How Would You Change FaceTime and iMessage?

FaceTime Logo

First launched in iOS 4 at the release of the iPhone 4, FaceTime is a video calling service similar to Skype but only available on iOS devices and more recent versions of Mac OS X. Steve Jobs promised that FaceTime would become an “open standard,” though, sadly, we haven’t seen that come to fruition quite yet. But Apple has indeed improved upon the service since its initial launch. Most recently, in iOS 7, Apple introduced “FaceTime Audio” which is an audio-only version of FaceTime.

FaceTime, however, is only one of Apple’s two rock star personal communication platforms launched in the last several years. The second of which is iMessage, a messaging service available only on iOS devices more recent than iOS 5 and on Mac with Mountian Lion or later. Recently, Apple announced users have sent over 300 billion messages since October 2012. Clearly, both of these services have been big hits with Apple customers. They aren’t perfect yet, however.

How would you improve upon these two services? 

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Lockdown Pro 3.1 Now Available in Cydia

Lockdown1 Lockdown Pro 2

Lockdown Pro, an effective solution for password protecting iOS applications and folders, has been updated with an entirely new user interface — including better animations and images. The popular jailbreak tweak, compatible with iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 4 through iOS 6, gains a number of new features in version 3.1.

Specifically, Lockdown Pro 3.1 now has 256 bit encryption for privacy and security, a new Activator action for opening a hidden apps view, core stability updates, bug fixes and more. The jailbreak tweak is available on Cydia for $4.99. A complete change log is posted ahead.  (more…)

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‘UnthreadedJB’ is Real, You Most Likely Don’t Care… Yet

A new jailbreak coming from a team known only as “UnthreadedJB” has actually been released this afternoon, and many across the internet are confirming that it is indeed legitimate. Sadly, though, you probably don’t care. As of right now, this jailbreak is only useful for those running iOS 5.1 on a CDMA iPhone 4. Don’t have that specific set up? The “UnthreadedJB” is useless to you. For now… (more…)

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Orangered is a Reddit Notification Tweak for iPhone


Reddit apps are aplenty for the iPhone, but all of them have one thing in common: they can’t send notifications of Reddit messages due to certain API restrictions. This infrastructure simply doesn’t exist yet on Reddit, but well-to-do iOS developer Julian Weiss (@insanji) has created a workaround called Orangered. It comes in the form of a jailbreak tweak available for iOS 6.

Orangered is a dynamic, virtually seamless way to unite iOS and Reddit in perfect harmony. Using programically-tight methods of retrieving, processing, and presenting Reddit information, Orangered is the best way to stay on top of your inbox. After proving your identity, this jailbreak tweak (for devices running a supported version of iOS) will automatically check your Reddit inbox for unread messages and replies. Put in your ideal checking interval (how long you want Orangered to wait before checking your inbox again, in minutes or hours), save your information, and let Orangered works its magic. Never think about your new posts, comments, or mentions again.

iFans forum member Half-Life has been beta testing the tweak, and has supplied the YouTube video which Julian himself has included on the tweak’s landing page. The tweak is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 6 and should also be compatible with iOS 5–although there are no guarantees. You can purchase Orangered on Cydia via the BigBoss repo for $0.99. Find the video of the tweak after the break. (more…)

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Cydia: ‘The Quick Brown Fox’ Enhances Your Stock iOS Keyboard

Quick Brown Fox Jailbreak Tweak Cydia

The Quick Brown Fox is a new jailbreak tweak for iOS that adds a number of new features to the stock keyboard on iPhone and iPod touch. For starters, Auto Twins automatically inserts a closing pair of the sign you type. If you type an opening bracket or parentheses, for instance, this tweak will automatically insert the matching closing mark right next to it.

Furthermore, enabling Auto Space will insert a space automatically following specific keys that you enable. This functionality is similar to the space that is automatically added after you finish a sentence with a period, but expanded for other characters such as exclamation marks, number signs or colons.  (more…)

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Badger Tweak Now Available

2013-05-21 19_51_04-

Badger is an arguably game-changing tweak that brings some fairly simple functionality to iOS. Using a configurable activation method, you can bring up the Badger window which shows any app’s notifications. From there, you can swipe to delete notifications, open them, and even quick reply to texts and iMessages.

In short, Badger is a notification center replacement of sorts that allows you to view notifications directly from the SpringBoard. One could argue that this tweak is similar to Velox in functionality, but I have found Badger to be far less buggy and to have a much more streamlined feel. It may not have all the functionality of Velox, but who really needs to add notes from the SpringBoard anyway?

The full Cydia description as well as a video and more information can be found after the break. (more…)

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BatteryDoctor Pro: The Ultimate NCSettings Replacement

Photo Mar 01, 11 22 10 PM Photo Mar 01, 11 18 20 PM

While just hours ago it was reported that the development of popular jailbreak tweak NCSettings has been discontinued, there is fortunately an even better alternative already available known as BatteryDoctor Pro by Kingsoft Security. To search for the package on Cydia, however, you must type in BatteryDoctorPro. You will see Chinese characters at the beginning of the tweak name.

Every once in a while, a jailbreak tweak comes along that simply trumps others of its kind. BatteryDoctor Pro fits that criteria, as both an elegantly designed and highly functional iOS extension. BatteryDoctor Pro offers multipurpose functionality, both monitoring and optimizing the battery life of your iPhone or iPod touch and, much like SBSettings or NCSettings, adding system toggles to Notification Center.  (more…)

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TypeStatus: Messages Indicator in Status Bar

TypeStatus 1 TypeStatus 2

TypeStatus is a new minimalistic jailbreak tweak that displays a message indicator in the status bar when someone is actively responding to one of your iMessage conversations. With this tweak, you will no longer have to navigate to the Messages app and look for a bubble with an ellipse — three dots — within, as that symbol will show up in your status bar across iOS.

This simple tweak was inspired by jailbreak guru Jeff Benjamin and brought to life by developer Hashbang Productions. TypeStatus is a free download on Cydia under the BigBoss repository, and requires a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 5 or iOS 6. Due to the simple nature of this tweak, there are no options or settings to configure once it has been installed.

Do you think that TypeStatus is worth installing?

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Quick Tip: How to Bypass Your Broken Home Button Using AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch 1 AssistiveTouch 2

A broken or unresponsive home button on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can be extremely frustrating, especially if the device is no longer within its warranty coverage period. But, what most people fail to realize, is that there is a native iOS solution to this problem that does not require jailbreaking or spending any money. As noted by iFans forum member TempzZ, there is an accessibility option called AssistiveTouch that is bundled within iOS 5 or later. To enable the feature, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch.

When enabled, AssistiveTouch places a circular object on your home and lock screens that, once tapped, pop open a window with a number of different shortcuts for the home button, screen rotation, volume toggles, multitasking bar, screenshots and more. The circle dims away into the background when it’s not in use, and you might even find it convenient enough to use even if your tactile buttons are still functional on your iOS device.

Do you use AssistiveTouch? Is there an alternative that you use?

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