iOS 6 Theme Preview: Aplo

Aplo Theme Cydia

While the iOS 7 betas are upon us, there remains a significant number of users that are still running iOS 6 on their iPhone or iPod touch. iOS 6 also happens to be the last software version with a publicly released jailbreak, which allows users to install themes, tweaks and other modifications on their devices.

Looking to cater to those users that remain jailbroken, graphic designer and concept artist Sentry has returned to the scene with a preview of a new iPhone theme called Aplo. The theme takes a simplistic approach to the stock and third-party apps, although with more depth and shadowing than the iOS 7 flat appearance.  (more…)

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Jailbreak Tweak PredictiveKeyboard Launches on Cydia


PredictiveKeyboard is one of the latest iOS jailbreak tweaks to arrive on scene, bringing auto-completion functionality to the stock keyboard on iPhone and iPod touch. As you are typing a message in the compose field in any app where the keyboard is activated, PredictiveKeyboard will try to guess the last word you are typing before you complete it.

For instance, as seen in the screenshot above, the letters “milli” were enough to prompt the following three predictions: million, millionaire and millions. For power users that are frequently using their iPhones or iPods to send text messages, emails, tweets or so forth, it’s easy to understand why this tweak is so valuable. PredictiveKeyboard by Matthias Sauppe is $2.39 on Cydia in the BigBoss repository.

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Vine for iOS Gets Huge Update: Channels, ‘On the Rise’ and Revining Included


Vine is, for the lack of a better cliche, taking off. It’s growing exponentially faster than Instagram, with the latter updated recently to include similar Vine-like short-clip video sharing. That move was most likely defensive, as the concept behind Vine has blown up to start new forms of comedy, moment sharing, and art. All of this said, until yesterday, its app was in desperate need of attention; it needed features that we will likely see to be the cause for even more exponential growth. (more…)

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Scheduled Actions Now Available in Activator 1.8 Release Candidate

Photo Jun 30, 11 54 33 AM

Activator is a no-nonsense tweak that’s practically mandatory for anyone who has a jailbroken iOS device. Not only do countless other tweaks demand its functionality, but by itself Activator is powerful and capable of truly customizing how your device works. With the release of Activator 1.8 RC 1 on Ryan Petrich’s repo yesterday, users can now schedule standard iOS actions to occur at certain times of the day. (more…)

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Grab Your Linen iOS 7 Wallpapers Here


With the release of iOS 7, Jony Ive and his team stripped the operating system of all kinds of texture and pattern. Folders are now a translucent gray and, in fact, the notification center background is as well. Interestingly (and maybe ironically), some Reddit users have noticed that linen wallpapers actually look fantastic on iOS 7. The “parallax is satisfying and the icons float over it quite nicely.”

To grab these wallpapers, head over to this Imgur album on your iOS device and save ‘em to your camera roll. If you’re using the first beta of iOS 7 (or, in the future, any iOS beta), use the comments to let us know what you think of bringing the linen back to iOS.


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Cydia: ‘The Quick Brown Fox’ Enhances Your Stock iOS Keyboard

Quick Brown Fox Jailbreak Tweak Cydia

The Quick Brown Fox is a new jailbreak tweak for iOS that adds a number of new features to the stock keyboard on iPhone and iPod touch. For starters, Auto Twins automatically inserts a closing pair of the sign you type. If you type an opening bracket or parentheses, for instance, this tweak will automatically insert the matching closing mark right next to it.

Furthermore, enabling Auto Space will insert a space automatically following specific keys that you enable. This functionality is similar to the space that is automatically added after you finish a sentence with a period, but expanded for other characters such as exclamation marks, number signs or colons.  (more…)

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Sentry and Company’s Unnamed Rethought Folders Tweak Coming Soon


Last Monday was the day of WWDC and, suitably, all news unrelated to Mac OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 was shoved under the rug. iOS 7 is still a few months away, though, and a lot of people are still using jailbroken iOS 6. Not only that, but jailbreak developers such as Sentry and others are still plugging away at some new tweaks.

One of these is a yet-to-be-named rethought folder system proposed long ago by Sentry on Dribbble. It was mentioned via Twitter on Sunday, June 9th that it is “coming soon.” (more…)

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How to Create Song Ringtones Easily Straight from iTunes

Ringtones are actually something I rarely use. My iPhone stays on vibrate 90% of the time, and on the rare occasion that I hear it ring, I answer the call and promptly switch to silence or vibrate as soon as I’m done. For those of you that actually keep your phone’s ringer on though, finding and managing ringtones can be a drag.

No longer! The above video gives you a quick rundown of how to quickly and easily create a ringtone for your iPhone–directly from iTunes itself! It’s as simple as entering a few values to decide the start and end of the tone, creating an ACC version, and renaming its filetype. Follow along in this simple and quick tutorial for the full rundown.

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First Look at Auxo for iPad

Auxo, a popular jailbreak tweak that revitalizes the iOS multitasking bar, will make its iPad debut tomorrow. Ahead of that release, jailbreak guru Jeff Benjamin has provided a brief preview of how Auxo for iPad will look. Watch the teaser video below to get a look for yourself.

The long wait for Auxo on iPad is because the developers behind the tweak wanted to get it just right, instead of merely porting the iPhone version to the larger screen. iFans will have a more in-depth look at Auxo for iPad when it hits Cydia tomorrow. Are you excited for this tweak?

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New ‘Cybernetic’ Tweak Improves Notification Banners


Notifications on iOS work well enough, but I’ll just say that I’m hoping Apple to announce some updates to the feature–as well as most other iOS features–next week at WWDC. In the mean time, though, there’s a jailbreak tweak that was just released to hold us over.

Cybernetic, a tweak on the ModMyi repo, brings a variety of updates an enhacements to how iOS handles system notifications. With the tweak, you can:

  • Tap a notification banner to dismiss it
  • Pan down a notification banner (like opening notification center) to launch the app
  • Get rid of all notification banners with an improved Do Not Disturb

To grab the tweak, search for Cybernetic in Cydia. It’s absolutely free. Does this fix iOS notifications for you?


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