious person could tamper with disabling Find My iPhone or your iCloud account altogether. Moreover, anyone that is concerned about their device’s security can enable restrictions for accounts and services through the Settings app.

Will you be upgrading to iOS 7.1 when it is released?

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GuestMode tweak adds a guest account to iOS

UntitledIf there’s any one feature that i’ve seen requested over and over agin since the early days of the iPhone–that Apple has yet to deliver on–it’s this one. Much like our Macs and PCs have a guest account for use by, well, guests, the iPhone should be able to provide access to certain apps (designated by the owner) without a passcode, right? We pass our phones around to play games, let other people use them to call their friends, and showcase our latest iPhoneography. Shouldn’t there be a way to let our friends and family have controlled access to our device? We’ve ben able to do this with different tweaks in the past, but now we can achieve it on iOS 7 by way of a new jailbreak weak called GuestMode. (more…)

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Is multitasking on iOS done wrong?

Is multitasking on iOS done wrong?

multitasking-ios7iFans forum member doriangh writes:

I know Apple says that the iOS multitasking came out later (in iOS 4.0) than the one on Android because they needed to perfect it. They did a nice job, it’s clean, stylish, and well implemented. In iOS 7 it’s still the same thing. It’s well structured, and blends in with the iOS. But one of many problems of the multitasking is that it consumes resources. It consumes a lot resources. But why?

Read the full question here and share your thoughts in the comments.

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The latest Android and iOS fragmentation numbers

iOS 7 adoptionIf there has been one knock against the Android platform over the years, it is most definitely fragmentation. Even four calendar years later, one in every five Android devices is still running the outdated Gingerbread version or older. But, the good news for Google is that the situation seems to be improving.

According to the latest version usage numbers, accurate as of a few days ago, nearly two out of every three Android devices is now running Jelly Bean or KitKat…  (more…)

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